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Legacy & Legends Softball 2026 Player Rankings: Ava Hodo Ranked as the #1 Overall Elite Top Prospect

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

2026 Top Prospects

Today we announce the Legacy & Legends Softball Top Players for the 2026 Class for the 2022 calendar year. Those selected have displayed extraordinary skills and/or a high-level of potential. We congratulate all nominees and those selected as the nationally elite and "best of the best" on their outstanding achievements. Unfortunately, we couldn't add everyone to our list that was nominated or referred for ranking. We hope those will use this as motivation to continue trying and come back next year and join this group.

According to several reports, over 75,000 per year group play competitive softball. To simply be nominated is an honor in itself. To have laudatory and praiseworthy information available for review indicates a high level of value placed upon you by those who care. Again, congratulations to all who were honored as the best for the 2026 Class for the 2022 calendar year.

NOTES: Players sharing the same ranking number finished tied (score was within 2 points). If you submitted a player and met all requirements and feel they should be on this elite list but are not shown, please direct message us. Only players who had a package submitted or had material provided by a travel ball coach via direct communications with L&LS were eligible for our rankings.

Overall Position Rankings are listed below/after the overall rankings.

The Top 3 of the 2025 Class followed by the entire list of our nation's finest softball players.

#1 - Ava Hodo, Birmingham Thunderbolts - Kemp, C/UTL

"Ava is one of the most dominant catchers in the age group. Her ability to control the running game and manage a pitching staff is unmatched. She is a hitter that makes other coaches and pitching staffs feel the need to be very careful when she is in the box. The thing that I think separates her from everyone else is her ability to go to a different place in the biggest moments. Her ability to focus and be clutch when you need her the most makes her special."

-- Coach Cam Byars, Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier 2025 - Kemp

#2 - Maggie Krause, Beverly Bandits Futures - Norwood, LHP/1B

"Maggie is always the first to arrive at each tournament, and it's hard to beat me there. While arriving at the fields, you know what field and dugout we're in because you can hear Maggie yelling good morning to everyone from a mile away. Maggie has a great attitude and is a leader on this team in many ways, she keeps the team up in the dugout, leads stretches, picks out uniforms. The leadership qualities she possesses will take her far in life, she is a born leader."

-- Coach Scott Norwood, Beverly Bandits Futures - Norwood

#2 - Ella Kate "EK" Smith, Impact Gold - Smith, RHP/1B

"One of the first things you notice about EK is she is big and strong. She always looks comfortable on the field and her circle presence is intimidating. She has great speed on all pitches and works the plate with surgical precision, always maintaining solid command. When she is batting, she swings a very quick bat with power and moves very well. She is already an impressive elite top tier prospect and she still has a lot more potential to develop."

