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Legacy & Legends Softball 2027 Player Rankings: Morgan Maxwell Ranked #1 Overall Elite Top Prospect

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

2027 Top Prospects based on performance, potential, and character

Morgan Maxwell

Today we announce the Legacy & Legends Softball Top Players for the 2027 Class for the 2022 calendar year. Those selected have displayed extraordinary skills and/or a high-level of potential. We congratulate all nominees and those selected as the nationally elite and "best of the best" on their outstanding achievements.

Unfortunately, we couldn't add everyone to our list that was nominated or referred for ranking. We hope those will use this as motivation to continue trying and come back next year and join this group.

According to several reports, over 75,000 per year group play competitive softball. To simply be nominated is an honor in itself. To have laudatory and praiseworthy information available for review indicates a high level of value placed upon you by those who care. Again, congratulations to all who were honored as the best for the 2027 Class for the 2022 calendar year.

NOTES: Players sharing the same ranking number finished tied (score was within 2 points). If you submitted a player and met all requirements and feel they should be on this elite list but are not shown, please direct message us. Only players who had a package submitted or had material provided by a travel ball coach via direct communications with L&LS were eligible for our rankings. The L&LS Chief of Evaluations may conduct a review of unranked players who have tagged us in numerous posts, showing quality video along with achievements and supplementally rank those players as ties onto this list.

The Top 5 of the 2027 Class followed by the entire list of our nation's finest softball players.

#1 MAXWELL, Morgan; LHP; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

โ€œFrom the first time I met Morgan at a tryout, I knew she was going to be a special player. She works harder than any player I know and she never settles for anything less than her best. When you watch her pitch or hit in pressure situations, you can see a different look in her eyes. She is always poised but donโ€™t let that fool you. Sheโ€™s a competitive machine that always finds a way to win. Sheโ€™s already getting Power Five D1 looks and she 110% deserves them. Sheโ€™s been big in every moment, and against the best teams in the country. Even better news, her best game is well ahead of her. Sheโ€™s just getting started.โ€

-- Head Coach Joey Palmer, TN Mojo 2027 - Palmer

#2 Tie - BRYANT, Macie; RHP; Impact Gold 2K9

โ€œMacie is the top pitcher on our Impact Gold 2K9 team that led in all statistical pitching categories. For a 13 year old, Macie is undoubtedly at a superior level in pitching arm talent. She has the combination of top level power pitching with accuracy, excellent spin rate and movement, and a highly effective changeup. What is equally as impressive is knowing how hard she works and the amount of time she puts in to help excel at her craft on the rubber. She is definitely a โ€œNo days offโ€ player. She is an ultimate competitor that works extremely hard.โ€

-- Coach Tamar Turner, Impact Gold 2K9 National

#2 Tie - AYERS, Haylen; MIF; Birmingham Thunderbolts 2026 โ€“ Thompson

โ€œHaylen is a game-changing athlete who not only brings a high level of athleticism but a team first mindset & a crazy amount of passion to compete at the highest level! Haylen is a middle infielder and outfielder who can really play anywhere! Her above range in the dirt and the grass combined with a stellar arm keeps what should be base hits to ours! Her biggest impact comes from the opposite side of the ball where her 2.6-2.7 home-to-first speed can take over a game. Haylenโ€™s athleticism causes chaos on the opposing teamโ€™s defense when sheโ€™s on base, too, as she has a perfect stolen base percentage with 36! This summer Haylen is currently hitting .468 and leading the way with 32 runs scored! Haylen is a superior bunter with the strength to put the ball into play in gaps and everything in between, making her a problem at the plate for all defenses.โ€

-- Coach Jenny Buzzell-Parker, Birmingham Thunderbolts 2026 โ€“ Thompson

#2 Tie - NORWOOD, Courtney; RHP; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood 14U

