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Legacy & Legends Softball 2028 Elite Player Rankings: Jayde Palmer Ranked #1 Overall Top Prospect

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Chief of Evaluations Approved November 1, 2022

Jayde Palmer - 2028; SS/C; TN Mojo Fastpitch Organization

Today we announce the Legacy & Legends Softball Top Players for the 2028 Class for the 2022 Calendar Year. The 2028 group is still very young and due to limited video available, lack of social media profiles, and different levels of competition this year group plays within, the rankings are based primarily on overall performance (playing-up is a positive consideration) validated by coaches, Tier 1 tournament results, elite potential, and character.

However, most selected on this prestigious list are playing up at even high levels of 16U and some at 18U. Albeit they may be young in age, their on the field performance and character off the field have demonstrated that they (and their family and teams) are worthy of being recognized and rewarded for their above and beyond efforts.

Those selected have displayed extraordinary skills and/or a high-level of potential. We congratulate all nominees and those selected as the nationally elite and "best of the best" on their outstanding achievements.

Unfortunately, we couldn't add everyone to our list that was nominated or referred for ranking. We hope those will use this as motivation to continue trying and join this group during the next ranking panel.

According to several reports, over 75,000 per year group play competitive softball. To simply be nominated is an honor in itself. To have laudatory and praiseworthy information available for review indicates a high level of value placed upon you by those who care. Again, congratulations to all who were honored as the best of the 2028 Class for the 2022 Calendar Year.

Board/Panel Notes: Only players who had a package submitted or had material provided by a travel ball coach (opposing or own coach) via direct communications with L&LS were eligible for our rankings. Lack of quality video/profile-social media link is the biggest limiting factor for a nominee's score not being higher. The L&LS Chief of Evaluations may conduct a review of the unranked players who have tagged us in numerous posts, showing quality video along with achievements and supplemental rank those players as ties with other players. If you nominated a player who is not listed and believe they should be, please direct message us via Twitter to discuss.

The 2028 Elite Top 150:

