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Team Spotlight: Ontario Elite 2024/2025 (Ontario, Canada)

Team Ontario Elite 2024/2025 is the brainchild of Head Coach Todd Martin and Associate Coach Chris Jones. The two created a program - where none existed previously- geared towards selected elite athletes based in Ontario, Canada which would provide exposure opportunities in the United States by competing in NCAA showcase events.

The team’s schedule is Fall-Spring, with athletes returning full-time to their club teams upon completion. In the inaugural 2021-2022 season the team competed at the D9 Sun Classic Showcase in Orlando, the Champions Elite Showcase in Woodstock GA, and most recently the PGF March Madness event also in Woodstock; finishing with an overall record of 16-7-1. The team's 5-2 record at March Madness was a source of pride: due to previous stringent COVID protocols the team was not able to train for the better part of 2 months in preparation, and hadn't played or practiced outdoors since November. These same restrictions also cost the team a highly anticipated showcase event which was scheduled for January in Arizona.

Todd Martin had an illustrious softball career competing for 15 years in the International Softball Congress (ISC) resulting in 6 World Championships, is a member of the Hall Of Fame, and ranks 6th all-time in World Tournament wins - a list topped by current Texas Coach Mike White. Todd was a member of the Canadian National Team (1998-2009) winning a Pan Am Games gold medal, and also competed in the ASA resulting in 4 championships. Todd has been a pitching instructor for 20+ years - highlighted by Syracuse phenom Jenna Caira- helping guide many to NCAA scholarships.

Head Coach Todd Martin

Chris Jones has over thirty years of softball experience as both a player and a coach and has been part of the Canadian National Team Program for 5 years as a coach, highlighted by winning bronze at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. A long-time National Team player (1993-2004) Chris helped the team win gold at the Pan Am Games in 1995 and 1999.

Associate Coach Chris Jones

Jenna Caira is a contributor to the Team Ontario Elite program as a pitching instructor and evaluator. A 12-year member of the Canadian National Team, Jenna was a captain of the group who won bronze at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Jenna was a standout pitcher for four seasons at Syracuse University, finishing her collegiate career with the Orange as the all-time leader in numerous categories, and was the first player in Big East conference history to amass 1,000 career strikeouts. Jenna has been a pitching coach for many years, is a highly sought after speaker, and true ambassador of the game.

Coach Jenna Caira

The prerequisite for any program looking to succeed is elite pitching, and the team is certainly no slouch in that department. Thanks to the superior coaching provided by Coach Todd and Coach Jenna, the staff is blessed with 5 aces; between them there are numerous US and Canada tournament wins, provincial championships, and Canadian nationals championship medals.

Jenna Martin is the daughter of Coach Todd, and is picking things up right where Dad left off. "2-9" is renowned for her 4 elite pitches, velocity, spin, control, and crippling changeup. Jenna is a middle of the order hitter with massive power and exit velocity, and plays the outfield as well as her full-time teammates thanks in part to her rocket arm.

Jenna Martin - 2024

Chloe Hocquard is the staff velocity leader featuring a 63 mph drop, and her rise and curve are also elite. Chloe plays both IF and OF positions, also possesses a cannon arm, and showed her prowess with the bat with a clutch bases-clearing triple at March Madness.

Chloe Hocquard - 2024

Grace Churchill is the staff lefty featuring a devastating curve, a rise which is equally deadly, and an impressive changeup. "Leftside" produces outstanding spin and control - rarely walking batters - with a high K rate.

Grace Churchill - 2024

Alexa Aquanno is another fireballer with her drop topping out at 61 mph, and has an incredible rise to go along with it. Alexa also features 4 upper-tier pitches with a nasty curve and change up. Hitting is another area of strength both figuratively and literally; "Lex" can be counted to rattle fences on a regular basis.

Alexa "Lex" Aquanno - 2024

Jana Want is the most unique member of the staff as she is a full-time positional player. When she isn't toeing the rubber and blowing away batters, she plays exceptional middle infield and is an elite middle of the order hitter with an exit velocity of 72mph- jaw-dropping power. Jana is the team's only member currently on a full-time US-based roster (So Cal Athletics) and is a member of the Greek Junior National team.

Jana Want - 2024

Ontario Elite is also extremely blessed in the catching department. The team has 3-2024 receivers and 2-2025s; all 5 are their respective club team’s number one catcher and represent the cream of the crop in those age groups in Ontario.

2024: Ella Lalewicz is an elite receiver, framer, and blocker, also featuring the required cannon arm. (1.95 pop time) Ella is extremely strong, which enables her to barrel pitch after pitch while using her very keen eye at the plate.

Ella Lalewicz - 2024

Sloane Fortin casts a very long shadow at 6'0"; she has a 1.91 pop time with deadly accuracy, and is a fixture in the middle of any batting order - She was recently labeled as a "professional hitter" by Coach Jones. Sloane is a 2-sport athlete also competing in top-tier volleyball where she is a standout middle.

