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Uncommitted 2024 Top 100 RHP Jordyn Stuessy; 5'8"; Impressive Spinner with 60+ mph

Strykers National Esparza:

Name: Jordyn Stuessy

Nickname: “Stues”

Hometown: Moore, Oklahoma but moved all over since age 2. States include NC, NV, LA, CA, TX

High School: Davenport High School, San Antonio, TX

Travel Team: Strykers National Esparza

Travel Ball Coach: Charlie Esparza

Positions: Pitcher/First Base on Travel & Pitcher/Utility on High School

Pitches & Speeds: Screw 60; Curve 58; Rise 59; Changeup 48-49; Drop 56

Height: 5’8”

Bats/Throw: Right/Right

GPA: 3.95

Recruiting Profile Link:

Twitter: @Jordyn_sb39

Instagram: jstuessy30


Who are you?

Military BRAT. Softball player. Big sister.

I am a military kid and softball player who loves to read actual hardback books and spend time with friends but most of all my sister. I am very proud of being a big sister and even though we have our arguments, She is my best friend, and we helped each other get through all these moves together. She is my biggest fan and one heck of a tennis player!

Can you tell us how life is as a military brat?

It can be pretty hard because every time I get settled down, we are packing up and leaving again. I will always be a military BRAT, but the moves are ending. I love that my Dad is in the military and we moved all over, but he is at his final base in San Antonio and retires in about year and a half. I think starting around 6-7 grade it was hard to move. I am very lucky because I am done with moves! I get to enjoy all my high school years at one location. I know many of us don’t get to enjoy that part. I did move 4 times in 3 years so it wasn’t always easy, but I am proud of being a military kid and think that helps me understand all the locations of colleges and schools. I have lived in so many parts of areas that I am getting looks at.

Jordyn's California Storm team during COVID. Last practice before she moved back to Texas

How did you start playing softball?

My Mom and Aunt both played softball through high school and when we moved back to Oklahoma, I was able to play Tee ball with my cousin as a teammate. We are only 3 months apart in age, so I don’t remember much other than purple uniforms and I picked flowers to give to my cousin and we just talked a lot while playing. I was not very good and think I went .000 a few years hitting in the beginning. Now I am a First Team All-District Pitcher looking at schools to play at next level. Don’t ever give up on your dream!

Why do you play softball?

I love this game so much. The dugouts, the bus rides, the teammates all working together as one to accomplish a goal. Doesn’t matter if the goal is one play, one out, one hit or one win- after that play is done and we meet back in the circle and I am high fiving my teammates or looking out to my outfielder who just made a diving catch, there is nothing better. There are 9 of us on any given play to make it work. When I am not playing and in the dugout or waiting to bat, I am one of the loudest on the team supporting who is at the plate by yelling, doing chants, making noise. That is one the best parts of softball and why it is so much better than baseball. We are loud and annoying according to the high school baseball guys and I love it!

What do we need to know about your pitching?

I always tell people I am a spinner. This is very true but in the back of my mind, I tell people that because I was never the fastest pitcher on my team. So I would work very hard on my spins and breaks. I didn’t really learn what was involved in spins until I got to California and started working with coach Shay Castaneda. She was tough on me and it was the first time I had my pitching coach on my travel team too. It was great because she could see how I played in games and make gametime adjustments. I can tell now weight training mean more to my speed than ever before. In August I hit 59 with my spin, but got injured with back near end of fall and PT took a lot of speed out. I am almost back to my level of weights I was at when I almost hit 60. I usually lift the most or 2nd most on my high school team with weights. I feel I am a good combination that will only get more powerful and later break on my pitches. I can’t wait for this season and 2023 summer. This past fall I pitched 27 IP for my team and had the lowest ERA, BB, WHIP and BAA. Not having speed through fall made me work harder on locations, contact outs, and increased my softball IQ. I feel I will be one of the biggest surprises this year. Everyone knows I can spin, but just wait and watch the speed show up this summer!

What do you do mentally before taking the circle?

I am generally a mental mess! Lol. Not in a bad way but I am a critical thinker and often times overanalyze my approach to a game, my pitch and my mechanics. Once I am in the game, I am more relaxed and in my environment. I try to clear my head and just breathe. “Just breathe” is on my rear view mirror, my notebook and a lot of things to remind myself to relax in games and be in the moment. I am working on my pregame rituals, relaxing my mind and turns out it ends up with better in-game results. I have even had a few Zoom meetings with sports psychologist to help in preparation to the game. I also love coming in the game in tight situations. Those moments are not moments to be scared of, but to give it your best and show that you can do.

What is your greatest strength?

My Dad and I talk about this topic a lot. I think it is my ability to adapt and my game IQ. I think moving around between Oklahoma, Louisiana, California and now Texas I was able to learn different styles, different ways to play the game and not just one way to win. Some players are stuck on one team or one organization for so long that is the only way they know how to play. What if your college coach plays small ball, sac bunts, does more chaotic baserunning and your previous coaches play long ball and power hit? I can adapt and understand and pick up the game or strategy of the coach very quick. I have learned to work on my weaknesses this offseason heading in to Spring my goal is to disguise those weaknesses better. Not gonna tell ya! Lol.

Why should coaches recruit you?

