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Best Looking High School Softball Uniform Contest/Poll - West Bracket

By: Denny Lang

As many high school programs across the nation begin or already started their softball seasons, that means many teams have previous uniform sets and some may have new uniforms that the younger generation may refer to has "Drip" and the older may call them "Threads".

Nonetheless, L&LS wants the public to decide on what high school has the "best looking" uniform. All the options are below and the voting options are at the bottom of the page.

This poll is the West Bracket which consists of schools from CA, AZ, TX, OK, AR, LA, and MS.

The school with the most votes and the runner-up will compete against the two highest vote receivers from the East Bracket in an online Twitter poll at a later date. The winning softball program of that Twitter Poll will win a $250 check and more importantly, national bragging rights as the drippiest of drip softball team in the nation. The deadline to vote is 8:59 PM, Eastern Time, Monday, February 27, 2023.

L&LS will have the final decision for any issues that may arise. Good luck to those schools who made the final cut.

High School Softball Uniforms

Chattanooga HS, OK

Pontotoc HS, MS

Monterey HS, TX

Casa Grande HS, CA

Friendswood HS, TX

Los Alamitos HS, CA

Tomball HS, TX

Krum HS, TX

Alhambra HS, CA

Bauxite HS, AR

Cleveland HS, MS

Southmoore HS, OK

Rock Hill HS, TX

Ponchatoula HS, LA

Centennial HS, TX

Meridian HS, MS

Clovis HS, CA

Hooker HS, OK

Riverside Poly HS, CA

Naaman Forest HS, TX

Liberty HS, CA

Hatley HS, MS

El Dorado HS, TX

Doyle HS, LA

Highland HS, AZ

Crosby HS, TX

Purvis HS, MS

Dayton HS, TX

Ridge Point HS, TX

Katy HS, TX

Seven Lakes HS, TX

John Paul II HS, TX

Cohoma HS, TX

Fontainebleau HS, LA

What Team Has the Best Uniforms?

  • 0%Tomball HS, TX

  • 0%Krum HS, TX

  • 0%Alhambra HS, CA

  • 0%Bauxite HS, AR

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Feb 27, 2023

Let’s go Poly


Jennifer Day-Pate
Jennifer Day-Pate
Feb 24, 2023

Love those uniforms Crosby H.S.!

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