Sloane Fortin - 2024

Alexia Verches is another phenom who brings technical excellence to all facets of the catching skillset. An extremely dedicated and focused athlete, “Lexi” is also feared with a bat in her hand, evidenced by the out of the park home run she hit at the Elite tryouts, putting everyone on notice. Alexia is also a 2-sport athlete who plays rep basketball.

Alexia "Lexi" Verches - 2024

2025: Chantal Carrière defines the total package: next-level receiving, blocking, framing, and a pop time of 1.82. Most recently at March madness 2 runners tried to steal on her, and both now wish they hadn’t. Chantal is a middle of the order power hitter with an exceptional eye and great patience.

Chantal Carrière - 2025

Sierra Roy has an extremely bright future as a top-tier catcher; she possesses all the necessary tools and skillset, also having a 1.81 pop time. Sierra had the team’s 1st game-breaking highlight moment hitting an over the fence bomb at the Champions Elite Showcase. As with Chantal, baserunners have discovered stealing isn’t a wise decision when Sierra is back there.

Sierra Roy - 2025

Our infield is a source of great strength thanks to the National Team level instruction being provided by Coach Jones.

Jayden Bennett is one of the team’s pair at 1st, and made a number of highlight-reel defensive plays in 2021-2022. A physical specimen standing 6’0”, Jayden has enormous power and exceptional exit speed; if a pitcher puts something in 32’s wheelhouse, they aren’t caught. She also moves extremely well, with a 2.93 second 20m dash to her name.

Jayden Bennett - 2024

Alex Eliopoulos provides exceptional defense, regularly picking throws out of the dirt with ease. Alex has a textbook defensive skillset with quick feet and hands, along with accurate throws. Alex can also offer defensive reliability at 2nd, and 3rd. She is a middle of the order hitter who hits ropes to the outfield regularly.

Alex Eliopoulos - 2024

Danielle Fenlong may be the sole full-time second baseman on the roster, but when “Danni” is doing Danni things, there’s no need for anyone else to step in. As arguably the most complete hitter on the team, Danni is the one who comes through time and time again, and is someone her teammates rely on to snap any temporary hitting slumps the team may be going through in a given game. No matter what type of pitcher she is facing the result is typically the same: a frozen rope to the outfield. Danni is also a very reliable at second with good instincts and technical ability.

Danielle "Danni" Fenlong - 2024

Jacqueline Vona is 1 of 2 playing third, and putting on a master class defensively is her calling card. “Jax” is as reliable as they come, snuffing out bunt after bunt, and making difficult plays look routine. She is a top of the order bat with a very keen eye and hits line drives to the outfield on a regular basis - rarely striking out.

Jacqueline "Jax" Vona - 2024

Robyn Wood is an imposing figure at 3rd standing 5’8” with a hose of an arm who takes care of anything hit her way with ease. Robyn is a middle of the order bat with a ton of power and is an extremely tough out. When she’s not stationed at 3rd she patrols the outfield as well as any of the team’s regulars.

Robyn Wood - 2024

Jorja Sandilands is 1 of 3 shortstops the team can deploy and is extremely steady defensively, constantly making tough plays look routine. She is also an extremely tough out with a great eye and instincts; when she gets the pitch she’s waiting for it’s going a long, long way. Jorja is also a plus/plus outfielder who was a highly decorated baseball player before switching to softball full-time.

Jorja Sandilands - 2024

Gurdit Kaur Sra is as about as reliable as it gets at shortstop, making tough plays look easy, and making the routine plays every single time. Gurdit possesses next-level softball IQ, always knowing where to be and anticipating plays before they happen. Her quick feet and hands and pinpoint throws allow her to eliminate runners well before arrival at a given base, and is a line-drive type hitter with extremely fast hands and plenty of power.

Gurdit Kaur Sra - 2024

Outfield is an area with little numbers in terms of full-time starters, but the team rolls out the same pair out there every inning of every game with good reason.

Lily Mulder is the prototypical center fielder: blazing speed, rocket arm, effortlessly floats to the ball, and has very good instincts. As our leadoff hitter when the opposing team allows her to get to 1st, she’s typically standing on third following the next 2 pitches thanks a level of speed rarely seen on a diamond - she is also an all-provincial sprinter. Lily also has gap-type power at the plate and is developing as a switch hitter.

Lily Mulder - 2024

What Lily brings to center, Adele Oliver also provides in right and then some. Highlighted by one of the best arms of the team, Adele regularly eliminates extra bases, cuts down runners at home, and can wipe out runners at 1st- shocking everyone, except her teammates. Adele suffered a serious injury our 1st tournament- where she was our leading hitter; after months of recovery and rehab, she came back to finish 3rd on the team in batting average (.375) in March Madness, also leading the team in hits.

Adele Oliver - 2024

Team Ontario Elite Head Coach Todd Martin


Phone: 1-416-624-9411

Assistant Coaches: Chris Jones, Jenna Caira

Graduation Classes: 2024/2025

Twitter: @OntarioElite06 Instagram: @ontarioelite06

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