โ€œCourtney is an elite talent that has already proven she can play with and against the elite talent at the high school level. As a 7th Grader, she led her South Warren HS team to its best record ever, a 3rd place finish in the state of Kentucky, and setting various school records along the way. She acheived a 1.81 ERA and 81 Ks in 85 innings pitched against arguably the toughest high school schedule. She also batted .375 and finished 32nd in the state in ERA. When travel ball came around, she pitched 40 innings with a very impressive 1.8 ERA against some of the toughest 14s, 16s, and 18s competition in the nation. She excels as an athletic pitcher and as a hitter, belting 2 homeruns over the summer and being a spark plug in a high octane offense. Courtney has that โ€œItโ€ factor every coach wants in a player and she has ice in her veins and shows no emotion in the circle. With a tall athletic frame at 5โ€™11โ€ and able to throw a myriad of any type of pitch successfully, she will no doubt be as safe as a prospect lock anyone can ever make if she stays on this trajectory.โ€

-- Coach Mike Brown, Chief of Evaluations, Legacy & Legends Softball

#2 Tie - MEDINA, Catalina; LHP; Lady Magic - Munoz

โ€œCatalina is an all around top athlete on defense and offense. She is our 4 hitter with a ton of pop and adds speed on the bases. She is a natural lefty who is capable of playing any position on the field, much like Jayda Coleman from Oklahoma.โ€

