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Stellar 2028 Danica Humphries; RHP/SS; 63 mph FB, Speedy All-American & S30; National Champion

By Andrew Jacob

Name: Danica Humphries

Nickname: Dani

Hometown: Greenwood, Delaware

Grad Year: 2028

GPA: 4.0

Travel Team: Diamond State Ducks 13u Premier

School: Greenwood Mennonite School

Positions: Pitcher, Short Stop

Height: 5’ 2’’

Bat/Throw: Right/Right

Pitching Arsenal with Speeds:

Fastball: PR: 63mph. AVG: 60-61 mph.

Screwball: 56mph

Curve: 56mph

Rise: 53mph

Drop: 56mph

Change: 43mph

Overhand Velocity: 65mph

Exit Velocity Off tee: 67mph

Home To First: 2.8 from a sprinter position, 2.9 from batting position from right side

Intended Study Major: Exercise Science or Veterinarian

Twitter: @DanicaH2028

How Did Your Softball Journey Begin?

I started with Little League and enjoyed it. I was invited to a travel ball tryout and had a lot of fun so I kept playing. I started to fall in love with the process of bettering myself for my team and me.

USA Softball posted this photo at the HPP tryout in Texas

What are your greatest strengths as a softball player?

I am versatile. I am good at other areas of the game besides pitching, like fielding and hitting. I can hit for power, but my speed allows me to beat out infield hits as well. On the mound I don’t get rattled easily, I enjoy the pressure situations.

“I’ve never seen a kid that dominates in every aspect of the game like Danica Humphries. 60+ mph fastball in the circle, sub three second home to first, hits .450+ against the very best PGF pitching, and holds down shortstop with soft hands and 65+ over hand velocity. Danica’s presence is felt when she steps on the field. Her quiet confidence radiates from her. Outside the lines she’s always smiling, always positive, a favorite teammate of all, and has the heart of a warrior. God truly blessed this young lady with amazing athletic ability, and she hasn’t taken a day of it for granted. No one will ever out work her. It’s an honor to be her coach.”

--- Head Coach Tim Uber,

Diamond State Ducks 13u Premier

What kind of hitter are you, and what are your most recent offensive stats?

I am a contact hitter with power. In The fall I had 50 plate appearances, BA: .465. OBP: .540. OPS: 1.168. SLG: .628. RBI: 16. Runs scored: 21. Walks: 7. SO: 4.

Danica after winning the USSSA Winter World Series

Describe your leadership style and what characteristics do you find in outstanding leaders?

I lead by example, and I work hard for my team. I cheer my teammates on. I think outstanding leaders work well with others and are dedicated to their team.

Danica with a pitching speed personal record (PR)

How do you balance your life and manage your time so effectively?

School is not too hard for me so I don't have homework often, but I have lessons or practice almost every day. Sometimes I have to miss activities for softball.

S30 picture in Florida last month

Describe your gameday mental preparation and your thought process and mindset in the circle and/or the battersbox?

During warm-ups I focus on my mechanics and doing them right, but when I step into the circle, or into the batter's box, I try not to overthink anything, I just go hard.

Danica pitching in the Hall of Fame Stadium at the USA All American game

What is your favorite sports memory and greatest achievement?

My favorite sports memory was being selected for the 12u USA All American Games in Oklahoma City as an 11u player. Looking forward to hopefully making the team again this year. My greatest achievement was being MVP for Eastern Nationals in 10u.

Danica and her sisters after winning the Eastern National Championship.

Danica was awarded Tournament MVP.

How do you handle adversity and even failure?

Whenever I find myself in a tough situation, I try to focus on what I have to do and do it to the best of my ability. When I fail, I try to acknowledge what I did wrong, and learn from it because it is a game of failure.

How would your teammates and friends describe you?

I think my teammates would describe me as competitive but also someone who likes to have fun both on and off the field.

Danica and her friend Kaylan (Liberty University commit) after winning States last year

Who is your role model and/or idol and why?

My dad because he is hard working and believes in me, he pushes me to be my best and inspires me to keep going even when things get tough.

Danica in Mesquite, TX for the HPP USA Softball event

If you could spend the day with any softball player, former or current, who would it be and why?

Jayda Coleman because of her energy and the way she plays is super motivating.

What is your softball dream/goal?

To be a pitcher at Alabama, but I would also like to attend a Christian college.

Describe your perfect softball team?

A hard working team that builds each other up, teams that have fun while striving to win. I also would like to always be on a national team.

Danica's team winning the USA Winter World Series Championship

When deciding on what college team to play for, what are the most important things you are looking for?

My number one priority when looking for a college is that it is Christian, and preferably warm weather so we can practice outside year round.

Danica and her All American coaches in Oklahoma City, OK (OKC)

What gets you hyped and ready before a game?

Goldfish and pump up music. When tournaments first start it is also super motivating to see what progress I have made, and show out with my team.

Danica and her friend after winning a tournament

What is your favorite jersey number and why did you choose it?

Number 20 because it was my dad’s basketball number in high school.

What other hobbies do you have to balance out softball and your personal life?

I play basketball and volleyball for my school. I also really enjoy drawing when I can find the time to do it.

Danica's All American team in OKC

Who would you like to thank for your softball achievements and support?

I am thankful to God for the opportunities he gives me and the chance to play softball. I am also thankful to my coach, Tim Uber, for believing in me and the support since I was little.

Danica and her family after Delaware State Championship

Additional Information About Danica

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite song: I Ain’t Worried By: OneRepublic

Favorite Music Artist: Cole Swindell

Favorite Sports Team: The Washington Commanders

Favorite Sports Celebrity: Jayda Coleman

Favorite Movie: Top Gun Maverick

Favorite Sports Movie: Remember The Titans

Favorite TV show: Lab Rats

Favorite Book: The Way Of The Warrior Kid series by Jocko Willink

Favorite Travel Spot: Nashville, Tennessee

Favorite Quote: “Don't tell people your plans, show them your results.”

Legacy & Legends Softball, Andrew Jacob, February 27, 2003

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