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Legacy & Legends Softball: 10 Elite Futures Players to Watch

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Legacy & Legends Softball Elite Futures Hot Watch List:

Elite talent can be seen within all age divisions. Even in the lower age groups there are certain players that standout and excel. The players who create the "Oohhss" and "Wows" in the stands and are considered X-Factor Game Changers who opposing coaches game plan against.

Albeit some may eventually leave the game and some will continue to love the game, those who captured our attention have no doubt a solid foundation to build upon and who we can see achieving greatness with commitment and determination.

The following players are among the top in their respective classes. There are many other elite players throughout the world however these outstanding players are players we have seen/become familiar with and have displayed elite talent for their age groups.

Legacy & Legends Softball (L&LS) 10 Elite Futures Players to Watch:

1. Gabriyella "Gabby" Kessler (2029)

Midwest Firecrackers 12u


Total package! Power and speed offensively with defensive quickness and versatility. A legitimate Swiss Army knife that can play all positions and achieve stellar results. Strong quick-minded player that already shows a high softball IQ.

2. Maddie White (2029)

Tennessee Mojo 11u


Dominant. Strong and confident circle presence. Ultimate power at the plate and in the circle. Tall and agile who can generate runs offensively and prevent runs defensively. One of the most known players of the 2029 class that already is on college watch boards.

3. Maya Melendez (2029)

Beverly Bandits - George 11u


Superiority in the circle. High velocity and marksmanship accuracy. Impressive movement pitches with noteworthy spin. Legitimate force and game changer. A very superb Win ratio when she takes the circle and stellar WHIP.

4. Daniella Neve (2030)

Midwest Firecrackers 12u


Young phenom and a human highlight film. Arguably the best player in the 2030 class. High softball IQ and impressive situational softball mind. Full offensive versatility and jaw-dropping play maker defensively. Already has a large TikTok social media following and garners attention at any ballpark she visits.

5. Trinity Hargrett (2029)

Georgia Impact 11u


Power and Speed!!! Cornerstone of her travel team. Superior speed on the base path. No fly zone in the outfield. Strong arm and not afraid to make the long throws to snipe runners yet disciplined to hit cut-offs for continuation plays. Can turn a Single into a Double and can generate runs with her speed.

6. Alivia Ramon (2029)

Texas Hustle 2k11


Heart of the team. Quick hands! Powerful hitter and offensive leader with remarkable production stats. A tough out who can hit to all fields, showing high gametime intelligence to quickly recognize pitches. Has the "It" factor all coaches look for and is "that player" opposing coaches scheme against.

7. Caylee Cowan (2029)

Alabama Sparks Elite


Dominant Pitcher with a high velocity fastball and equally impressive secondary pitches. Great movement pitches. Smart and reliable in the circle especially in clutch situations.

8. Jaycee McCarter (2029)

Beverly Bandits - George 11u


All around talented player. Power hitter, power pitcher, and a strong arm. Ultimate package with remarkable offensive and defensive statistics. Very high ceiling!

9. Brianna Banner (2029)

Beverly Bandits - Perry 11u


Lightning fast from the jump. Power and consistency offensively. Outfield weapon. Dominating player who can do it all and produce high quality results.

10. Kaylee May (2029)

Midwest Firecrackers 12u


Powerful stick that can launch the ball hard to any part of the field. One of the most powerful hitters of the 2029 class. A defensive wall behind the plate and an accurate cannon for an arm. Remarkably impressive pop time for her age; hard to run on.


We look forward to watching these outstanding players grow, develop, improve, grind, and achieve throughout their softball journey. We wish them the best of luck in pursuit of their dreams and endeavors.

If you have a ballplayer and/or a team you would like for us to spotlight, please send us a direct message on Twitter. If you have a softball story you would like for us to publish (help you write), please message us on Twitter as well and we work it together.

- Coach Johnny Rios, L&LS, November 18, 2022

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