-- Head Coach Ernie Munoz, Lady Magic - Munoz

The Rest of the Best for the 2027 Grad Class

001. MAXWELL, Morgan; LHP; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

002. AYERS, Haylen; MIF; Birmingham Thunderbolts 2026 โ€“ Thompson

002. BRYANT, Macie; RHP; Impact Gold 2K9

002. NORWOOD, Courtney; RHP; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood 14U

002. MEDINA, Catalina; LHP; Lady Magic - Munoz

003. DYE, Payton; 3B; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood 14U

003. LERMANN, Taegen RHP; Hotshots National 09

003. ROMERO, Arriana; RHP; Athletics โ€“ Mercado

004. BARRAS, Kayla; UTL; Impact Gold 2K9 National

004. DeROCHE, Addison; RHP; Rhode Island Thunder National โ€“ Lotti

004. CALVO, Yelli; 3B; Lady Magic - Munoz

005. HODGES, Kaylee; RHP; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

005. HOLCOMB, Addison; RHP; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

005. TAMBORRA, Payton; RHP; Atlanta Vipers 08 โ€“ Tamborra

005. THOMPSON, Asher; MIF; Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier - Alford

006. BARRETT, Taylor; RHP; Indiana Gators Premier โ€“ Meyer

006. EPPERT, Shyla; OF/Slapper; Firecrackers โ€“ Shepherd

006. TIMMONS, Kameron; RHP; Kentucky Chrome

007. METZ, Adelle; C; Beverly Bandits Futures โ€“ Norwood 14U

007. SPENCE, Braylee; RHP; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

007. BRANNON, Kamryn; RHP; Lady Magic - Munoz

008. GLASS, Breanna; C; BSC Bengals โ€“ Austin/Ring

008. TAYLOR, Bayleigh; MIF; Hotshots National

009. HARRISON, Maliyah; MIF; Hotshots National - Nelson

009. QUENTEL, Hunter; RHP; Texas Riptide

010. BOULWARE, Aspen; UTL; Generation Seahawks

010. MORICI, Lyla; RHP; EC Bullets 08

010. TURNER, Torie; RHP; Impact Gold 2K9

010. WOOLS, Chloe; RHP; LLG โ€“ Wools

011. HERNANDEZ, Kathryn; OF; Texas Bombers Gold โ€“ Maloney

011. TURNER, Jaylin; LHP; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

012. ESCAMILLA, Emma; RHP; Impact Gold National โ€“ Mendoza

012. RADOSTA, Brooklyn; 3B; MOJO โ€“ Sweat

012. WILLIAMS, Finlee; OF; Texas Glory 2k26

013. BROWN, Ansley; MIF; Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier

013. DUNAVANT, Mia; OF/Slapper; Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier

013. LEAL, Keren; C; AP Gold โ€“ Bailey

013. STAGNER, Mylee; MIF; MS Thunderbolts โ€“ Sheffield

014. BRYANT, Addie; MIF; Kentucky Chrome Premier

014. HOLMES, Ayla; C; EC Bullets โ€“ Lowe

014. SPEED, Hannah; RHP; Texas Glory 2k7

014. WILSON, Morgan; 3B; Impact Gold 2K9

020. BROZAITIS, Natalie; OF; Lady Magic โ€“ Munoz

015. ENGLISH, Leah; RHP; Lady Dukes โ€“ McHale

015. WIMMER, Jillian; MIF; PA Chaos 14U National โ€“ Dimario

015. JENNINGS, Taylor; 1B; Lady Magic - Munoz

015. WITCHER, Chloe; RHP; Tennessee Mojo 2027

016. CHESNEY, Lauren; MIF; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

016. GOLDIN, Janie; C; Georgia Impact โ€“ Taylor

016. HUTCHENS, Juliana โ€œGooseโ€; C; Tulsa Elite 08

016. PHILIPP, Peyton; RHP; Centex Buzz 2K9

017. BRADFORD, Amariee โ€œShugโ€; MIF; Impact Gold 2K9

017. McHENRY, Madison; 3B; Birmingham Thunderbolts

017. STONE, Marley โ€œCheetahโ€; OF/Slapper; Frost Falcons

017. TYLKE, Nola; MIF; BATS 14U National

018. Dโ€™ONOFRIO, Brooke; RHP; Empire State Huskies 14U National

018. GARCIA, Ava; MIF; Aces 14U National

018. LAWRENCE, Isabelle; C; Impact Gold 2K9

018. REYNOLDS, Lily โ€œMunkโ€; 3B; Tennessee Thunderbolts - West