-- Coach Mike Brown, Co-Chief of Evaluations, L&LS

The Rest of the Best for the 2026 Grad Class

001. HODO, Ava; C/UTL; Birmingham Thunderbolts โ€“ Kemp

002. KRAUSE, Maggie; LHP/1B; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood

002. SMITH, Ella Kate โ€œEKโ€; RHP/1B; Impact Gold โ€“ Smith

003. MOORE, Aubrey; RHP/UTL; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Tamborra

003. PAPALEO, Ava; OF/1B; Rhode Island Thunder National

003. SOLIS, Chloe; RHP; Lady Magic โ€“ Walling

004. BYRD, Leah; MIF/RHP; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Tamborra

004. KING, Katie; MIF/UTL/Slapper; Birmingham Thunderbolts โ€“ Kaplan

004. LORENZATTI, Ava; RHP/1B; Beverly Bandits โ€“ Moran

004. RIOS, Ali; MIF/3B; Impact Gold โ€“ Smith

004. ODOM, Missy; RHP/UT; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Thompson

005. BINKLEY, Sadie; RHP/1B; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood

005. DOTY, Madelyn; RHP/SS; Texas Glory 2k26

005. RACKLEY, Addie; RHP/UT; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

005. ROHRLICH, Reagan; OF/MIF/Slapper; Impact Gold โ€“ Smith

005. STANTON, Caroline; RHP/3B; Lady Dukes National โ€“ Lamar

006. ARRINGDALE, Kensington โ€œKensiโ€; MIF/UTL; St Louis Chaos

006. CATHEY, Audrey; UTL/C; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Lewis

006. SANTINELLI, Sophia; MIF/3B; PA Chaos National

006. SAVAGE, Jada; RHP/1B; Lady Dukes National โ€“ Lamar

006. SHELTON, Bailee; RHP/IF; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Gregory

007. DEL REAL, Isabella; MIF/UT; Beverly Bandits 14U โ€“ Moran

007. SMITH, Madison; C/UTL; Impact Gold โ€“ Smith

007. STOCKWELL, Avary; C/MIF; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Tamborra

007. WILLIAMS, Alexandria; MIF; Georgia Impact โ€“ Sullivan

007. WILLIAMS, Nevaeh; RHP/UTL; Virginia Unity โ€“ Meadows/Spinogatti

008. ABDULLAH, Anabela; MIF/UTL; Tampa Mustangs โ€“ Viruet

008. GOODPASTER, Kaylee; OF/UTL; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Kemp

008. SOUTHALL, Molly; OF/1B; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood

008. WOODRIDGE, Megan; MIF/UTL; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Wade

009. BAILEY, Hallie Kate; MIF/OF; Tennessee Mojo 08 โ€“ Lewis

009. BROWN, Kendall; C/3B; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood

009. CAVANAUGH, Piper; RHP/UT; Beverly Bandits โ€“ Hardin

009. GIDLEY, Brooklyn; MIF/OF; Texas Bombers Gold 14U

009. SKINNER, Kate; LHP/1B; All American Sports Academy โ€“ Camarena

010. BRUGGENSCHMIDT, Emma; UTL; Beverly Bandits โ€“ Norwood

010. DAVIS, Madayln โ€œMad Dawgโ€; OF/UTL; Impact Gold National 08

010. ERB, Brynley; OF/UTL; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood

010. LORD, Zoey; RHP/3B; NH Prospects

010. VERNON, Lexi; RHP; Virginia Unity โ€“ Meadows/Spinogatti

011. BRYSON, Marisa; MIF/UTL; All American Sports Academy โ€“ Bryson

011. ROURKE, Reese; MIF/RHP; Beverly Bandits โ€“ Hardin

011. TAPIA, Ava; C/OF; Firecrackers Premier โ€“ TJ/Franco

011. TILEIA, Makayla; RHP/1B; USA Athletics โ€“ Rogers/Mathis

012. BOGART, Kali; 3B/1B; Aces Fastpitch

012. JOINER, Addie; C/MIF; East Cobb Bullets โ€“ Holcomb

012. PHILLIPS, Krimson; 3B/MIF; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Lewis

012. THEDFORD, Jenna; MIF/OF; Hotshots Premier โ€“ Tyson

012. VANMETER, Jaylee; 2B/IF; Beverly Bandits โ€“ Norwood

013. BAHR, Shayla; MIF/OF; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

013. LAWRENCE, Kylee; MIF; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Tamborra

013. PITTMAN, Kinley; P/1B; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Thompson

013. SPENCER, Trinitey; MIF/OF; Hotshots Premier โ€“ Tyson

013. VAZQUEZ, Karmen; C; Central Cal Dirtdogs

013. MARIA, Isabella; OF/1B; NJ Intensity BOD National

014. BLUE, Dawson; MIF/UTL; NC Intensity โ€“ JJW

014. DARBY, Ella; C/3B; Impact Gold National

014. POSCHKE, Bailey; C/UTL; Tennessee Mojo 07

014. WILLIAMS, Sydnee; LHP/OF; Rogue FC Mabry

015. GREENE, Riley; MIF/OF; BSC Bengals โ€“ Greene

