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Catching-up with the Phenomenal 68 mph Heat Slinging Sydnie Watts; Elite 2025 RHP - Movement/Spins!

Name: Sydnie Watts

Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio

Grad Year: 2025

Travel Team: Bombers Gold 18u - Lewis

High School: Austintown Fitch

Positions: RHP/3B

GPA: 3.85 GPA (Unweighted)

Twitter: @sydnie_watts

The last time we did an interview with Sydnie Watts, the 68 mph gunslinger heat throwing Right Handed Pitcher, she hadn’t even started her freshman season of softball! Since then, she continues being in the discussions of elite pitching prospects and living rent free in the heads of countless hitters and coaches, who dread and fear facing her.

When we asked the Austintown Fitch standout about how her freshmen year went, she shared the following.

"I feel like I’ve grown so much as a person, player, and teammate over the past year. It’s definitely been a year of growth! My freshman season at Austintown Fitch was probably the most fun I have ever had playing softball. It’s just a different feeling playing for your school and in front of your community. I was proud to represent my school, Austintown Fitch, and my amazing team and coaches."

When asked about her coaching and team achievement ...

"My coach, Steven Ward, has had such an impact on me as a person and player over the last year. He continued to check in on me throughout the Summer and is always there when I need advice or just need someone to listen. We made it to Regionals, which I know is a huge accomplishment, but it only made me more determined to get to State this year!"

Not surprising at all, Sydnie garnered countless individual honors, accolades, and recognition. Bringing home more awards to the point her parents may need to add an extra room to the house for all of her well-deserved hardware.

"I was honored to end my season by being named Ohio Division 1, 1st Team All-State, 1st Team All-District, 1st Team All-Conference, AAC Conference Player of the Year, and making Max Preps Underclass All-American Team. I looked back as far as the records showed 2012, and I was the first freshman ever to make Ohio Division 1 1st Team All-state. It was a huge honor even without that, but that made it even more special."

Sydnie Watts Austintown High School Statistics:

22 Wins

9 Shutouts

4 No-Hitters

1 Perfect Game

143 Innings Pitched

314 Ks

.83 ERA


.526 BA

.573 OBP

11 HR

Austintown Fitch High School Varsity Softball Team

As high school ended for the semester, Sydnie wasted no time transitioning to Travel Ball.

"After high school ended, I went directly into travel season. It was my first year playing a National schedule while trying to attend college camps in between tournaments, and it was a lot! I spent less than a week at home from the beginning to the end of the Summer schedule. During a camp in June, I injured my foot but continued to play throughout the Summer and into fall while changing my mechanics to lessen the pain. It eventually got unbearable while we were playing in the Show Me the Money Tournament in Florida. I played the whole tournament and pitched in every game but 1, but I knew it was severe during the championship game. (We were undefeated champions in the tournament) The next day I was in a boot for 6 weeks due to a fractured navicular (top of the foot) bone. I learned a lot from playing with the injury. My speed was way down, but I relied on my spin and movement and managed to be my best even though I didn’t have anything close to my best stuff."

Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) Statistics:

19 Innings Pitched

0.00 ERA

43 Ks

.050 BAA

.412 BA

.444 OBP

2 HR

NOTE: Exit Velocity: 79 mph

Lady Dukes after winning the Show Me The Money Tournament

Heading into the Fall season, Sydnie joins the Bombers Gold 18U - Lewis team ...

"I decided to join Bombers Gold 18u - Lewis. I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. The team is coached by Patrick Lewis, Lincoln Martin, Lacy Ingram, Jonathan Ray, and Rick Jaegle. I know the long list of players they have coached; they’re all players I have looked up to for years. Our current roster is loaded with so much talent! It’s definitely going to be great summer!"

What is Sydnie's immediate range goal?

"I have been working hard with my former coach and hitting coach Eddie Chevalier because my goal is to be a pitcher and hitter in college. Also, having Lincoln Martin on the coaching staff will help me immensely with in-game feedback. I’m ready for the challenges this summer will bring because I want to continue to play against and alongside the toughest competitors out there."

In case you are wondering about Sydnie's pitching speeds ...

"My speed dropped about 5 mph last summer while I was injured, but my movement, spins, and locations improved. I’ve been working with my pitching coach, Ed Beavers and Esia Rivera for mechanics, and just this week, I feel like everything started to click again. My speed is increasing, and the movement and spin are still there. My speed is constantly 61 - 66 in game with a 47 - 51 mph change-up (which I FINALLY got this past week thanks to my high school pitching coach Becki Spalding). I’m determined to continue to grow as a pitcher, and I feel like this setback has only made me stronger."

What camps has this stellar elite prospect attended?

"I’ve attended camps at Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, James Madison, Alabama, Duke, Ohio State, and others at tournament locations to meet and learn from their coaching staffs."

As always, it is always very enjoyable chatting with Sydnie. An absolute stellar elite ballplayer and amazing young lady. We look forward to watching her this year and following her softball journey. Perhaps next time, she will share her top schools she is considering ... stay tuned.

Legacy & Legends Softball, 1 February 2023; Denny Lang

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