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Team Spotlight: Louisiana Bombers 07 - Wilmore

Bombers Fastpitch Organization:

Louisiana (LA) Bombers 07 - Wilmore is part of the Bombers Fastpitch Organization. The team is based out of north Louisiana but has athletes from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. This team is something special and the definition of a complete team. The LA Bombers have 4 studs in the circle, 2 dominant Catchers behind the plate, and outstanding gloves behind

them. They completed the Fall season with a record of 14-3-2 playing at the most competitive tournaments in the south such as Power Pool at Triple Crown Ronald McDonald, Thunderbolts

5-Star Fall Exposure, and Mississippi Bombers Southeast Invite. The LA Bombers are gearing up for a great Summer attending national events and showcases in Texas, Alabama, Colorado, and Louisiana. The future is bright for this very talented team.

Jordyn Manning is Head Coach and she focuses on hitting and the defense aspect that teaches the fundamentals of defense and hitting. Manning has always played at a very competitive level and gained her club experience with the Birmingham Thunderbolts. Manning also has experience at the D1 level which provides her with the ability to teach kids to have a high softball IQ. Manning is an exceptional coach and builds relationships with her players that shows on and off the field.

Head Coach Jordyn Manning

Lauren Menzina is the Assistant Coach and Pitching Coach that not only can teach mechanics but also can teach the Pitchers about the mental game. Menzina has played ball at a competitive level since a young age with top level teams such as Texas Bombers. Menzina also has experience being a D1 Pitcher which allows her to teach the Pitchers how to have a "Circle Presence" and how to dominate other teams.

Assistant Coach Lauren Menzina

Thomas Wilmore is the Manager and Recruiting Coordinator of this team. This team was created in 2016. It began as the Louisiana Rippers 07 and transitioned to the Louisiana Bombers 07 - Wilmore in 2019. Wilmore was the Head Coach from 2016 - 2019 and then moved to the Manager role. His goal is to give each athlete on his team the ability to play at a competitive level and be given the opportunity to be recruited for the collegiate level. Wilmore believes that he’s chosen the best coaches that can make these goals a reality. As a manager for the team, he assists the coaches in scheduling as well as the logistics of the team.

Thomas Wilmore, Manager and Recruiting Coordinator

Brynlee McKoin is a "spinny" Right Handed Pitcher with the ability to locate very well and command the strike zone. McKoin is not scared to move the ball through all quadrants of the zone. She also has the ability to hit for power and average.

Brynlee McKoin - 2026

Carson Smith provides us with a dominant defensive skill set playing Middle Infield, Third Base, and Outfield. Smith is very quick on her feet and has a hose of an arm. Smith also provides a consistent bat for the top of our line up hitting for power and average.

Carson Smith - 2025

Alexis Kemp can dominate in the circle and also at the plate. Kemp is the hardest thrower on staff averaging 60 MPH along with being able to move the ball through the strike zone. Kemp

can also hit bombs while still hitting for a high average.

Alexis Kemp - 2025

Caroline Woodward is our "spinny" Lefty Pitcher that can throw with outstanding spin and control. Woodward is also a top First Baseman in the country with her ability to knock down balls and also scoop balls out of the dirt. Another pitcher who can hit bombs while still keeping a high average.

Caroline Woodward - 2025

Taylor Caton is a dominant right handed pitcher who can also play outstanding defense. Caton provides us with a true Utility being able to shut people down in the circle and also can make outstanding defensive plays all over the infield. Caton is a strong hitter that knows how to find a way to get on base.

Taylor Caton - 2025 Allison Wilmore is a speedy Outfielder that is not scared to go after balls. Wilmore provides us with speed in the outfield while also having a cannon of an arm. Wilmore also can hit for

power while also being able to use her speed to find ways on base.

Allison Wilmore - 2026 Chloe Jenkins is a Utility player that can dominate behind the plate and in the infield. Behind the plate, Jenkins is one of the best at framing pitches and also blocking pitches in the dirt. Jenkins knows how to be a leader behind the plate and also in the infield. Jenkins provides a powerful bat that can hit for average.

Chloe Jenkins - 2025

Haley Danielson also provides us with a dominant defensive skill set playing the Corners. Danielson is a very athletic Corner with an outstanding glove and arm. Danielson can hit the ball deep and can hit for a high average.

Haley Danielson - 2025

Sasha Falls is a speedy Utility player that can cover ground in the outfield and can also play Middle Infield. Falls speed in the outfield allows her to go get balls deep in holes or balls hit in front of her. Falls can hit for power and also can use her speed to find ways on base.

Sasha Falls - 2025

Karleigh Robinson is a speedy Outfielder who loves to track down balls. Robinson provides us with a dominant Outfielder who can also throw people out who try to steal a bag on her.

Robinson is a Slapper who is a triple threat when she is up to bat.

Karleigh Robinson - 2026 Peyton Travis is a dominant Catcher who absolutely loves being behind the plate and taking care of her pitchers. Travis is a high level framer, blocker, and has a cannon of an arm. Travis

provides power at the plate and can take the ball yard anytime.

Peyton Travis - 2025

Contact Information: Thomas Wilmore - Manager/Recruiting Coordinator


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