019. HELM, Haley; RHP; MOJO 2K9 โ€“ Fox

019. LAGUNAS, Aubree; MIF; Frost Falcons

019. RUST, Madison; OF; Top Gun โ€“ Sciara

019. TEMPLETON, Mackenzie; RHP; Texas Bombers National

020. BENNET, Ava; Impact Gold National - Mendoza

020. BROZAITIS, Natalie; Lady Magic - Munoz

020. JOYCE, Jenna; RHP; Ohio Thunderbolts

020. LEBOW, Hadley; RHP; Hotshots National

020. RHOTON, Kamryn; MIF; MOJO 2K9 โ€“ Fox

020. WOLFENBARGER, Chloe; RHP; Atlanta Vipers

021. BRUNAL, Vanessa; MIF; Lady Magic - Munoz

021. EARP, Mallory Kate; C; SoCal Athletics National

021. MIELE, Olivia; C; Indiana Batbusters โ€“ Rogers

021. PATIN, Kadeyn โ€œKKโ€; RHP; Hotshots Fastpitch

021. WEAVER, Marley; MIF; Atlanta Vipers - Hamilton

022. ROBERTSON, Janell; OF; Indiana Batbusters โ€“ Rogers

022. VEEDER, Avery; RHP; Louisville Sluggers Black 07 14U

023. BARTFIELD, Jaeda; RHP; Lady Nightmares 14U

023. BRANNON, KK; UTL; Impact Gold Nationals โ€“ Rodriguez

023. EDWARDS, Brenna; RHP; TN Mojo 2027 - Palmer

024. FOSTER, Bria โ€œOchoโ€; RHP; Nebraska Gold

024. GAUDIO, Hope; UTL; Texas Glory 2k26

024. PENSYL, Lilah; MIF; EC Bullets PA National 16U

024. SCHULTZ, Madilyn; LHP/Slapper; Texas Elite 08 National โ€“ Ryan

025. FREEMAN, Zailey; MIF; Impact Gold National โ€“ Rodriguez

025. LOHNES, Lexi; LHP; St Louis Chaos โ€“ Perone

025. MORELAND, Taylor; RHP; Tennessee Thunderbolts โ€“ West

025. WEIR, Kamryn; RHP; Impact Gold National โ€“ Mendoza

026. HAGERTY, Brooklynn; RHP; Frost Falcons

026. MOORE, Harper; MIF; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Moore

026. TAYLOR, Zakiya; OF/Slapper; Lady Dukes 26/27 โ€“ Perkins

027. BYRD, MK; MIF; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

027. MARKS, Morgan; OF; Impact Gold 2K9

027. RUSSELL, Addison โ€œA-Russโ€; RHP; SoCal Athletics โ€“ Marinakis/Jaquish National

028. DUNN, Berkeley; OF; Impact Gold GA

028. HOWARD, Brooklynn; C; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

029. BOND, Londyn; 3B; Vision Gold 2026

029. HUMPHRIES, Brynlee; RHP; Indiana Dreams 09

029. VOGAN, Madelyn; RHP; Ohio Outlaws โ€“ Vogan

030. BALES, Harper; OF; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

030. KENNEDY, Micah; RHP; Lady Magic - Munoz

030. SANDHOLM, Lauren; RHP; St Louis Chaos

031. BROADWATER, Khloe; C; Bombers Gold โ€“ Freeman/Lewis

031. FOX, Aubrey; 1B; MOJO 2K9 โ€“ Fox

031. HARTER, Teagan; MIF; Tampa Mustangs โ€“ Mondok

032. IVEY, Kinzie; LHP; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

032. MABION, Zariya; RHP; Top Gun 2027

033. BARRETTE, Emma; C; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

033. MUSSER, Natalie; MIF; Ohio Outlaws National

033. BEECHAM, Irelynn; RHP; Tennessee Thunderbolts โ€“ West

034. HOOD, Zoe; C; TX Blaze Gold โ€“ Wiggins

034. HUTTON, Adrian โ€œLu Luโ€ โ€œPumaโ€; C; Texas Glory 2k26

034. CALDWELL, Blakely; RHP; Atlanta Vipers - Hamilton

035. LAMBETH, Kierstyn; LHP; Impact Gold IG2K9

035. MORRIS, Rylie; OF; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Klein

036. GATEWOOD, Caroline; LHP/Slapper; Atlanta Vipers

036. SOUDERS, Emily; OF; Texas Glory 2k26

036. WILHELM, Kinslee; C; Frost Falcons

037. BARRIENTOS, Savannah; MIF; TX Blaze Gold - Wiggins

037. BODENHORN, Addie; RHP; MOJO 2K9 - Fox

037. COPELAND, Laney; OF; Birmingham Thunderbolts 2026 โ€“ Thompson

037. GALELLA, Julianna; RHP; Lady Dukes 14U Elite

037. ROSS, Mackenzie; MIF; Texas Blaze Gold

038. COX, Airebis; GA Power โ€“ Thacker

