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Is Mia Galella the Best Power Hitter in the 2025 Class?

VA Glory Fastpitch Softball Organization

Name: Mia Galella

Graduation Year: 2025

Hometown: Madison Township, PA

Travel Team: VA Glory National Mertz-Bronowicz

Travel Team Coach: Mike Mertz

High School: Holy Cross

Positions: 1B-OF-3B

Height: 5’10”

Bat/Throw: Right/Right

Overhand Velocity: 64

Home to First: 3.04

Exit Velocity off Tee: 77

Player Profile Link:

Who are you? My name is Mia Galella (2025) and I am in the 9th grade at Holy Cross High School, located in Dunmore, PA. I take a lot of pride in how hard I work in school and with my academics. I made Distinguished Honors for the second period in a row this freshman school year. I love challenges. I was taught that if you keep doing something that comes very easy, why do it. I provide a balance between school, softball, and training. I love my family. They are everything to me. I would not be in the position I am in today if it was not for my amazing parents and God.

How did you become interested in playing softball and when did you begin? I started playing rec ball when I was 9 years old. My dad played baseball in college and also coached. My sister and I both fell in love with softball but now I love this game more than ever. I have the best coach in the world! Coach Mike Mertz is so genuine and he truly cares about all his players. He is so awesome to play for.

Why do you play? I play for the love of the game and also to hopefully someday play in college like so many of the players I admire. I travel with my dad over 4 hours to play for the VA Glory organization. I have never felt the way I do about playing for anyone like this before. Coach Mike Mertz is the best coach I have ever had. He puts so much time into all his players. I have bought in immediately to his philosophy and style. I cannot say enough about Coach Mertz. He has taught me so much in such little time. He cares not only about the on the field stuff, but how we do with life off the field. Academics are a huge part of how Coach Mertz rolls. Our team plays in all the top showcases nationally and the camaraderie with my team could not be better. Every one of us supports each other. I love every single one of my teammates. I could not be more thankful to my parents for allowing me to play for VA Glory since it is so far away. Coach Suzy Willemssen who is the founder of VA Glory based out of Northern Virginia is so amazing. She is beloved by the softball community and when I heard college coaches talk the way they do about her at last year's VA Glory camp, I knew I found the right home and made the right decision.

Coach Suzy Willemssen brings passion, love and purpose to playing the game of softball, yes, but also using the common denominator of her love of softball to help raise money to fight cancer. In its 7th year, Glory’s annual summer StrikeOut Cancer tournament and College Coaches Camp has raised over $200,000 for pediatric cancer research at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. Last year they raised even more. Truly amazing!

You’re a big time outstanding power hitter with over 55 career homeruns. How do you do it and what makes you different from others? I have learned how to use my power source efficiently. I have and continue to learn an approach and mindset. Coach Mertz is big on this. With approach and mindset, that can take you to a whole other level. I have been blessed with God-given strength which I continue to build upon. I take my strength and conditioning seriously and there are no goals when it comes to that because there is always room for improvement. I have a deadlift of over 400 lbs. I love the gym! I am a gym rat for sure.

If you could spend one day with a softball player or coach (former or active) who would it be and why? Julia Mrochko who is currently the starting shortstop for University of South Florida. She is a friend who has taught me so much. She has educated me so much about how it is playing at the D1 level away from home. She has shared with me her daily grind when it comes to the balance between class, workouts, team practices, and studying. It takes a whole other level of commitment when you are a D1 athlete. She is so amazing!

Julia Mrochko, Shortstop for University of South Florida with Mia

Mia with one of the greatest ... Lauren Chamberlain at the Select 30 last year

What is your best softball strength or skill set? Hitting bombs.

What is your softball dream or goal? My goal is to play in college regardless of level. I look at it as if I can play this game I love while getting my education that will set me up for success when I graduate from college. That is my goal.