015. MAILO, Jerrell; RHP/OF; LK Black Hawaii

015. SIMMONS, Macy; MIF/UTL; Impact Gold โ€“ Cassatta

015. SKAGGS, Kelsie; MIF/UTL; All American Sports Academy โ€“ Camarena

015. TRACKWELL, Addi; 3B/OF; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Hutchinson/Trackwell

016. BURDORF, Addison; RHP/1B; Nebraska National 07

016. EVANS-PICKENS, Avery; 3B/OF; Texas Riptide

016. KEARNS, Reagan; 1B/P; Heartland Havoc

016. SOUTH, Stevie; C/UTL; Hotshots National

017. GOAD, Jaycie; 3B/MIF; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Abernathy

017. LANTAGNE, Eva; RHP/OF; Impact Gold โ€“ Torres

017. NORGARD, Katie; 3B/MIF; Birminham Thunderbolts โ€“ Thompson

017. SABO, Ashley; OF/UTL; Athletics โ€“ Mercado/Sabo

017. WILKERSON, Jordyn, 3B/MIF; Virginia Unity โ€“ Johnson

017. JOHNSON, Mia; IF/UTL; Atlanta Vipers - Tamborra

018. EVANS, Alexis; OF/UTL; Atlanta Vipers - Tamborra

018. BOOE, Jordynn, UTL/RHP; Slapper; Impact Gold โ€“ Smith

018. CARROLL, Chloe; C/UT; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Lewis

018. FIGGS, Cori; RHP/1B; Impact Gold National

018. KNIGHT, Katelynn; C/3B; Tulsa Elite โ€“ Knight

018. SMITH, Addi; MIF/UTL; Texas Riptide

019. DAVIS, Linzie; RHP/IF; East Cobb Bullets โ€“ Holcomb

019. GILL, Ali; IF/OF; Rhode Island Thunder National

019. SNELL, Jameson; RHP/OF; Virginia Unity - Johnson

019. WATERS, Kamryn; OF; Louisville Lady Sluggers โ€“ VanBoxmeer

019. WIGGINS, Sara; RHP/OF; Hotshots National

020. ANAYA, Carissa; MIF/UTL; Hotshots Premier โ€“ Hawkins

020. FULGHUM, Lilly; MIF/RHP; Mt Olive Xplosions

020. KLEINER, Jayden; MIF/C; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Neace

020. NORMAN, Addye; OF; Beverly Bandits โ€“ Norwood

020. SMITH, Hannah; RHP/MIF/Slapper; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Lewis

021. BARZIZA, Isabella; 3B; Impact Gold National โ€“ Torres

021. HOWE, Cali; 1B/OF; So Cal Athletics โ€“ VC/Richardson

021. LOHRENZ, Irie; RHP/1B; Kentucky Chrome Premier

021. SPRINGFIELD, CeCe; LHP/UTL; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Tamborra

021. ZIMMER, Cadee; OF/UTL/Slapper; Texas Glory โ€“ Naudin South

022. BRADLEY, Kennedy; 1B/3B; Texas Glory 2k26

022. GUZMAN, Madelyn; RHP; Impact Gold National โ€“ Hatch

022. PERKS, Kayleigh; C/OF; Williamsburg Starz Gold National

022. PERKS, Ryleigh; MIF/UTL; Williamsburg Starz Gold National

022. PESAK, Ryland; C/OF; Hotshots National 08

022. SIEGEL, Adelynn; OF; Impact Gold โ€“ Smith

022. THACKER, Abby; C/MIF; Georgia Academy Power โ€“ Thacker

023. JONES, Caroline; C/1B; Fury Platinum X โ€“ Butler

023. NELSON, Jayden; MIF/3B; PA Chaos National

023. SULLIVAN, Hannah Jo; C/UTL; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Kemp

023. VAN VOSSEN, Makayla; MIF/UTL/Slapper; Illinois Chill Gold

023. WALKER-SMALL, Anayah; OF/1B; Texas Glory โ€“ Naudin South

024. BARDEEN, Anna, 1B/RHP; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Lewis

024. BUSCH, Alexys; MIF; Athletics Mercado/Tidd

024. GRAHAM, Hailey; 3B/1B; All American Sports Academy โ€“ Camarena

024. SLAUGHTER, Torynn; C/OF; Rogue FC โ€“ Mabry

024. THOMAS, Marigny; OF/UTL; Texas Riptide

024. WADE, Ronnie; OF/1B; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Wade

025. CARCONE, Nina; MIF/3B; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

025. CHATHAM, Shea; C/MIF; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Tamborra

025. GARCIA, Ahiza โ€œIceโ€; C/3B; Hotshots National 2025

025. HATCH, Sydney; OF/UTL; Impact Gold National โ€“ Hatch

025. MADDOX, Catee; OF/C; AP Gold โ€“ Stewart

025. SMITH, Kloie; 3B/UTL; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood

026. SHUGART, Payton; C; Hotshots Premier โ€“ Hawkins

026. STEVENS, Shelbi; C; Texas Glory โ€“ Naudin South

026. WEST, Kaylor; RHP/1B; Fury Platinum X โ€“ Butler

026. YOUNG, Jordan โ€œJoโ€; RHP/MIF; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

026. CALL, Abigail; RHP/IF; National Newtown Rock

027. RAMOS, Hailey Rae; 1B/OF/Slapper; Texas Bombers Gold National

027. ROBERTSON, Payton; MIF; East Cobb Bullets โ€“ Holcomb