038. HOOPER, Abigail; C; EC Bullets โ€“ Barahona

038. JUSTUS, Brailey; OF; TN Mojo โ€“ Lewis

038. McGOWIN, Brooke; MIF; Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier

038. BELCHER, Kinsley; RHP; Tennessee Thunderbolts โ€“ West

039. DOTTS, Cyarah; RHP; Aces 14U National

039. PARRISH, Marley; RHP; Louisville Lady Sluggers โ€“ Tackett

039. RICCARDI, Kristina; OF; Lady Dukes โ€“ McHale

039. THORNE, Maggie; C; Indiana Magic Gold National โ€“ Moore

039. WIGGINS, Savannah; RHP; Texas Blaze Gold โ€“ Wiggins

040. BOUTWELL, Ella Grace โ€œEGโ€; 1B; Marucci Patriots GC

040. BRODIE, Chloe; OF; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

040. HERTZ, Ava; OF; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Klein

040. MASON, Kaidence; OF; Lady Dukes TX National

040. McNAMARA, Cienna; MIF; Empire State Huskies 14U National

041. BERQUIST, Mia; MIF; Ohio Thunderbolts โ€“ Williamson

041. CORONA, Aybrie; C; Impact Gold 2K9 National

041. KIMBALL, Lily; RHP; Atlanta Vipers - Hamilton

042. ARNETT, Kenzi; OF; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Neace

042. PUTNAM, Kaelyn; 3B; MOJO 2K9 โ€“ Fox

042. SPURLOCK, Shawnee; RHP; AP Gold National

043. JENNINGS, Stacy; RHP; Texas Glory 2026

043. KEUSCH, Allison; RHP; Breakers Labs โ€“ Keusch

044. MARX, Rylee; RHP; Impact Gold โ€“ Soliz

044. STOFLE, Hayden; RHP; Batbusters โ€“ Stofle

045. FRANKLIN, Caydence; MIF; Impact Gold โ€“ Hatch

045. McCORMICK, Ryn; C; TN Mojo 2027 - Palmer

045. VAN DRIEL, Jlee; C; Iowa Premier

046. McGUIRE, Haley; 3B; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

046. NISYRIOS, Alexis; RHP; RI Thunder Gold โ€“ Gnadiek

047. ARECHIGA, Kynlee; MIF; Lady Dukes South

047. GASSEN, Marquise; OF; Impact Gold 2K9 National

047. SELLERS, Addy; 1B; Lady Dukes TX National

048. RACIBORSKI, Abbigail โ€œBearโ€; UTL; Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier

049. PEZZUOLO, Gianna; RHP; Lady Dukes โ€“ Pezzuoio

049. PLAISANCE, Karsyn; C; Atlanta Vipers 09 Hamilton

050. HOFFMAN, Amaya; UTL; EC Bullets PA National 16U

050. KIMURA, Lucy; RHP; Universal Fastpitch

050. PARKS, Bailey; MIF; Georgia Bombers โ€“ Clark

050. SULLINS, Sophie; 3B; Dirtdogs TK 12U

050. WHITE, Kendall; LHP; Williamsburg Starz Gold

051. HALL, Lakelin; OF; Atlanta Vipers 09

051. MAYS, Mycah; 1B; Tennessee Thunderbolts - West

052. NEVILLE, Reagan; MIF; AASA Camarena

052. TOWNS, Shea; RHP; Lady Gators โ€“ Jackson

053. KELSOE, Ainslea; C; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Klein

053. KEMP, Madi; OF; Tennessee Thunderbolts - West

054. DECAMP, Presley Knowles; OF; Fury Premier

055. BOITMANN, Gisela; LHP; Marrucci Patriots Gold

055. HULL, Kiersten; RHP; Ohio Stingrays

055. WILLIAMS, Bryanna โ€œBreeโ€; RHP; LLG - Wools

055. WILLIAMSON, Gabbi; UTL; Ohio Thunderbolts

056. BRUCE, Alivia; RHP; Unity โ€“ Hagen

056. JONES, Joslyn; MIF; Impact Gold โ€“ Soliz

057. DODSON, Makaela; MIF; Lady Dukes 26/27 โ€“ Perkins

057. NILES, Kayleigh; MIF; STL Chaos

058. BREWER, Rayne; OF; Frost Falcons

058. FLYNN, Addison; RHP; Chicago Cheetahs โ€“ Connolly

059. POLK, Maddie; OF/Slapper; Fury Platinum National โ€“ Jimmerson

060. HINKSON, Kalee; MIF; Impact Gold โ€“ Crenshaw

060. HOLMES, Liv; C; LLG โ€“ Wools

061. CLAYBROOKS, Carmen; MIF; Fury Platinum National โ€“ Jimmerson

062. MOORE, Caitlin; RHP; PA Chaos National

062. BURNS, Abigail; C; VA Glory National - Ladia

063. ELLIOTT, Allie; RHP; MOJO 2K9 โ€“ Fox

