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Is Sophia Bordi the Best Dual Pitcher-Hitter in the 2025 Class? 71 Homeruns and a 67 mph Fastball

Name & Grad Year: Sophia Bordi (2025)

Nickname: Bordi

Hometown: Merchantville, New Jersey

High School: Haddon Heights

Travel Team: PA Chaos

Travel Coach: Joe Spina

Pitching Coach: Jen Mineau

Hitting Coach: Rob Crews

Positions: Pitchers/Power Hitter

Height: 5' 8"

Who are you? I am a motivated not just athlete but person. I strive to be the best in everything I do and don’t stop until I have reached my goal and more. I am a fun and loving person who likes to bring the best out of every situation.

How did you start playing softball? I started playing softball after I quit swim, dance, and soccer. I never really thought about doing softball until I wanted to prove my brother wrong one day and try and be better then him in tee-ball.

Why do you play softball? I play softball because I truly love this sport! Softball is the only sport I could ever see myself doing and I always have fun when I am playing.

“Sophia Bordi is one of the strongest athletes that I have coached in my 30 plus years. That and her commitment to become great, as well as her work ethic, should open any door she wants opened as it pertains to colleges. She is right on track to be one of the top 2025 softball recruits in the country and just needs to continue to work harder and harder to reach her goal of playing softball at the highest level. I’m confident she will see her dream become a reality.”

--- Head Coach Joe Spina - PA Chaos Gold Spina

You're on the Legacy & Legends Softball: Young Guns 2022 Pitcher of the Year Watch List. You're considered one of the best dual players in the nation for your year group. You're a dominating power Ace and a lethal power hitter. Please tell us about your pitching. My fastest speed is 67 mph while my consistent speed on fastball is 63-66 mph and my consistent speed on spin pitch’s are 62-64 mph.

I have a Curve, Backdoor Curve, Change-up, and Rise. My personal favorite are my Change-up and Curve. This past fall playing 18u against the top teams in the country, I had 90 Strikeouts, 12 Base on Balls, and held my opponents to a .194 Batting Average.

What do we need to know about your hitting? Offensive stats and accomplishments? I am a power hitter who hits in the 4-5 spot in the line-up. I have a verified 81 mph exit velocity, but sit around 73-76 mph. One time during a hitting lesson I hit a barrel speed of 74 mph and I have a career high of 71 Homeruns.

"Sophia is the prototype of what I call a physical genius. She has mastered combining power and explosiveness with little effort. Sophia is currently grasping some pretty advanced concepts in understanding how high-level hitting is executed -and at such a young age. The best is certainly yet to come for her. I am blessed to be her hitting coach."

--- Rob Crews, Hitting Coach

What do you do mentally before taking the circle or approaching the batters box? Before I step into the batters box or the circle I always think to myself that I am the best in the field even if I am not, to make myself think that I can achieve anything.

What is your greatest strength? Being a clutch hitter especially when needed.

Why should coaches recruit you? Coaches should recruit me because I am an all around student athlete. I understand that being and athlete also comes with the responsibility of prioritizing school. I am a power pitcher with sharp spin pitches, as well as a power hitter. I am also a good teammate who always is cheering on her teammates, and I strive to do my best at whatever I am doing.

How would your teammates describe you? I think my teammates would describe me as the funny and charismatic person. As well as constantly bringing a bright present to a conversation.

PA Chaos Gold - Spina

What are your softball goals and dreams? My goals in softball is to go to college and be able to hold the record for homeruns and strikeouts. Another huge goal of mine to be able to go to the best softball school and win a National Championship.

What are you doing to achieve your dreams? I am working harder than ever with my lifting and conditioning, as well as my all around skills. I am a very strong athlete. I have currently maxed out at 305 squat and 300 deadlift. I am also working on being better on the mental side of softball to better my game all around.

Who is your greatest influence or role model and why? My greatest influence or role model would be either Lauren Chamberlain or Bary Bonds. These two players in my opinion were the best to come to the game of softball/baseball and I am constantly looking up to them and their achievements.