027. ROSILLO, Lexi; MIF/OF; Buzz Premier

028. FALCONE, Mai; MIF/OF; American Sports Academy - Camarena

028. HARRIS, Dekya; MIF/OF; Virginia Unity โ€“ Johnson

028. PAALHAR, Brooke; MIF; Louisville Lady Sluggers โ€“ VanBoxmeer

028. TAYLOR, Luisa; OF/MIF/Slapper; East Cobb Bullets โ€“ Barahona

029. NORVELL, Kylie; OF/MIF; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Lewis

029. WARNER, Cayla; OF/Slapper; Impact Gold National โ€“ Hatch

030. HARMON, MAZIE; C/UTL; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Kemp

030. QUARLES, Makayla โ€œGracieโ€; MIF/3B; Fury Premier

030. RAMOS-MERCED, Jazmine; 3B/UTL; Virginia Unity โ€“ Meadows/Spinogatti

030. REVETTE, Teagan; C/UTL; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Thompson

030. MARTIN, Addison; OF/UTL/Slapper; Lady Dukes โ€“ Lamar/Fanneli

031. BENNETT, Layla; MIF/UTL; Texas Riptide

031. CALIAS, Hailey; C/3B; Texas Riptide

031. TEGTMAN, Scarlette; MIF/OF; Beverley Bandits โ€“ Hardin

032. GENTRY, Kaitley; OF/UTL; Fury Premier โ€“ Angel

032. LUCIA, Madison; RHP/UT; Ohio Outlaws โ€“ Williams

032. POAGE, Reese; MIF/UTL; EPIC National 2026

033. CASTORRI, Summer; C/3B; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

034. ANDRIN, Priscilla; C/OF; Georgia Impact 08 - Kyranakis

034. BACHA, Mackenzie; OF/MIF; Beverly Bandits โ€“ Hardin

034. MAYDEN, Abbie; OF/UTL; Top Gun 07 Arkansas

034. McCLAIN, Blair; OF/UTL; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Wade

034. RUTLEDGE, Hays; C/UTL; Fury Premier โ€“ Ventura

035. BAXTER, Lyla; OF/UTL; Athletics Mercado/Tidd/Sabo

035. MILLER, Saydie; OF/MIF; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Hutchinson/Trackwell

035. RIDLEY, Wetherly; RHP/1B; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Lewis

035. TUUA, Ayla; LHP/UTL; BSC Bengals - Briggs

035. WHIPKER, Chezney; MIF/UTL; Fury Platinum X โ€“ Butler

036. DANDY, Jadin; OF/MIF; Carolina Elite National โ€“ Fusetti

036. HOGAN, Jacely; MIF/OF; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

036. LOCKHART, Lizzie; OF/1B; Georgia Academy Power โ€“ Thacker

036. TATE, Bobbi; RHP/MIF; Beverly Bandits โ€“ Hardin

036. VENTURA, Mackenzie; RHP; Fury Premier โ€“ Ventura

037. ADAMS, Sara Kate; 1B; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Lewis

037. PASTEUR, Brette; 3B/1B; Aces Fastpitch

037. TAYLOR, Natalia; C/3B; Marucci Patriots GC

037. WILSON, Lauren; MIF/OF; Universal Fastpitch โ€“ Kimura/Williams

038. BLUMENSCHEIN, Kayla; RHP/UTL; Firecrackers MI โ€“ Renne

038. FREEMAN, Michaelyn; OF/UTL; Tulsa Elite National

038. HARRINGTON, McCartney; C/3B; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Thompson

038. JACKSON, Mackenna; MIF; Texas Glory 2k26

039. BOGGS, Gracie; RHP/1B; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Hutchinson/Trackwell

039. HERNANDEZ, Elisa; RHP; Impact Gold National

039. MACKOSKY, Laine; MIF/UTL; Universal Fastpitch โ€“ Macias

040. HALATA, Grace; LHP/OF; Impact Gold โ€“ Smith

040. NEEDHAM, Emily; RHP; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Thompson

040. RAMEY, Avery; RHP/1B; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Wade

041. DONALDSON, Kelsie; LHP/1B; Top Gun โ€“ Sciara

041. PATTON, Lilly; RHP/3B; Clearwater Bullets

042. FLETCHER, Kayla; MIF/OF/Slapper; Virginia Glory National

042. HACKLER, Emma; LHP/UTL; NWA Aces Fastpitch

042. WILSON, Jenna; C/UTL; Virginia Unity โ€“ Johnson

043. GAITHER, Lyla; RHP/1B; EPIC Fastpitch Premier 2k7

043. McMURTRY; Alisha; RHP/MIF; Nebraska Gold

043. BURNETT, Darby; RHP/1B; NWA Aces

044. HERBER, Audrina; RHP/1B; Top Gun National

044. PHAM, Sasha; MIF/UTL; Athletics Mercado/RC

044. SLEZAK, Paityn; MIF/OF; Top Gun 14U National โ€“ Slezak

045. ANDERSON, Lydia; LHP/UTL; Williamsburg Starz National โ€“ Bunn

045. BURGE, Cheyenne; 3B/C; Louisville Lady Sluggers โ€“ VanBoxmeer

045. EDWARDS, Tylen; 1B/3B; Tulsa Elite โ€“ Knight

045. MCINTOSH, Ryan; RHP/1B; Hotshots National

045. McKOIN, Brynlee; RHP/1B; Louisiana Bombers Gold 07 - Wilmore

046. HEFFELBOWER, Tessa; MIF/RHP; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Moore

