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New Powerhouse Tier 1 Team Created! Georgia Hotshots Premier 2024

The blistering heat in Atlanta, Georgia just became hotter with a new source of fireballers and hot bats. Three Tier 1 coaching staffs performed an impressive feat by combing talent from their teams and bolstering it by bringing in additional elite talent. The result is an elite talent loaded team named Georgia Hotshots Premier 2024. The coaching staff is comprised of proven and respected coaches: Jack Callaway, Paul Neleman, and Dillan Bailey. The team is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

The coaches and most players come from teams with countless high accolades and achievements: Atlanta Vipers - Harris, Atlanta Vipers - Neleman and Birmingham Thunderbolts - Bailey 2024.

The coaching staff has acquired a combined (1) Top 10 Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) Nationals Premier finish, (1) Triple Crown National Championship, (1) USA Elite World Select Championship, (3) PGF State Championships, (3) PGF State Runner-Ups and won or been a finalist in (17) other major tournaments over the last several years as Head Coaches.

The pitching staff is an arsenal of lethal weaponry.

Pitching Staff:

Rank 30 - Lily Miller (2024)

Rank 190 - Camden Anders (2024)

Bella Gaetano (2024)

McCall Davis (2025)

Lily Miller the ace from Bolts - Bailey 2024 and Bella Gaeatano the ace from Atlanta Vipers - Neleman both have experience as workhorse pitchers and have beaten some of the top teams in the country. Camden Anders is the lefty on the staff and throws hard with elite spin. Anders is tall with a huge ceiling. McCall Davis is also an excellent pitcher who pitched well all year including a 6 inning shutout over the Alliance Tier 1 National Champions Tennessee Mojo - Lunsford. All 4 pitchers cruise at over 60 mph with spin rates varying between 20-28 on their pitches. The pitching staff will be a focal point of this new team.

Position Players:

Rank 64 - Naomi Meyer (2024)

Rank 68 - Jessica Chan (2024)

Rank 150 - Avery Callaway (2024)

Rank 195 - Aubrey King (2024)

Bailee Williams (2024)

Gracie Gladding (2024)

Jaime Ketter (2024)

Rank 20 - Annake Meadows (2025)

Rank 30 - Alexis Edmondson (2025)

Rank 100 - Taylor Thomas (2025)

AB McKay (2025)

Top 200 Legacy & Legends Softball players on the roster includes Annake Meadows, Alexis Edmondson, Naomi Meyer, Jessica Chan, Taylor Thomas, Avery Callaway, and Aubrey King. Also, on the roster are power hitters Jaime Ketter, Bailee Williams, and AB McKay, Gracie Gladding who both have 65 mph arm velocity.

This is definitely one of the elite teams to follow and watch. A must for all college coaches to bookmark on their white boards. Their Fall schedule is Scenic City Top 25, Veterans Tribute, and PGF Show Me The Money. They will also attend either a PGF or Alliance qualifier.

More about the players ...

Bella Gaetano

Lily Miller

McCall Davis

Camden Anders

Left to Right: Annake Meadows, Alexis Edmondson, Lily Miller

Left to Right: Jessica Chan, Jaime Ketter, Bella Gaetano

Avery Callaway

Legacy & Legends Softball Evaluation and Scouting Report by Coach Al:

The coaching staff must have used some sort of sorcery to put this "dream team" together. This is currently one of the most loaded pitching rotations of all 2024 year group teams. All spin the H*** out of the ball. Miller and Gaetano are both proven pitchers and are well-known and respected in the Southeast Region. Miller throws a ton of strikeouts with a filthy deadly rise. Gaetano has continued to garner D1 Power 5 interest. The McCall kid deserves much more attention as every single time she played a top team she shut them down. Very under the radar since the team she was coming from is lesser known. A very intentional and intense pitcher. Anders is raw however her ceiling is absolutely high. She has a great frame to build upon and throws hard. With mechanical adjustments made, she'll be mid 60's instead of low 60's. Real long athlete with a great D1 type of frame. Very high ceiling and may be the biggest sleeper of the 2024 pitching class.

This team will make a lot of noise and win a lot of hardware if the pitching staff stays together and healthy going into the Spring of 2023. The batting lineup is equally as impressive with a lethal bat from top to bottom where the coaches went with a UCLA philosophy of stacking stud 4 & 5 Tool athletes to create speedy base path chaos and produce runs with long ball and small ball skilled players.

This Fall will be a great indicator of what is to come in 2023 for the major national championship tournaments.

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