063. FAVATO, Mia; OF; Lady Dukes โ€“ Panik

063. RIVERA, Nadia; MIF; SoCal Athletics Marinkis/Jaquish National

063. SCHULER, Tegan; RHP; Illinois Chill Gold

064. CHAN, Abigail; RHP; Atlanta Premier โ€“ Rountree

064. McNIEL, Ella; OF/Slapper; Impact Gold โ€“ Soliz

064. REDMILES, Amanda; PA Chaos 14U National โ€“ Dimario

065. ATHA, Brooklyn; MIF; EC Bullets โ€“ Blackburn

065. GEORGE, Lucy; RHP; Indiana Gators Premier โ€“ Lindley

065. McDONALD, Marleigh; OF; Top Gun 16U National - Sciara

065. SALDIVAR, Jazzy; LHP; Breakers Labs โ€“ Keusch

065. TINDOL, Madeline; OF; So Cal Athletics

066. COOK, Mya; 1B; VA Glory National โ€“ Ladia

066. ROSALES, Delilah; MIF; Impact Gold 2K9 National

067. BROWN, Camryn; OF; Birmingham Premier Thunderbolts 2028

067. RAMSEY, Macie; C; Legends National 2026

068. BOWMAN, Blakely; MIF/Slapper; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

069. BRUCKER, Madyson; RHP; Top Gun 2027

069. KRAATZ, Gabryelle; MIF; TN Fury Premier โ€“ Robinson

070. PURVES, Peyton; C; St Louis Chaos โ€“ Perone

070. STROUPE, Maylee; C; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

071. McADAMS, Emmy; C; TN Mojo - Pardue

071. RAY, Kaliana; OF; Ohio Outlaws - Vogan

071. CROCKARELL, Shea; C; Tennessee Thunderbolts - West

072. GILMORE, Hope; MIF/Slapper; Top Gun STL

072. TORRES, Gianna; RHP; Athletics Mercado โ€“ Tidd/Bustamante

073. HAMEL, Lillian; RHP; Arizona Storm Premier โ€“ Hamel

073. McLEOD, Allie; OF/Slapper; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

073. RICE, Emma; RHP; Colorado Angels โ€“ WSK

074. BURKEL, Kaylynn โ€œKJโ€; MIF; Illinois Chill Gold

074. EDEVOLD, Brooke; 3B; Impact Gold 2K9 National

074. WILHELM, Jaelynn; OF; Vision Gold 2026 โ€“ Barham

075. SANTANA, Jayla; 1B; AP Gold โ€“ Lott

075. WETTLEND, Amanda; OF; Lady Magic - Munoz

075. WANGAARD, Leah; C; TN Fury Premier - Robinson

075. WEILER, Alexis; UTL/Slapper; Universal Fastpitch

076. SEIFERT, Bryli; RHP; Top Gun 2027

076. ARNOLD, Addison; C; Tennessee Thunderbolts - West

077. HINDEL, Nyla; C; Lady Dukes โ€“ Fouts

078. THOMAS, Riley; C; Indiana Dreams 09

079. DELORENZO, Harper; UTL/Slapper; Tennessee Thunderbolts - West

080. SUCH, Madison; RHP; NWI SOX 08

080. HAMILTON, Lilly; MIF; Atlanta Vipers - Hamilton

081. DANIELS, Celestina; C; Impact Gold 2K9 National

082. DANIELS, Lily; UTL; SJ Mystics National โ€“ Garrett

083. FARLEY, Sadi; RHP; White Lightning 08

084. ASHENFELTER, Taryn; RHP; PA Chaos Gold โ€“ Ashenfelter

084. HANDY, Katelyn; OF; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

085. LAMBERTO, Mia; MIF; PA Chaos

085. WAINWRIGHT, Madison; C; NWI Sox 13U โ€“ Wilkie

086. DAVIS, Sydney; LHP; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Klein

086. HENRY, Livie; RHP; Impact Gold โ€“ Sciacia/Zirger

087. CARTER, Leigha; RHP/Slapper; Louisiana Voodoo 08

087. JAMES, Molly Davi; RHP; Texas Fusion Gold

088. TOMPKINS, Jolie; C; Futures Softball โ€“ Tompkins

088. WHITE, Marin; C; Atlanta Vipers - Hamilton

089. COLLINS, Mariah; 3B; TX Blaze National โ€“ Garcia

090. CONTRERAS, Maia; RHP; PA Chaos Gold

090. HENDRIX, Peyton; RHP; EC Bullets โ€“ Lowe

091. REICHMAN, Brennan; RHP; Ohio Storm 08

091. WEST, Abigail "Abby"; RHP; Tennessee Thunderbolts - West

092. DENT, Hannah; OF; Indiana Magic Gold

093. MORAN, Brinley; OF; TN Mojo 2027 โ€“ Palmer

094. ANDREWS, Addi; C; AP Gold 08 โ€“ Lott

094. MARTINEZ, Arianna; C; SJ Mystics National

