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League Spotlight: New Hampshire Prestigious Prep Schools; NEPSAC

New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) Softball:

Proctor Academy

Don’t look now, but the Lakes Region League of New Hampshire, a member of the prestigious New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) League is attracting and producing strong softball talent from their host state and around the country.

NEPSAC was established in 1942 as an organization of athletic directors from accredited New England independent schools. While the Association does not function as a regulatory or oversight body (like the NCAA or state public high school associations), NEPSAC does sanction New England championship events in many sports and provides guidance in a variety of issues involving interscholastic athletics. (

Last year, Lakes Region saw players move on to a number of college programs including Sam Wiberg of Tilton School (2019 Lakes Region League Champions) who is now a Freshman at D1 University of Tampa. Just a few years ago Proctor Academy’s Hannah French (2018 Lakes Region League Champions) also went on to play D1 softball at Central Connecticut State University.

Sam Wiberg

This year a number of players are under college coaches’ watchful eye, they include but aren’t limited to:

Kimball Union Academy - Power Hitting ‘24 Alyssa “Lulu” Leppard & Catcher Misora Hashiramoto ‘23

Kimball Union Academy players attend a recent game at neighboring D1 Dartmouth College

New Hampton School-Class of ‘23 Liv Arvidson, Lakes Region All-Star

Liv Arvidson

Proctor Academy - Class of ‘23 Pitcher Katie Vlacich, Team MVP and Lakes Region All Star

Proctor Academy’s Katie Vlacich Class of ‘23 and Bella Eaton Class of ‘22 finish a preseason workout

St. Paul’s School - Class of ‘23 Avery Hinojosa an infielder, Abigail Matusovich Class of ‘22, and Skidmore Commit & Class of ‘22 3B Sophia Nankee as well as Hanna Bean, Class of '23

St. Paul’s players take time for a photo before a preseason game in Massachusetts

Updated St. Paul's School

Tilton School- Sisters Julia Dolpies Class of ‘23 P and Marissa Dolpies Class of ‘24

Tilton School Softball

New Hampton School

Watch for a number of stellar first year players this year, we’ll share more about them in the weeks ahead.

Proctor Academy creating memories on team bus ride

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