If you could spend a day with any softball/baseball player or coach (past or present) who would it be and why? If I could spend the day with any player or coach I think it would be Jocelyn Alo or Jackie Robinson. These two players are absolute STUDS and I think it would be really fun to spend a day with them.

Describe your ideal softball team. My ideal softball team is filled with players who always want to win, and players who are willing to work hard everyday to be the best they can.

Greatest softball memory? One of my greatest softball memories was during 10u when my team finished in 2nd Place in the Space Coast World Series. We didn’t win, but it was the great memories that came out of it, for example we were able to take an up close tour of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) Prides locker room and media room.

Is there anyone you want to thank or recognize? I want to thank my parents and all of my coaches for pushing me and helping me with working hard to get to where I want to go, even though I’m not done yet, I have accomplished many great things with help for them. Also, my teammates because they are always encouraging and pushing me to be my best.

Can you tell us about your family? My family is very athletic. My mom was a 13 time All-American swimmer at the University of Texas, and now a swim coach. My dad played multiple sports growing up like baseball, football, basketball, and soccer, although now he’s a Nurse Manager. My brothers are both really smart and enjoy playing basketball whenever they get the chance, my little brother plays for an AAU team H.O.C (Heart Of a Champion). My older brother doesn’t play AAU but he’s one of the smartest people in my family with a 5.0 GPA.

Legacy & Legends Softball Evaluation: Sophia is an extremely gifted and talented softball player and athlete. A no-doubt Tier-1 elite softball player prospect and ranked in the Top 100 prospects within her graduation year. She has a very solid muscular frame with good height and she is still growing. Sophia has caught the attention of many elite college programs and for very good reason. She is already dominating in the 18U travel ball level as a 2025 and she is coming from a very sound and respected program.

In softball evaluations and recruiting, there are two types of unicorns that are particularly rare and sought after by many successful programs. Legitimate graded Triple Threat Slappers and legitimate graded Elite Dual Pitcher-Hitters. Sophia is 100% an Elite Dual Pitcher-Hitter and numerous evaluators and coaches have stated that they believe she is the best power pitcher - power hitter combination player in the 2025 class.

Sophia has a list of impressive accomplishments and awards. What makes this very noteworthy is that she is doing this at the 18U level against very talented competition. She is an intimidating and confident pitcher with great circle presence. What often gets lost in the shock and awe of her dominating power pitching is that Bordi actually has amazing spin/breaking movement pitches that will fool and freeze even the best of hitters. Scoring against her is a rare anomaly and having her in the lineup is a nightmare for opposing pitchers and coaches. There isn't a regulation ballfield that can keep Sophia's solid dinger launches inside it's confines.

We would love to see more videos of Sophia playing against elite teams from the "Softball Smile" (SoCal, Arizona, Texas, and the Southeastern States and Mid-Atlantic states). She will do extremely well of course and it will be enjoyable to watch those pitcher-hitter battles.

In conclusion, Sophia is considered by many respected sources as the best dual pitcher-hitter in the nation for the 2025 class. There is no debate that she is a Tier-1 elite prospect that will likely end up playing for a blueblood program if she continues on this trajectory. Very well coached by successful people, playing for a winning and respected travel ball program, elite strength/power, muscular frame and height (especially for a 2025) with high ceiling, beautiful pitching and hitting mechanics, and elite power pitching and hitting. Just watch the videos including the missile launch shot she hit at the University of Oklahoma camp that still may not have landed yet. Video don't lie. Certified scores don't lie. Sophia is an elite stud that may indeed be the best 2025 dual pitcher-hitter prospect.

IF you know of any other players that should be spotlighted, please message us.

Additional Information About Sophia Bordi

Favorite Movie: Grownups

Favorite Singer/band: Steve Lacy’s songs and The Notorious B.I.G

Walk-up Song: Duck Worth by: Kendrick Lamar

Favorite Book: The Outsiders

Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds

Favorite Sports Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite Pro Athlete: DeVonta Smith

Interesting Fact About You: I can do a backflip (only on a trampoline)

Twitter: @BordiSophia

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