046. HOLLER, Zoe; 1B/3B; Top Gun 07 โ€“ Sciara

046. RUMANS, Kendall; RHP/1B; Georgia Impact โ€“ Kyranakis

047. COIT, Liliana; RHP; Louisville Lady Sluggers โ€“ VanBoxmeer

047. JORDAN, Kynzie; OF/UTL/Slapper; Carolina Cardinals โ€“ Red

047. MEADOWS, Abigayle; OF; Virginia Unity โ€“ Meadows/Spinogatti

048. HENRY, Briley; 1B; Kentucky Chrome 08 Premier

048. MUHAMMAD, Alina Jade โ€œAJโ€; RHP/1B; Georgia Academy Power 07 โ€“ King

048. POZZA, Ryanne; C/UTL; Top Gun 07 Arkansas

049. GARLAND, Kaley; UTL/MIF; Illusions Gold Premier

049. WILMORE, Allison; OF; Louisiana Bombers Gold 07

050. BOCCHINO, Sienna; OF; Jersey Intensity 14U National BOD

050. GABRELS, Kadyn; 3B/1B; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

050. HOVERMAN, Morgan; MIF/OF/Slapper; Finesse โ€“ Hoverman

050. NELSON, Landri; MIF/UTL; Tennessee Mojo 07

050. TEXADA, Brielle; UTL/3B; Impact Gold National โ€“ Hatch

050. VILLEGAS, Ellie; MIF/UTL; Texas Glory - Naudin South

051. DIAZ, Whitney; OF/UTL; Marucci Patriots BR โ€“ Premier

051. McCOY, Rhilynn; MIF/OF; Hotshots Premier 08

051. MULLIGAN, Riley; MIF/C; Top Gun 14U National โ€“ Slezak

051. ROBERTS, Ryan; UTL/Slapper; Hotshots National 08

051. STILL, Anna; C/3B; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Wade

052. HUDSON, Kailee; IF/OF; Impact Gold National โ€“ Hatch

052. TRILLO, Kennedy; 1B/OF; Athletics Mercado AZ

053. HAWLEY, McKenna; P/OF; East Cobb Bullets โ€“ Barahona

053. MOSOLINO, Reese; RHP/1B; GTS Softball

053. NEVIUS, Ava; RHP/1B; PA Chaos โ€“ DiMario

053. RAMIREZ, Lexie; RHP/MIF; Impact Gold 08 National - Mendoza

053. WAGNER, Leianna; MIF/UTL/Slapper; So Cal Athletics โ€“ Maranakis/Jaquish

054. BROCK, Kaylee; MIF; St. Louis Chaos 07

054. DEAN, Laila; MIF/UTL; Universal Fastpitch

054. EAKMAN, Angelina; RHP/UTL; Ohio Outlaws National โ€“ Shaulis

054. KONKLER, Hope; RHP/UTL/Slapper; Legends National 2026

054. LAWSON, Keely; OF/MIF; Top Gun 14U National โ€“ Slezak

054. McCOY, Mylie; OF/LHP; Virginia Unity โ€“ Johnson

055. JAMES, Kailee; UTL; Marucci Patriots NTX

055. OTTO, Addison; UTL/RHP; Texas Bombers Gold National - Rodriguez

055. ROBINSON, Tavia; MIF/OF; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

055. VANAKEN, Rylie; MIF/UTL; Finesse โ€“ Hool

055. WHITE, KHARISMA; 3B/MIF; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

056. BRYANT, Jade โ€œJJโ€; OF/UTL; Texas Glory โ€“ Naudin

056. DUNSTAN, Abby; C/3B; PA Batbusters โ€“ Zaun

056. KYRANAKIS, Lauren; 1B/MIF; Georgia Impact โ€“ Kyranakis

056. WHITTAKER, Zoey; 3B/C; St. Louis Chaos 08

056. WILLOUGHBY, Parker; C/UTL; Kentucky Chrome Premier 08

057. MURILLO, Aubrey; MI/OF; Texas Bombers HTX National

057. PAYNE, Genevieve โ€œGigiโ€; UTL; Virginia Glory

058. CASEY, Kennedi; OF; Louisville Lady Sluggers โ€“ VanBoxmeer

058. MATCHETT, Lakyn; RHP/OF; Texas Bombers HTX Gold โ€“ Gonzales

059. HELTON, Leah; RHP/UTL; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Moore

059. SWEDARSKY, Grace; RHP/1B; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Bennett/Goddard

059. WELICKY, Grace; C/OF; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Tamborra

060. RACINE, Emily; RHP/UTL; Lady Dukes โ€“ Watson

060. RODRIGUEZ, Dani; P/1B; Jersey Intensity 14U National BOD

061. FLENNER, Kennedy; RHP/OF; Texas Elite National โ€“ Ryan

061. MEISER, Sydona; 1B/OF; Texas Glory 2k26

061. RODRIGUEZ, Angelina; C/3B; Clearwater Bombers โ€“ Welch

062. BEARDEN, Ava; C/3B; Georgia Thunderbolts โ€“ McCormack

062. CHOW, Leanna; MIF/UTL; Lady Dukes โ€“ McHale

062. STILL, Callie; RHP/OF; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Wade

063. BARON, Izabel; OF/RHP/Slapper; SFL Diamond Dusters โ€“ de Leon

063. LIZARDO, Kaylee; C/UTL; Birmingham Thunderbolts - Thompson

063. POTTS, Carly; RHP/1B; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Gregory

064. ADAMS, Madilynn; RHP/MIF; Stars National โ€“ Garrett

064. CHASE, Hope; RHP/1B; SC X-Treme โ€“ Griebe

064. HOLLIS, Bailee; UTL/OF; Fury Platinum X โ€“ Butler

