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AP Gold 06-Sweat: Ansleigh Broome & JJ Sweat, Two Elite '25 Players Pursuing National Championships

AP Gold Fastpitch Organization:

Ansleigh Broome (Ranked #25) and JJ Sweat (Ranked #5) started their journey together at Allgood Elementary in Dallas, GA. They started in the Paulding County Rec Program and both immediately became winners. Coach Jason Sweat formed the PC Pride and he spoke with Trinity Broome about Ansleigh. He knew immediately they would do what it took to excel and the rest is history.

JJ was striking them out, and Ansleigh began her acrobatic plays at second base. Ansleigh has a special drive and motor and JJ and Ansleigh have always made sure that the culture stayed in tact. They will love you, they will challenge you, or they will scold you when needed.

Coach Sweat and Broome winning school ball championship when she was in 5th grade

The Broome family treats JJ like their own daughter, and both sets of grandparents cheer for the other player as if she is their own. Coach Sweat joined the Atlanta Premier Organization, where he serves on the board of directors, and these two players were instrumental in bringing immediate recognition to their new home.

AP has since became a national program, and is well respected. Both attend The East Paulding High School, and helped the school to its first ever Region Championship in 2021. One club coach in another organization said, "Those two are special and their drive to compete is extra special." They will be two of the top 2025s moving forward, as some top schools have shown interest at an early age, and they look forward to competing, together.

Ansleigh Broome and JJ Sweat

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