Best or favorite softball memory? I have a few. When I hit 13 in a row over the fence at a college camp. Hitting a ball over 300 feet at Triple Crown Series (TCS) Nationals last summer. When my team at Select 30 won the championship game and won customized Marucci gloves.

Who is your hero or role model and why? My mom and dad. They have taught me so much and have played such a huge role in my life. They are so committed and supportive of me and my goals. I love them so much!

Mia's Family (Yes, Coaches ... Mia has a younger sister that plays too!)

Why should college coaches want to recruit you? No one will outwork me. I am a dedicated and supportive teammate. I can balance academics and athletics efficiently.

What do you bring to the team? Everyone thinks my biggest asset is my power hitting and my base running but I believe my greatest attribute is putting my team first. Coach Mertz has a “Team-First” philosophy which I completely believe in.

"Mia is special. A special person and student to go along with a very rare skill set, most notably her power, but she can surprise you with her speed, too. Mia is a student of the game and is embracing what it means to be a “complete” hitter and that’s the next step for her. Barreling balls hard in all situations. And, her defensive speed of play is developing nicely as well. This is a major Power 5 talent with D-I measurables as a ninth grader."

--- Head Coach Mike Mertz, VA Glory National Mertz-Bronowicz

"Mia is the most loving young lady I know who has many special traits. She is so compassionate for others and her work ethic is unmatched. Her motivation to succeed with her academics, softball and in life makes me as proud of a parent as can possibly be. God has blessed me with my beautiful daughter Mia."

--- Tom Galella (Mia's father)

Mia with her father (hitting coach) and her younger sister Jules

What makes you the ideal player for a college softball team from a teammate perspective? I believe I am the ideal player for a team due to my work ethic and passion for the game along with commitment and dedication to the team.

Legacy & Legends Softball Analysis and Evaluation: Mia is arguably the best power hitter in the 2025 class in the entire nation. She has outstanding hitting mechanics and an astute pitch recognition vision. Realizing she wanted to face elite competition and the best pitchers in the nation, she joined the VA Glory National Mertz-Bronowicz team which is over 4 hours from her home. This team is very well-coached and Coach Mertz has his team playing in the elite tournaments against some of the best teams in the nation. Mia has faced elite pitching prospects and commits and has excelled. She has not only the amazing Athena-like strength, Mia has the height and build (high ceiling) to be an absolute offensive stats beast in college and she is deceptively fast as well on the bases and even occasionally plays outfield. She is working with her coaches on mastering the infield corners position where she already excels as she continues to strengthen her skills both offensively and defensively. Mia can definitely be a complete power hitter in college ... over the fence and to the fence hitter.

There is no doubt Mia will be ranked in our Elite Top 100 players nationally. She is on the trajectory to play at the Division I - Power 5 level, however she has often stated she doesn't look at the different levels or divisions of a school but will play at any school she feels is the right fit. She is open to all schools regardless of location and with that being said, she should be on every college coach's 2025 watchlist/watchboard. A very high academic performer, beyond elite power hitting skills (hits over 300 ft fence at TCS Nationals & over 55 career homeruns), disciplined, team player, clutch contributor, and coached in a national blueblood program ... she is an assured prospect with extremely high return of investment rewards, especially if she can master the corners defensively and refine her complete hitter tool set at the 18U level.

Additional Info About Mia:

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite song: No Lie

Favorite book: The Bible

Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters- Afterlife

Fun fact: I sing so loud in the shower that my neighbors could hear me LOL

Mia Galella, 2025 Grad Class, VA Glory Organization, Power Hitter/1B/OF/3B

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While I'm sure Mia and Sophia are great power hitters, you have to put Ava Ratliff of the Beverly Bandits Premier 14u Moran team into the category of the top power hitters in the 2025 class.


She’s a great hitter. But the best power hitter in the class of 2025 is hands down Sofia Bordi (PA Chaos Spina) who is already competing at the 18U Gold level vs the best competition in the country. At a recent Oklahoma camp she a ball over the scoreboard in center field. Coach JT tabs her the best he’s seen in her class

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