064. MENDOZA, Cameron; MIF/UTL; Impact Gold National 08

065. CARLTON, Carli; C/UTL; Athletics Mercado NTX โ€“ Jameson/Allen

065. ESTRADA, Izzy; MIF/OF; Texas Bombers National Futures

065. GREEN, Skylar; OF/UTL/Slapper; Impact Gold โ€“ Torres

065. HOBBS, Jaylynn; LHP/1B; Indiana Magic โ€“ Neace/Sullivan

065. MACEY, Jarose; MIF/OF; Nebraska Gold National

066. FUTRICK, Ava; 3B/C; Spooky Nook Softball Academy

066. STREEVAL, Kenna; MIF/OF; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Moore

066. VAN ZEE, RHP/3B; Buzz Premier 08

067. VILLANUEVA, Briana; OF/1B; Impact Gold 08 National

067. ZULUAGA, Brooke; LHP/OF; Athletics Mercado AZ

068. BURDA, Lilly; MIF/UTL; ESP Elite 07

068. LIVESAY, Ryleigh; C/3B; Georgia Impact โ€“ Sullivan

069. GRUNER, Mikayla; MIF/UTL; Firecrackers โ€“ Brashear/Thornburg

069. JOHNSON, Ryleigh; SS/UTL; Legends National 2026

069. KILGORE, Presley; C/UTL; Texas Glory 2k26

069. RAMSEY, Alyssa; OF/UTL; Georgia Impact - Holcombe

070. MARIANI, Georgie; C/UTL; PA Chaos DiMario

070. SCRIPTER, Shaylee; RHP/1B; Redemption โ€“ Memory

070. SCRIPTER, Sydney; RHP/3B; Redemption โ€“ Memory

071. BLACKSTOCK, Sarah; UTL; Georgia Academy Power 07 โ€“ King

071. BOSILJEVAC, Bria; RHP/UTL; Carolina Elite National - Fusetti

071. RIALL, Savvanna; C/OF; Indiana Bombers โ€“ Keown

072. BOXBERGER, Carmen; MIF/UTL/Slapper; Top Gun 07 โ€“ Sciara

072. PITT, Audrey; RHP/1B; All American Sports Academy - Camarena

072. SIERRA, Adelaida; RHP/UTL; Lady Dukes TX National

072. THOMPSON, Klara; MIF/OF; Birmingham Thunderbolts โ€“ Thompson

073. CLARK, Zoey; MIF/UTL; Intensity 14U National BOD

073. PARMELE, Maddie; OF/MIF; East Cobb Bullets โ€“ Blackburn

073. SCHNEIDER, Addison; C/UTL; Louisville Lady Sluggers - Lovelady

073. TREJO, Madeline; Texas Elite Gold - Ryan

074. KING, Emily; RHP/UTL; Williamsburg Starz National โ€“ Bunn

074. RUPE, Savannah; C/OF; Vision Gold 2026

074. SPIRIDAKOS, Elyse; C/3B; RI Bombers Elite Select

075. COUGHLIN, Natalie; C/OF; VA Glory National

075. DAY, Skyler; RHP/MIF/Slapper; SFL Diamond Dusters โ€“ de Leon

075. GIBSON, Shaniyah; RHP/1B; EC Bullets - Martinez

075. POWERS, Peyton; C/OF; East Cobb Bullets โ€“ Clark

075. SANDIFER, Samya; 3B/RHP; Southern Force National

075. MEADOWS, Sadie; C/1B; AL Firecrackers

076. GUARRIELLO, Isabella; RHP/OF; Lady Dukes TX National

076. MARMEN, Abby; 1B/OF; PA Chaos DiMario

076. SHAMRELL, Eliza; OF/LHP/Slapper; Texas Glory โ€“ IL Red

076. TARR, Ameilia; UTL/C; Impact Gold HTX Premier 08

076. WINTERS, Riley; 1B/LHP; TN Mojo

077. ANGEL, Ava; UTL; Ohio Outlaws National โ€“ Shaulis

077. BURT, Kirianna; MIF/UTL; PA Lady Dukes - Levan

077. HARDY, Katherine; RHP/1B; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

077. HUTH, Baylee; P/1B; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Bennett/Goddard

077. PILKINTON, Hayden; MIF/UTL/Slapper; Aces 14U National

077. ROBERTS, Peyton; C/1B; St. Louis Chaos โ€“ Tackett

078. CRUZ, Leilani; RHP/UTL; Tampa Mustangs - Bell

078. FINCHAM, Kara; RHP/3B; Virginia OC Elite - Fincham

078. MINOR, Skylar; UTL; Firecrackers โ€“ Brashear/Thornburg

079. BETANCOURT, Avery; OF/Slapper; New York Lady Nightmares

079. DE LA FUENTE, Kaitlyn; 3B/MIF; Texas Bombers National Futures

079. JAMES, Nevaeh; C/3B; So Cal Athletics โ€“ Maranakis/Jaquish National

079. KELLEY, Grace; 3B/OF; Texas Fusion Gold

080. CLARK, Lindsay; OF/UTL; East Cobb Bullets โ€“ Clark

080. HOWERTON, Avery; RHP/3B; Texas Glory 2k26

081. BASEN, Sam; RHP/UTL; Lady Gators โ€“ Jackson

081. BAYLY, Katie; UTL/Slapper; TN Mojo - Florida

081. HEMME, Sidney; RHP/UTL; Top Gun 07 - Sciara

081. HENDERSON, Izzy; C/3B; TN Fury Platinum โ€“ Polk

082. JACKSON, Tori; OF/UTL; Virginia Unity - Butler

082. KNIGHT, Alyssa; RHP/OF; Tennessee Mojo 07 โ€“ Knight

082. KNIGHT, Ava; C/1B; Tennessee Mojo 07 โ€“ Knight

082. RIX-RENNE, Emersyn; MIF/OF; Firecrackers MI โ€“ Renne

082. ZUNIGA, Ariana; C/3B; Impact Gold โ€“ Torres

083. HESTER, Natalie; MIF/1B; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Bennett/Goddard