1. PALMER, Jayde; SS/C, TN Mojo 09 - Palmer

2. SEILER, Audrey; P/1B, Frost Falcons 09

3. SHELTON, Annie; P/3B, Beverly Bandits 09 – Mercurio

4. SATETE, Malie; C/UTL, CF Stars 09

5. McCARTNEY; Kate; SS/UTL, Lady Magic – Munoz

6. TEDDER, Rylee; P/3B, Team NC 09 - Bowman

7. CENTERS, Jazzy; 3B/1B, TN Mojo 09 – Palmer

8. CUTHBERT, Kennedy; 3B/1B; Birmingham Thunderbolts 2027 Premier - Alford

9. DASENBROOK, Gianna; OF/UTL; Ohio Thunderbolts 2027 - Williamson

10. SCHLADER, Sophia; P/UTL; Iowa Gold 14U/Beverly Bandits Premier 2010 - Mrozek

11. MULL, Riley; UTL/C, Frost Falcons 09

12. BINGHAM, Sabrina; C/UTL; Hotshots Premier 09

13. HENDERSON; Mori; OF/SS; Atlanta Vipers 09

14. PERRY, Tempe; P/UTL; Texas Bombers Gold 14U - Malpass

15. HOOPES, La'Breah Sands; P/UTL; CF Stars 09

16. WILSON, Eden; P/1B; Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier 2028 - Brashears

17. SIMMONS, Lexi; 3B/1B; Aces Fastpitch 14U National

18. EWING, Tommi; SS/2B; Beverly Bandits 09 - Mercurio

19. CALHOUN, Krimson; SS/OF; TN Mojo 2027 - Pardue

20. GARCIA, Madeline; OF/UTL; Athletics Mercado Tidd Bustamante 09

21. AULT, Aedre; OF/1B; Ohio Outlaws National 09

22. HUMMEL, Olivia; C/OF; Hotshots National 09 – Nelson

23. GOODSON, Tinley; SS/UTL; Hanover Hornets 2027

24. ROBINSON, Leah; P/OF; Fury Premier 2027 - Robinson

25. HARVEY, Willow; SS/UTL; Mojo 2k9 - Fox

26. BROCK, Hayden; C/UTL; Beverly Bandits 09 - Mercurio

27. CURRY, Emilie; 3B/C; Aces Fastpitch 14U National

28. BURTON, Khloe; P/1B; EC Bullets 09 - Lyons

29. McCARTER, Kaleah; P/OF; Kentucky Chrome

30. BUSBY, Alyiah; P/SS; Ultimate 14U Gold

31. CURRIE, Amiyah; UTL/C; Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier 2028

32. WESLEY, Brooklyn; P/1B; AF Premier 2027

33. DEARING, Elle; 1B/P; Impact Gold - Soliz

34. CASTRO, Brooklyn; SS/OF; So Cal Pumas 14U

35. DOWNING, Campbell; 1B/C; Atlanta Vipers - Klein

36. GARRISON, Bailey; C/UTL; CF Stars 09

37. STRUGAR, Sophie; P/2B; Team NC 2010

38. PETRILLO, Gabriella; OF/SS; RI Thunder 14U - Ricci

39. LEDFORD, Blakley; 3B/Slapper, Frost Falcons 09

40. TARNOWSKI, Tara; RHP/1B; Hustle National 2K10

41. HUCKABY, Katie; C/3B; Lady Dukes National - Steele

42. BATROFF, Katelyn; C/OF; Atlanta Vipers 09

43. JACKSON, Parker; P/UTL; Oklahoma Legacy 09

44. BATROFF, Aimee; UTL/OF; Atlanta Vipers 09

45. RUDGE, Addie; C/UTL; Ohio Thunderbolts 2027 - Williamson

46. HUGHES, Ila; P/1B; Beverly Bandits 09 - Mercurio

47. CONRAD, Lila; P/SS; Empire State Huskies Softball

48. MARTIN, Reagan; SS/C; Team NC 2010

49. SMITH, Landyn; Slapper/OF; Team NC 09 – Bowman

50. JONES, Makayla; Beverly Bandits 09 - Mercurio

51. SAENZ, Braelyn; SS/3B; Oklahoma Legacy 09

52. TUCKER, Laney; 1B/P; Team NC 2010

53. GONZALEZ, Delliah; C/UTL; Athletics Mercado Tidd Bustamante 09

54. UHLENHAKE, Bailey; C/SS; Oklahoma Legacy 09

55. GRINDSTAFF, Peyton; C/UTL; Mojo 2k9 - Fox

56. DAVIS, Ashlyn; SS/3B; Hotshots - Savant

57. RISLEY, Gracie; P/UTL; Indiana Dreams 09

58. CAMPBELL, Sasha; OF/UTL; CF Stars 09

59. ROBERTS, Veronica; Indiana Gators - Walter

60. ROASRIO, Liany; 3B/P; Florida Thunderbolts 2027 – Pynes

61. DUNN, Kaylee; SS/P; EC Bullets 09 – Lyons

62. RHODES, Kodi; 3B/1B; Buzz National 09

63. LEE, Kendra; P/SS; Atlanta Vipers – Klein

64. SCOTT, Phoenix; OF/UTL; Team NC 2010

65. McCARTY, Maisey; P/1B; Midwest Firecrackers

66. BRADY, Kayla; Slapper/SS; PA Chaos 13U Gold

67. WOODRUFF, Zoey; SS/2B; Team NC - Hamby/Woodruff

68. GUTIERREZ, Jaiden; P/UTL; Impact Gold - Siegel

69. CORVIN, Mollie; 2B/OF, Frost Falcons 09

70. WHITE, Makenzie; 1B/OF; TN Mojo 2027 - Pardue

71. GATLIN, Presley; P/1B; Beverly Bandits 12U Premier - Jess

72. SMITH, Addylyn; Slapper/UTL; Oklahoma Legacy 09

73. OSUNA, Avril; SS/UTL; Gametime 2009 Premier

74. BORGEN, Macy; 2B/OF; Impact Gold - Kreinus 14U

75. BENZ, Carly; 3B/C; Team NC 2010

75. MITCHELL, Aliyah; P/1B; Gametime 2009 Premier

76. GONZALEZ, Angelina; OF/UTL; Athletics Mercado Tidd Bustamante 09

