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UNCOMMITTED 2024 All-American Saskia Raab; OF/C/UTL; Lefty Power Hitter/Slapper w/Speed

All-American Sports Academy (AASA) - Nelson/Mortimer:

Name: Saskia Raab

Nickname: Sauce, Saucey, or Hot Sauce

Hometown: Livermore, California

Grad year: 2024

GPA: 3.74

Travel Team: AASA - Nelson/Mortimer

Positions: OF/C

Height: 5’8”

Bat/Throw: Bat L / Hit R

Overhand Velocity: 64 mph

Exit Velocity off tee: 73 mph

Home to First: 2.9 seconds

Intended Study Major: Communications


Twitter @SaskiaRaab2024

Instagram: SaskiaRaab2024

SportsRecruits Saskia Raab

Who is Saskia?:

I like all sports, but I Love Softball. I am a good friend and bubbly happy person. I smile a lot. I am fiercely competitive and love to keep busy. That said I always try to find one afternoon a week to shut down and reboot with my cats and a movie. My love of multiple sports helps me to diversify my workouts. Bike riding, weightlifting daily, water polo, and running are some of the ways I train outside of Softball practices, speed and agility, and hitting.

My softball journey started as a kid who wanted to play every sport, but I love softball because of the anticipation of the play unfolding! I started as a catcher. When I was 13 we had 3 great catchers and my team needed strength in the OF, so my coach moved me to CF because I had a strong arm from all the throw downs and I read the ball really well.

Greatest strengths as a player and what kind of hitter: I am a fast lefty and a gap to gap double hitter. I primarily hit for power, and bunt or slap when the situation/defense calls for it. I am a starting OF on both my travel ball and high school team. I Love an at bat that requires skill and uses my tools. It’s so much more exciting when getting a hit off of a great pitcher. I am going to come up to bat with a big smile for the pitcher, hoping she’ll give me her best!

My most recent offensive stats are…

Fall - .421 BA, .500 OBP, 1.053 OPS

Summer - .458 BA, .563 OBP, 1.105 OPS

Spring HS - .446 BA, .480 OBP, 1.197 OPS

Leadership role: I like being the loud one on the field! I make an effort to get my coaches and teammates fired up when they hear me cheer! I lift up my teammates, reminding them everyone has their ups and downs, making sure they know that softball is a game of failure and if you don’t fail sometimes then you’re not at the right level for yourself.

"Saskia is a lefty specialist who hits for power, but can also bunt and slap. Her demeanor in the box is very intimidating as her smilish grin is a representation of her competitive side. She definitely keeps the defense guessing and utilizes her tools to take advantage of what the defense is offering. Her speed puts pressure on the defense, and also gives her a ton of range in the grass. She is very vocal on the field and has good reads off the bat that allow her to commit to the ball early. She is a hard worker, super athletic, independently driven, and a team player!"

--- Coach Shannon Mortimer

Balancing and managing Life: I have a set schedule every school night. I balance out lessons, individual training, school, homework, and down time. I stay committed to the schedule all week only diverging from the schedule a little on the weekend and sometimes for social events with friends or team events at tournaments.

Describe your gameday mental preparation and your thought process and mindset in the batters box. My mental preparation before games is listening to my hype songs on the way to tournaments. Songs get me pumped for my games. While listening to music I imagine myself making plays on the field and making line drives to the fence. I also use visualization while in the hole. I visualize the hitting situation I could be in soon and the different pitches I may face. When I finally get to step in the box I have a plan and let my mind relax and my body take over. I have trained my body with 1000s of reps it know what to do.

"Sauce always wants the best for the team. She is always hyping our team up and doing what she can to win the game or the inning. At the plate she always has confidence and constantly finds a way to get on for the team. On defense, she is always talking, making plays for her pitcher, and making sure our teammates know she has their back. Sauce always brings the energy and keeps the game fun and energetic."

