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Player Spotlight: Emmersen "Emme" Steward (2025); Third Base/Power Hitter

Texas Glory Organization:

Name & Grad Year: Emmersen Steward (2025)

Nickname: Emme

Hometown: Danvers, IL

High School: University High School (IL)

Travel Team: 07 Texas Glory IL Red

Coaches: Brian Steward, Tom Cihla, and Josh Knowles

Positions: Third Base

Height: 5’5"

Bats/Throw: R/R

GPA: 3.5

Twitter: @EmmeSteward

Who are you? I am Emme Steward and softball has always been apart of me. Since the time I was little I knew that softball was what I wanted to do. My goals are to play to the best of my ability and to challenge myself the best I can while being a good teammate through it all. College softball has always been something I wanted to be apart of so I have worked hard to get to where I am today to hopefully accomplish my dreams and goals in the future.

How did you start playing softball? I started playing softball from watching my sister play and developing a love for the game. I have always looked up to my sister and have watched the things she had to go in though with her softball experience so I’ve learned that if you want it bad enough you have to earn it. I’ve never let anyone outwork me and I don’t take things for granted.

Why do you play softball? I play softball because it brings me comfort and joy. When I step on the softball field all my worries wash away because since I was little it was something I could use to get away from everything. Without softball I would be a totally different person.

You’re considered an elite prospect for your year group. Please tell us why. I’m an elite prospect for my year because I’m a power hitter who can hit to all fields with above average power, and at Third Base I have instincts that help me play that game at a fast pace without having to worry or think about it.

What more do we need to know about your hitting? Offensive stats and accomplishments? This year my batting average for the year is .423 with a 1.411 OPS with a .846 slugging percentage. I hit 7 home runs this fall and winter, with 39 RBI’s. I also have a great eye at the plate with 14 walks and I only swing at pitches I know I can do damage with. I do not expand the zone with pitches I know I can’t do damage with.

“Emme always displays a high level of softball IQ when up to bat or on the field, and always wants to be the one up in the situation when it counts.”

-- Head Coach Brian Steward, 07 Texas Glory IL Red

What do you do mentally before approaching the batters box? I tell myself that nothing else matters in the moment and to get a pitch I can drive and to do what I’m supposed to do as a hitter. I think about that I can do it even if I think I can’t, I believe that I can help my teammates in that moment, even if I’m not feeling it that day.

Emme going yard

What is your greatest strength? My greatest strength would be my power. Opposing coaches this fall and winter have said that they will not pitch to me and not give me any pitches to hit, because they know with one swing of the bat I can change the game.

“Emme is a hard working, give everything she has player with a can do attitude. She is always cheerful, wears a bright smile and is there for her teammates. Emme steps onto the field with confidence and uses her quick reflexes and strong arm to make triumphant plays in one of the most challenging positions on the field. When she steps into the box look out, her quick hands and dominating power with a bat will put fear into the opposing team. Emme is a fun, outgoing, talented young lady with a bright future ahead of her in the game of softball.”

-- Coach Tom Cihla, 07 Texas Glory IL Red

Why should coaches recruit you? Coaches should recruit me because I’m a coachable kid who likes to learn the game on all levels and I can help make a team better because of my batting and fielding knowledge. I can change the game when I’m up to bat and in the field I can slow down short game because of my instincts and fielding at the corner. I also am a teammate who is always rooting for everyone else to be the best they can be. It’s about us not about me.

How would your teammates describe you? My teammates would describe me as supportive, a fierce competitor, I always have their backs, and I’m goofy.

07 Texas Glory IL Red - USSSA Sweetheart Jam Champions

What are your softball goals and dreams? My dreams and goals are to play college softball at the highest level and to make myself the best I can be and work hard to the best of my ability.

What are you doing to achieve your dreams? I go to strength and conditioning 4 times a week, I hit 3-4 times a week, I am constantly working to make myself better.

Who is your greatest influence or role model and why? My greatest influence would be my sister because with her softball experience she had many tough times that she let bother her. I’ve learned from what she’s gone through to not let things bother me, and to just be me. My sister taught me that hard work and determination helps you reach your goals. She’s taught me that even if some people don’t believe in you, you have to believe in yourself.

Emme and her sister Addie who plays college softball at Monmouth College

If you could spend a day with any softball player or coach (past or present) who would it be and why? I would want to spend a day with Jessie Warren because she always has worked hard to get better and to reach her goals. She has shown me that if you try hard enough your goals and dreams are closer to you than they seem.

Describe your ideal softball team and your views about drama and toxicity. My ideal softball team is the team that I have now, my teammates all work hard on the field and strive to be the best they can be. All of us work for each other and not only for ourselves. We have each other’s back on the field and outside the field. My views on drama and toxicity is that with drama it’s like your in a unstable environment and it’s not healthy for you because you get stuck in it. Drama is not something that I like to deal with, if I can avoid it I usually do, but if it affects one of my teammates then I will step in to help them out.

07 Texas Glory IL Red - USSSA Sweetheart Jam Champions, with the flex

Greatest softball memory? My greatest softball memory is whenever I hit the walk off hit in 8th grade, the game to get us into Regionals. This was my favorite because it was a moment that I realized that my hard work was paying off.

Who would you like to recognize and/or thank for your amazing softball success? I would like to thank my family for always being there for me in the hardest of times and always pushing me to work harder and to not give up. They are the reason I am here today they keep my thriving in not just softball but life. So thank you guys and I love you.

Please tell us about your family. My family is one of a kind. My mother is an identical twin so I spend a lot of time with my aunt and my cousins because we are very close. My mom's name is Raz and my dad's name is Brian. I have a sister named Addie who plays college softball at Monmouth College. I have two dogs, Minnie and Auggie. My family is very supportive and loving with everything that I do.

Emme's family: Parents, sister, aunt, and cousins

Additional Information About Emme:

Favorite Movie: Thor Ragnorok

Favorite Singer/Band: Adele/ Carrie Underwood

Walk up Song: Immigrant by: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series

Favorite TV Show: New Girl

Favorite Sports Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite Pro Athlete: Jessie Warren

Interesting Fact About You: I was born on Friday the 13th

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