095. DAWSON, Tenley; MIF; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Klein

095. WILSON, Caycee; OF; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

096. OBERLE, Ava; St Louis Chaos โ€“ Perone

096. SANCHEZ, Xiomara โ€œXioโ€; C; Vision Gold โ€“ Barham

097. SMITH, Riley; RHP; Lady Dukes โ€“ Panik

097. SCHMITZ, Reagan "Peanut"; UTL; Tennessee Thunderbolts - West

098. PFEIFFER, Carly; OF; Lady Dukes โ€“ McHale

098. VLASAK, Sophie; C; Texas Elite 08 National โ€“ Ryan

099. CLARK, Norah; C; Virginia OC Elite โ€“ Fincham

099. MALESKI, Faith; MIF; Dennison Silver Hawks โ€“ Kweder

100. BELLE, Lilly; C; Texas Bombers Academy STX Futures

100. DUNLAP, Izzy; C; Top Gun STL 26/27

100. PFISTNER, Cadence; MIF/Slapper; Gold Coast Hurricanes

100. RICH, Jolee; C; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Klein

100. WILLIAMS, Ava; RHP; Thunder Elite Premier

102. ALLIN, Harper; RHP; Top Gun 2027

103. WHITTEN, Lauren; 3B; St Louis Chaos โ€“ Perone

104. POOLE, Reece; 3B; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

104. WILLMOTT, Maggie; MIF/Slapper; AP Premier Gold โ€“ Bailey

105. CABLE, Lindsay RHP; Atlanta Vipers โ€“ Klein

105. NOTTINGHAM, Emmyrson; MIF; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Estes

106. YOUNG, Jaley; RHP; 1B; Birmingham Vipers

107. MANNON, Jenna; RHP; Ohio Stingrays โ€“ Hilliard/Bradley

107. WOLFORD, Brooke; OF; MOJO 2K9 โ€“ Fox

108. GRINDSTAFF, Madylinn; MIF; Newtown Rock National

109. GUILLOT, Allie; MIF; Texas Elite National โ€“ Ryan

110. HOPF, Lillie; C; MOJO 2K9 โ€“ Fox

110. NOLES, Brianna; MIF; Impact Gold โ€“ Kreinus

111. MATHEWS, Kenzlei; RHP; Indiana Shockwaves

112. ASCANIO, Bella; RHP; Platinum Premier 14A

113. IMHOFF, Cadence; C; Lady Dukes โ€“ Pezzuolo

114. KREINUS, Zoey; C; Impact Gold โ€“ Kreinus

115. LATHERS, Abby; RHP; Hanover Hornets โ€“ Thomas

116. MEYER, Krystyna; 3B; Top Gun NTL

117. MASTIN, Emma; MIF; Virginia OC Elite โ€“ Fincham

118. SMITH, MK; RHP; SOCAL08 Nation

119. VIRUET, Millie; MIF; Chicago Cheetahs โ€“ Stryczek

120. ZIMMERMAN, Bryton; 3B; Team NC โ€“ Bowman

121. BUCKMASTER, Preslie; MIF; Storm 08

122. ROWE, Riley; RHP; Lady Dukes โ€“ Pezzuolo

123. HEARL, Sydney; OF; Virginia OC Elite โ€“ Fincham

124. SKULL, Sadie; MIF; MN Force

125. MOODY, Mickey; RHP; Ohio Stingrays โ€“ Hilliard/Bradley

126. SHOCKLEY, Teagan; C; Top Gun 2027

127. NAGEL, Olivia; OF; Express Fastpitch โ€“ Vandiver

128. CONLIFF, Andi; C; Hoosier Force 09

129. LOVE, Taylor; OF; Platinum Premier 14A

130. McDOWELL, Kenadee; C; Top Gun KC โ€“ Kim/Schuster

131. McLAREN, Gracen; MIF; Platinum Premier 14A

132. RATLEY, Addison; MIF; NC Intensity โ€“ Gore

133. URZUA, Ava; C; Redemption - Memory

134. BEAL, Lili; MIF; Lady Dukes โ€“ Beal

135. COFFEY, Sydney; RHP; KC Rebels

136. COFFIELD, Emery; RHP; Team North Carolina โ€“ Pritchard

137. DEL REAL, Avery; MIF; San Jose Sting

138. HENDRICKSON, Chloe; MIF; Top Gun 08 KC

139. HUA KAUTAI, Feao; MIF; Titans 07

140. KING, Meredith; 3B; Platinum Premier 14A

141. MEYER, Krystina; 3B; Top Gun 2027 NTL

142. MULLENS Makenzie; MIF; Ohio Hawks โ€“ Barnett

143. PURTLEBAUGH, Abigail; C; Indiana Magic Gold โ€“ Estes

144. QUINLYN, Bary; RHP; TNT Maryland

145. SCOTT, Ashley; RHP; Lake Erie Warhawks

146. SMITH, Addison; RHP; Extreme Elite Chicago

147. SOUSA, Tatum; OF/Slapper; LTG Lions

148. WALSH, Keeley; Chicago Wildcats

149. YOAKUM, Kya; 3B; Select Fastpitch

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