083. HUTCHINSON, Morgan; MIF/OF; Tennessee Mojo โ€“ Hutchinson/Trackwell

083. MARTA, Lily; MIF/OF/Slapper; PA Chaos National

083. RUTHERFORD, Leah; OF/Slapper; SFL Diamond Dusters โ€“ de Leon

083. WHITAKER, Addi; RHP/1B; Texas Elite National โ€“ Ryan

084. CHAPPELL, Chloe; RHP/MIF; Orion Hunter Elite - McGowan

084. RENDELL, Cailin; RHP/3B; Virginia OC Elite - Fincham

084. BURNETT, Kandace; C/1B; EPIC National 2026

085. McANALLY, Molly; C/MIF; Chicago Cheetahs

085. POKORNY, Miley; RHP/UTL; Texas Blaze CTX

085. SCHRECKER, Addi; OF/UTL/Slapper; Fusion Premier 08

085. TARPLEY, Elleigh; C/UTL; Kansas Renegades โ€“ Collins

086. GONZALEZ, Shea; OF; BSC Bengals Greene โ€“ 14U

086. HAYNES, Aaliyah; OF/3B; Texas Threat

086. ROBINSON, Karleigh; OF; Louisiana Bombers Gold 07 - Wilmore

087. BONUELOS, Elaina; MIF/OF; Impact Gold

087. CARLTON, Lana; 1B/OF; Legends National 2026

087. MEMORY, Paisley; RHP/UTL; Redemption โ€“ Memory

087. YANNI, Elizabeth; C/3B; Lady Dukes โ€“ McHale

088. CHIDESTER, Jayden; RHP/MIF; EPIC Premier 2k7

088. CROSBY, Katelyn; MIF; Texas Fusion Gold

088. HENSON, Nyla; OF/UTL; Atlanta Vipers - Tamborra

088. LAREAU, Presley; 1B/RHP; Impact Gold PTX 08

089. FRITTS, Carli; RHP/1B; Birmingham Vipers 2026

089. JUAREZ, Jayda; RHP/MIF; Nebraska Gold National

089. THOMAS, Brooklyn; RHP/MIF; Team Tennessee Elite 07

089. ZIRGER, Kaylie; RHP/MIF; Impact Gold 08 Georgia

090. GRANT, Sophia; C/3B; Orion Hunter Elite โ€“ Englar 18U

090. KEITER, Olivia; MIF/UTL; Colorado Stars โ€“ Maestretti

090. CULLEY, Hunter; C/OF; USA Athletics - Turner

091. BICKLE, Carly; MIF; Lady Brawlers 16U Gold

091. PALACIOS, Lianna โ€œBoo Yaโ€; MIF; Athletics Mercado RC

091. SCHATKO, Haley; C/3B; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Bennett/Goddard

092. MICKEY, Addison; P/MIF; Ohio Stingrays โ€“ Redfern

092. STEELE, Brooklyn; MIF/UTL; All American Sports Academy - Bryson

092. VESCOGNI, Taylor; RHP/1B; Ottawa Xplosion Softball

093. BERHENKE, Miah; C/3B; Nebraska Gold

093. KIERSTEAD, Alexis; 3B/RHP; EPIC Fastpitch National

093. LeQUIRE, Vayda; C; Carolina Flames 18U

094. MARTINEZ, Samantha; RHP/MIF; Texas Boom Elite โ€“ Sepi

094. THOMAS, Hailegh; UTL; SFL Diamond Dusters โ€“ de Leon

095. COOPER, Tatum; MIF/C; Firecrackers 08

095. JOLLY, Sam; OF/MIF/Slapper; Jersey Outlaws Premier

095. SOUTHARD, Tatum; RHP/MIF; Texas Glory 2026

096. KILLIAN, Avery; C/MIF; Louisiana Voodoo 08

096. RINNE, Miranda; MIF/OF; Atlanta Vipers - Olofson

097. LUPPLACE, Peyton; OF/Slapper; Texas Fusion Gold

097. MCHALE, Brianna; MIF/OF; Lady Dukes โ€“ McHale

098. MINNICK, Kassidy; MIF/OF; Texas Elite National โ€“ Ryan

098. SIMON, Julia โ€œJJโ€; C/3B; California Riptide - Zar

098. SUMMERS, Alyssa; 3B/1B; Athletics Mercado - Heat

099. ARMES, Kelsey โ€œKelmoโ€; C/UTL; Indiana Shockwaves โ€“ Liter

099. DEVER-BOAZ, Macie; C/3B; Louisiana Bombers Gold 07

099. JOHNSON, Kiki; OF/1B; Finesse - Ross

100. JENNINGS, Abby; MIF/UTL; Texas Fusion Gold

100. PERALTA, Gabby; 3B/MIF; Rhode Island Thunder Gold

100. SLAUGHTER, Breck; RHP/UTL; Purple Crush Platinum Premier

101. TINSLEY, Amelia; MIF/UTL; Sneaky Cleats DFW โ€“ Underwood

101. WAGNER, Leianna; MIF/Slapper; SoCal Athletics National Maranakis/Jaquish

101. WILLIS, Presley; C/3B; Mississippi Thunderbolts 2025

102. BROCK, Addison; C/3B; Texas Fusion Gold 14U

102. MEEKS, Isabel; RHP/1B; TN White Lightning - Spears

102. RODRIGUEZ, Lianna; UTL; Georgia Academy Power 07 โ€“ King

103. GIBSON, Emma; RHP/UTL; Colorado Batbusters Gold

104. CHUNN, Abby โ€œDbatโ€; OF/MIF; Texas Glory

104. KENNEDY, Lauren; OF/MIF; Illinois Chill Gold

104. SMITH, Gabriella; 3B/MIF; Epic Premier X07

105. BOWDEN, Leah; MIF/OF; Birmingham Vipers 2026


105. SPARKS, Cayden; C/OF; Ashburn Shooting Stars 2024

106. BARTON, Adrianna; 1B/3B; Team Virginia Mizuno

106. CHAISSON, Grace; 3B/RHP; Lady Dukes TX National

106. GRIESLER, Grace; C/MIF; Newton Rock

107. ALLEN, Faye; RHP/3B; Lady Dukes - McHale

107. COOK, Sierra; OF/3B; Gators Jackson

107. MATEO, Zoe; OF/MIF/Slapper; Top Gun 07 Sciara 14U