--- Lauren Melton, Teammate

What is your favorite sports memory and greatest achievement? My favorite softball memory is hitting a 3 run home run in the Livermore Stampede, a prestigious tournament featuring some of the best teams in California like Archbishop Mitty and St. Francis. My HR was against Heritage another powerhouse school. The significance of this hit was huge because though I was hitting doubles to the fence this HR had been my first home run in a while. The HR give us a good lead and got us to the championship bracket. We ended up winning the entire tournament and I was named to the All-Tournament Team for my leadership role throughout the tournament.

Storming the field after the clinching 3-Run Homerun

I am also proud of Being named an "All American", 1st Team EBAL, and "Offensive Player of the Year" by Granada HS.

Granada HS wins the Livermore Stampede

How do you handle adversity and even failure? I handle adversity and failure the same way I handle my approach in the box. I remind myself I’m here on this field for the same reason as my teammates and opponents… because I am a great player. I also lean on my teammates for help. Whenever I fail I like to go to a coach or teammate to ask what happened from a different perspective. If I could have gotten that ball or if my throw could have been better sort of thing. A good critic is so much better than a placating complement.

How would your teammates and friends describe you? My friends and teammates would call me dedicated, team player, happy, energetic, and loud.

AASA - Nelson/Mortimer

Saskia chilling with friends

"Saskia is a very skilled player and makes such a difference to the team with her abilities and personality. I know she will always come through in tight situations and finds a way to get things done. She adds fun to our team dynamic and it’s a great time playing alongside her. I love our friendship we have on and off the field."

--- Apollonia Maldanado, Teammate

Who is your role-model and or idol and why? Bubba Nichols - She is a big hitter, an outfielder, and kind. I got to meet her. Her travel team was All American Sports Academy like me. I aim to be like her and be true to myself.

If you could spend a day with any softball player, former or current, who would it be and why? Jenny Finch - I would want to spend the day learning from her and then take BP with her.

What is your softball dream/goal? To have a successful college career at a good school and a great softball team. I want to compete at the highest level.

Describe your perfect softball team. My current team is a great match to my personality. They are serious players and we still have fun together. My coaches and teammates inspire me to grow and get better every day. We hold each other accountable and support each other. There are some outstanding players on our team.

AASA - Nelson/Mortimer

When deciding on what college team to play for what are the most important things you’re looking for? Team chemistry. Teammates that want to win as much as I do, dedication, work ethic, willingness to put in all the time it takes to be great, coaching staff, competitive year after year, conference, and academics.

"Saskia is a hard worker and team player who will put herself on the line to do what's best for the team. She is also one of the funniest teammates I have ever had. She is a great hype man too. I can always count on Sauce to give me a helpful and thoughtful pick me up."

--- Gigi Ortega, Teammate

What gets you hyped or ready before a game? Music and team chant

PGF Premier berth!

What is your favorite jersey number and why did you choose it? I chose #63 as my official # for my softball career. 63 was the first number I got when I started playing softball at the highest level. It reminds me of how far I have come.

What other hobbies do you have to balance out softball and your personal life? My hobbies are water polo for my high school. It's a great cardio workout and a fun change from softball. I also take a weightlifting class with cross training and cardio 5 days a week all school year long. I am on the leader board for a few lifts.

Who would you like to thank for your softball achievements and support? The clear choice for this is my parents. My dad has worked so hard for me to be able to travel to the places I go with my team and he supports me at games. My mom has been the one by my side throughout this amazing ride taking me everywhere, waking up early, and driving me hours to go to camps and games. I can't express with just words how thankful I am. Then I would thank the coaches that have made me grow as a player, Coaches Chrissy and James Booe, Coach George G., and especially my AASA Coaches Shannon, Debbie, Jose, and Julian.

Team Dinner with coaches

Additional Information About Saskia

Walk up Song: Too Much Sauce!

Favorite Food: Anything Hawaiian (If I really had to choose Lumpia)

Favorite Song: Heat Waves

Favorite Music Artist: Selena Gomez

Favorite Sports Team: A's, Giants, and Niners!!

Favorite Sports Celebrity: Joe Montana

Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect

Favorite Sports Movie: Major League

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Favorite Book: Mind Gym

Favorite Travel Spot: South Lake Tahoe

Favorite Quote: “I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Legacy & Legends Softball, Andrew Jacob, February 9, 2023

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