77. BENSON, Lily; SS/UTL; EC Bullets 09 - Lyons

78. HAZELWOOD, Jordyn; SS/OF; Mojo 2K9 - Fox

79. FINLEY, Bella; C/UTL; Ohio Thunderbolts 2027 - Williamson

80. ABDULLAH, Zoey; Slapper/OF; Athletics Mercado Florida 16U

81. SEVIER, Savannah; OF/2B; Birmingham Thunderbolts 2027 Premier - Alford

82. CLARK, Paelyn; P/UTL; Aces Fastpitch 14U National

83. WEST, Ellie; OF/2B; Hotshots National 09 – Nelson

84. KEEFER, Laine; UTL; Indiana Dreams 09

85. COOK, Kinley; 3B/C; Marucci Patriots Gold 14U - NTX

86. BUFF, Harper; 3B/OF; Team NC - Pritchard

87. MARTINEZ, Eva; C/UTL; Florida Thunderbolts - Pynes

88. CHAVEZ, Sadie; OF/UTL; Athletics Mercado – Nelson

89. STANSBURY, Hillary; P/3B; EC Bullets – Vallery

90. LOWDER, Sammie; SS/OF; Team NC 2010

91. JACKSON, Kennedy; OF/1B; Atlanta Vipers – Klein

92. LYONS, Haley; OF/C; EC Bullets 09 – Lyons

93. PINKLETON, Madison; OF/UTL; Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027 - West

94. WALTERS, KP; P/3B; Impact Gold – Soliz

95. ADAIR, Amsler; OF/P; CF Stars 09

96. CAMPBELL, Madison; C/UTL; Oklahoma Legacy 09

97. BARDEN, Hailey; C/UTL; Hanover Hornets 2027

98. ENNIS, Mia; Slapper/OF; Louisiana Voodoo 14U Gold

99. SCOTT, Keira; 2B/SS; Gametime 2009 Premier

100. BONO, Gia; C/1B; Diamond State Ducks Premier

101. LAYTON, Brielle; C/OF; Lady Dukes National - Steele

102. HENRY, Anna; P/1B; Ohio Thunderbolts 2027 - Williamson

103. PERRY, Tenley; C/1B; Aces Fastpitch 14U National

104. DITTEMORE, Ada; C/UTL; Mojo 2k9 - Fox

105. SMITH, Abigail; UTL/P; Team NC - Pritchard

106. HUMPHRIES, Danica; P/SS; Diamond State Ducks Premier

107. McMULLAN, Miley; P/1B; EC Bullets 2028 - Vallery

108. HUL, Avi; SS/UTL; Empire State Huskies Softball

109. CORDOVA, Yami; SS/OF; Florida Thunderbolts - Pynes

110. FRISBEE, Savannah; P/1B; Team NC - Hamby/Woodruff

111. FLANAGAN, Allie; Iowa Premier Gold 09 National

112. McLAUGHLIN, Abby; SS/CF; Diamond State Ducks Premier

113. SYKES, Paisley; C/UTL; Midwest Firecrackers

114. WARD, Serenity; SS/P; So Cal Choppers - Fausett 12U

115. WOOD, Aaaliyah; SS/2B; Lady Dukes 2k10 - Taylor

116. FREEBORN, Bailey; OF/UTL; So Cal Choppers - Ashley 14U

117. BEAM, Baylor; P/1B; Atlanta Premier - Mitchell 12U

118. SHOEMAKER, Alex; P/OF; Marucci Patriots GC 13U

119. DELSALTO, Kirea; C/UTL; Empire State Huskies Softball

120. LUTZE, Madden; P/UTL; EC Bullets 2028 - Vallery

121. BARNETT, Kayden; C/UTL; TN Fury Platinum - Matte

122. DENSMAN, Kerrigan; UTL/SS; Marucci Patriots GC 13U

123. SEILER, McKenna; P/OF; Newtown Rock National

124. YOUNG, Maria; P/1B; Lake Erie Warhawks 09

125. NAPOLITANO, Francesca; 3B/C; Empire State Huskies 12U – Porcelli

126. METCALF, Avanley; 1B/P; EC Bullets - Vallery

127. ASMER, Emma; SS/2B; Buford Fastpitch 08

128. DORGER, Cayden; P/SS; Marucci Patriots GC 13U

129. FINAZZO, Mika; C/OF; Diamond State Ducks Premier

130. TOWNER, Kylie; OF/UTL; Hanover Hornets 2027

131. HALL, Addisyn; 3B/C; Marucci Patriots GC 13U

132. LANCE, Averi; C/UTL; Indiana Dreams 09

133. PATTEN, Sophia; P/1B; Texas Glory - Iowa

134. WATSON, Taylor; 3B/SS; TN Mojo 2010 - Plunkett

135. SANCHEZ, Viviana; C/3B; SoCal Pumas - Colon 14U

136. STEPHENS, Savannah; 2B/UTL; Extreme Elite Gold 2026

137. FITZGERALD, Claire; SS/UTL: Lady Dukes National - Steele

138. MANN, Merideth; OF/C; Team NC - Pritchard

139. JAGER, Jessica; P/Slapper; Marucci Patriots GC 13U

140. WEST, Jacie; P/3B; Talons 09

141. OZUNA, Valeria; 1B/OF; Gametime 2009 Premier

142. SHELTON, Emma; 1B/OF; Diamond State Ducks Premier

143. PULICE, Camryn; OF/UTL; Lady Dukes National - Steele

144. PASSMORE, OF/UTL; Team NC – Pritchard

145. HEADLEY, Reese; C/UTL; EC Bullets - Vallery

146. CALDWELL, Josie; P/UTL; Lady Dukes

147. REEVES, Jenna; C/UTL; Germantown 09 - James

148. DEFRANCESCO, Annaleigh; P/1B; G1 Fastpitch

149. TINGLER, Morgan; P/3B; Maryland Integrity 09 – Plumely

150. McALLISTER, Kat; OF/UTL; Punishers Gold 09

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