108. KENNEDY, Lauren; OF/MIF; Illinois Chill Gold

108. LANE, Taylor; MIF/OF; Florida Thunderbolts

108. MACKAY, Bradyn; RHP/UTL; Rise-Up 13U

109. HUMMEL, Kate; 3B/1B; GTS 14U

109. KING, Megan; RHP/1B; Georgia Academy Power 07 โ€“ King

109. LOPEZ, Alexis; OF/MIF; Legends National 2026

110. ECHEVERRY, Jaylene; 3B/C; Lady Dukes - McHale

110. GIANNESCHI, Marissa; UTL/C; Vision Gold โ€“ Barham

110. NERIO, Jernie; RHP/1B; American Freedom NTX

111. COLE, Campbell; C/2B; Lilโ€™ Rebels-Gordie/Rasnick

111. HUMPHREYS, Ava; MIF/UTL; Concord Stars

112. GARNICA, Izabella; 1B/3B; Impact Gold DFW

112. MILLER, Emmy; RHP/1B; Smash House 07 National

112. STIMIS, Ava; 1B/UTL; Legends National 2026

113. COMESANO, Ainsley; 3B/1B; Sneaky Cleats DFW โ€“ Underwood

113. McCALL, Molly; 1B/3B; Virginia OC Elite โ€“ Fincham

114. BOURQUE, Cecilia; 1B/3B; SC DFW

114. LUPPLACE, PEYTON, OF/UTL/Slapper; Texas Fusion Gold 14U

114. SQUIRE, Madison; OF/3B; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Olofson

115. ANDREWS, Lola; C/3B; Lady Dukes TX National

115. LOVELL, Alyssa; RHP/OF; Legends National 2026

116. ARVIDSON, Haley; RHP/3B; Hericanes Fastpitch

116. SHUPE, Claire; RHP/1B; Lady Dukes โ€“ McHale

117. DAVIS, Avery; OF; Tennessee Mojo 07 โ€“ Knight

117. TIBBS, Brenna; C/UTL; Ohio Hawks - Ford

118. MADESKO, Leila; MIF/UTL; Georgia Power 08 โ€“ Rodgers

118. NOE, Ella Sue; RHP/UTL; Tennessee Her-icanes Elite

118. WHITTAKER, Sadie; RHP/MIF; Gold Coast Hurricanes

119. ADAMS, Izabella; RHP/MIF; Carolina Magic 18U

119. YOUNG, Jaley; RHP/1B; Birmingham Vipers 2026

119. TRAUB, Hayden; 3B/MIF; Louisiana Voodoo 08

120. ABERNATHY, Lily; 3B/UTL; Birmingham Thunderbolts โ€“ Chaney

120. ADKINS, Chayse; MIF/UTL; Ohio Hawks National - Hutchinson

120. LYON, Dalylia; RHP/1B; Lady Dukes โ€“ McHale

121. CARGILE, Hailey; C/UTL; LLG โ€“ Parham

121. DENNING, Addison; MIF/RHP; LS Premier

122. HAMILTON, Kimber; C/3B; Legends National 2026

122. SNYDER, Ava; RHP/3B; NJ Intensity BOD

122. TURNER, Madden; 3B/UTL; Lilโ€™ Rebels-Gordie/Rasnick

123. DILLON, Isabella โ€œIzzyโ€; RHP/MIF; Starz Gold - Dillon

124. JOVANOVIC, Maddie; OF/MIF; Texas Elite 08 National Ryan

125. PINION, Kyleigh; OF; Purple Crush Platinum Premier

125. WHITZELL, Reese; MIF/UTL; PA Chaos DiMario

126. GRAY, Abi; UTL; Birmingham Vipers 2026

127. SANTAMARIA, Emma; 3B/MIF; Georgia Power - Rodgers

128. ARNOLD, Ella; OF/MIF; Her-canes Elite 07

129. ADAMEZ, Alayna; C/3B; Minnesota Magic Softball

130. CLEVENGER, Eva; C/DH; Lady Dukes - McHale

131. FIGAROLA, Caitlin; RHP/OF; PA Strikers National

132. CLENDANIEL, Leah; OF/UTL/Slapper; PA Chaos DiMario

134. SMITH, Anna Kate; C/OF; Birmingham Vipers 2026

135. CARROLL, Cadee; RHP/3B; Show Stoppers

136. BOUDREAU, Haley; UTL; RHP; RI Bombers Elite Select

137. COURTRIGHT, Victoria; RHP/UTL/Slapper; New England Phoenix

138. ALLYN, Alaina; RHP/1B; Illinois Force 2026

139. SHULS, Kaity; OF/UTL; STL Pirates

140. LIANO, Parker; C/3B; Athletics Mercado AZ

141. RAUCCI, Julianna; MIF/UTL; New York Lady Nightmares

141. CROZIER, Tori; MIF/C; Summit City Sluggers

142. BAKA, Kyli; OF/UTL; Ethic Sports Academy Prospects Blue

142. MORRIS, Blair; UTL; Vision โ€“ Whalen

143. MULKEY, Cadence; OF/Slapper; ProStar Fastpitch

144. THOMPSON, Elliana; OF/UTL; Ohio Outlaws 08

145. GLUCKSMAN, Kaiya; MIF/UTL; Power Black โ€“ Hinds

145. CRUMP, Kaylee; C/UTL; Texas Blaze CTX

146. MEDINA, Kylie; 1B/3B; Modesto Outlaws

146. PARISH, Ava; MIF/UTL; TBSA Wahoos

147. ANTOSIEWICZ, Gracyn; C/MIF; Jersey Outlaws Premier

147. DOREY, Lizzie; UTL; Vison - Whalen

147. MEEKS, Claire; 1B/OF; Georgia Fire

148. FOSTER, Delaney; RHP/UTL; Beautiful Beasts Elite 16U

148. McMURRAY, Harmony; C/OF; Valley Kids Fastpitch

148. SIMMONS, Tayarri; OF/UTL/Slapper; Atlanta Lady Braves

149. KOEUNE, Cassiella; C/3B; West Chicago Wildcats

149. MESSER, Emma; RHP/MIF; Show Stoppers

149. POSTMA, Jessica; UTL; Bats Academy

150. CALKINS, Allison; RHP/1B; Burlington Blast

150. YOHE, Daria; UTL; PA Batbusters

150. ELKO, Dot; C/3B; PA Batbusters โ€“ Kulp


Rankings by Position