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Jacquelyn "Jackie" Capers: 2023 Elite Top 50 RHP/1B Power Hitter

Pennsylvania Krunch Gold 16U:

Name: Jacquelyn Capers

Nickname: Jackie/Jacks/"J"

Grad Year: 2023

Hometown: Enola, PA

High School: East Pennsboro / Commonwealth Charter Academy

Travel Team: PA Krunch Gold 16u

Coaches: Steve Mumma

Positions: P/1B

Height: 5'9"

Bats/Throw: R/R

GPA: 3.97

Pitch Types and Speeds:

- Fastball - 61-57

- Curve - 59-57

- Change - 47-45

- Screw - 60-57

- Riseball - 58-57

Twitter: @JackieCapers

Who are you?

I am a student athlete from Enola, PA. I love being active playing sports especially softball, in addition to tennis. I like to travel and hangout with friends and family.

Jackie in a Varsity Singles Match

How did you start playing softball?

I started playing tee-ball when I was 5 and started playing softball at 6 and been in love with it ever since.

Why do you play softball?

Softball has given me not only the bonds of a lifetime but teaches me so much. It builds and grows me like no other sport.

Jackie and her 2 dogs, Coco and Chase

You’re an elite pitcher that college coaches would love to have on their team and that batters hate to face. What do we need to know about your pitching?

I am a super hard worker and work on perfecting my craft 24/7. I really value my spins and working to get the most break on my ball as possible while still trying to gain speed all the time.

What is your greatest softball achievements?

A goal I had for a long time was to make my high school's varsity team as freshman. I did end up accomplishing that goal but never got to truly live it out due to COVID.

What do we need to know about your hitting?

I've been continuously working hard to make sure I'm not only a good pitcher and fielder but a good hitter.

What do you do mentally before taking the circle or approaching the batters box? Visualization has become a big part of the mental game for me to help me get in a good frame of mind. I also take deep breaths to help relax myself and settle in.

What is your greatest strength?

I would say one of my greatest strengths is my determination and perseverance. I don't let failure define the rest of my game and I'm always looking to make adjustments and attack the next pitch or batter.

Jackie Pitching for Varsity Softball

What is important to you when choosing a college program?

Team atmosphere and culture is such an important thing to me because they will become your family for the next 4 years and I want to be in an environment where I will be pushed to be better on and off the field.

Why should coaches recruit you?

College softball has been a dream of mine since I was young and my dedication to getting recruited and the game is unmatched. I work hard to not only be the best player but also the best teammate and student in the classroom.

How would your teammates describe you?

I think they would say I'm super energetic.

Jackie and her teammate after hitting Homeruns

What are your softball goals and dreams?

Ever since I was little I've dreamed of playing softball at the next level. My goal is to be the best player and teammate I can and play at the next level.

What are you doing to achieve your dreams?

I dedicate lots of time to my recruiting in addition to practices and working on my game.

Who is your greatest influence or role model and why?

I would say my parents especially my dad. They both have always supported me in my softball journey and pushed me to better and better. My dad took so much time to help me achieve my goals. And off the field they have made me the person I am today and teach me to be the best person I can.

Jackie and her family at Walt Disney World

If you could spend a day with any softball player or coach (past or present) who would it be and why?

I would say Jennie Finch. I've always looked up to her as role model on and off the field. She stands for such great values that I've always loved.

Describe your ideal softball team.

My ideal team is one where everyone is dedicated to the team and putting their best foot forward at all times. Everyone holds each other accountable so everyone can grow to be the best they could be.

Greatest softball memory?

My greatest softball memory is probably playing in the 4th of July Sparkler in Colorado. The whole tournament was amazing both playing, and the time spent off the field with teammates.

TCS Colorado Sparkler 2021

Awards & Achievements?

2021 - sophomore year 1st Team All Division - 2021 Top 5 Finalist for Mid Penn Player of the Year - 2021 Mid Penn All Star Team - 2021 Mid Penn Mid Season All Star Team - 2021 Carpenter Cup Team selection/member - 2021 2022- junior year 1st Team All Division - 2022 Mid Penn Mid Season All Star Team - 2022 Mid Penn All Star - 2022 Carpenter Cup team selection/member - 2022

What Do They Say About Jackie?

"What it means being a teammate can be described in many ways. A teammate could be someone who treats everyone with respect; or someone who is hard working and selfless. Jackie Capers demonstrates these qualities and then some. She is not just a teammate, but a great teammate. Jackie shows up everyday, throws herself onto that field, and leaves EVERYTHING in between those lines. She’s the one someone describes when asked “what do you look for in a recruit.”

-- Meghan Fisher #2, Krunch Gold 16u

"Jackie makes the most out of everything no matter how she is doing personally. She wants to see everyone succeed and puts others before herself. Jackie is one of the hardest workers I know and loves every minute of the game. Jackie is the definition of a team player and wants the team to succeed no matter what it takes."

-- Fallon Feaser #68, Krunch Gold 16u

"Jackie is the ultimate teammate. Her dedication to the game is second to none. The energy that she brings to the game is contagious. She will be the first one to not only congratulate her teammates, but pick them up too."

-- Kasi Loser #35, Krunch Gold 16u

"Jackie is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. She hold herself so accountable for everything she does yet you would never be able to tell if things were not going her way. She is the first person to congratulate others successes regardless of how she is doing and she never fails to put a smile on my face!"

-- Maddie Martin #8, Krunch Gold 16u

"Jackie Capers is a tireless worker. Constantly striving to be great. She is intelligent with high honors grades making her very coachable. Any team Jackie is on would be a better team with her on their roster."

-- Steve Mumma - Manager Krunch Gold 717-603-1550

Additional Info About Jackie:

Favorite Movie: Clueless

Favorite Sports Movie: The Natural

Favorite Singer/Band: Kanye West

Walk up Song: Trophies by Drake

Favorite Book: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds

Favorite Sports Team: Philadelphia Phillies

Favorite Pro Athlete: Mike Trout

Interesting Fact About You: I always have a pack of strawberry gushers before every game.

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