Easy, I will not quit on you. I have worked too hard and too long for this to not become a reality to play at the college level. No matter if that goal is to win a conference title, NCAA bid, host a regional or get to WCWS. I have been to 4 or 5 WCWS as a fan and obviously would love to be in that circle one day playing in that stadium, but so do all the other pitchers and players that play in college. They only take 8 teams each year so just work hard, play hard and leave it on the field. Many players who are coaches now talk to us about regret and what they could have further done in college career. I try to make sure I give my all so when I’m done playing I won’t have any regrets because you felt you quit on a pitch, or an at bat or play.

Tell us about your college recruiting and since Sept 1st.

Sept 1 was a little bit of both good and bad. I got a few emails and recruit surveys (good!) but no direct phone calls. (bad). I am constantly emailing and updating coaches that have shown interest either by direct DMs, emails or twitter. I think after several college camps and researching for the type of school I want, I know I will find a home in 2023. I think we all dream of top 5 schools we see in the WCWS when we were younger. Then as we become Juniors and Seniors other criteria starts to be a factor. Student/teacher ratios, weather, how close or far to home, do I have family nearby to watch me play, how expensive is it to fly home on breaks. I didn’t think about that stuff when I was 12. I just wanted to play for OK State. Lol.

I have gone to SEC, Sunbelt, WAC, Big XII camps and had some great feedback. Anywhere I end up won’t be a culture shock because of my life living in so many parts of the US. I think the transfer portal has affected players outside the ultra top 20 or 30 ranked players on websites. I can’t blame coaches for getting college experienced players vs. a high school grad. However, I am a 4 year starter in High School. And not just any high school, but a new high school with no travel players outside of local ball my freshman year. I had to set the standard of a new program and lead at a young age. I have also gone through 3 coaches and I am only a Junior. I am the prime example of adapting to change. Lol. I know I can help a school out in the circle in both leadership and performance. I just need the invite and opportunity.

How would your teammates describe you?

That’s a scary question. Lol. I think they would say I can be fun and serious. I like to make sure we are enjoying the game and have fun, but not at the expense of mental errors or looking like we are not trying. I talk quite a bit and cheer. But when it is time to flip a switch and be serious and focused I can. I have tried to be more animated in the circle and field as long as it is real emotion.

Jordyn and her teammate Ella in Atlanta batting cages

What are your softball goals and dreams?

I no longer call them dreams. I think they can be dreams when you are younger and starting out through 12-14u, but now the end is in sight as a Junior in high school. It is now a goal and it’s based on determination, work ethic and drive. I have two sets of goals: 1) To find a great college/university to play in the circle for and help that school reach new goals they have never reached. It can be a new win total, conference championship, NCAA playoffs, NCAA championship, etc. and 2) To help build my HS program into a year in/year out powerschool for softball and to get to final 4/state championship by Senior Year.

What are you doing to achieve your dreams?

Gym time and weight training is probably my most consistent benefit now to make sure I reach my goals. At this age, I feel mechanics don’t need an overall makeover, but rather small adjustments and fine tuning. Bailey Watts is my pitch coach and we try to find the small adjustments that give the greatest benefit. I feel that is what happens once you hit 15/16 years old. The rest is weight room, conditioning, injury prevention and mental preparation. I stay late after our practices to work on hitting or live arm pitching to help my team see more pitches. It also helps me hit my spots and the better they get, the better I have to throw. But I have to say the most important thing I have added this past 6 months are regular visits with Physical Therapy and Chiropractor. Not because of a certain injury that has happened but I kept going for prevention. I think that helps a lot!

Who is your greatest influence or role model and why?

I would say my Parents for influence but that is an obvious answer. More specifically, my Mom. She has a big influence on how I handle school, daily schedule and remember to relax and “just breathe”. She keeps the family glued together. She is my biggest fan! I think a role model can be different as well. I also think about my pitch coach in California - Coach Shay Castaneda (twitter @coachShayyy), I learned so much on how to be held accountable, the role of a pitcher on a team, the responsibilities in life and how to take on high school. I miss her and the discussions we had but a fun surprise in 2021 was she was able to come out to the WCWS and we met up and watched a few games together and talked softball.

Jordyn's parents: US Air Force Major Kevin Stuessy & Casey Stuessy. Major Steuessy is a Physician Assistant and has served 26 years. Mrs Stuessy is a civilan RN for an orthopedics surgery practice.

Jordyn with her mom Casey at the Women's College World Series (WCWS)

If you could spend a day with any softball player or coach (past or present) who would it be and why?

I would say Samantha Show- her energy is amazing! She looks calm from prepitch all the way through until the result of the pitch. Then she shows her energy. It takes a lot to keep the emotions in check and be focused in the circle. Plus any pitcher who can rake like that is awesome!

Describe your ideal softball team.

It is probably very close to the team I am on now with Coach Charlie Esparza and the Strykers. I can honestly say they just truly love the game like I do. We come from all over the south and meet in Houston for practices. When we do get together we work hard, and play hard. Each player brings something different to the team. Humor, competitiveness, motivation, quirkiness and some just flat out ballers. When I go to college camps I pay close attention to the players and their chemistry and see if its tight like our team. Are they having fun, get along, no eye rolling, rude comments. I will be a possible teammate with these players in fall 2024 so I watch. Some schools I have felt right at home because that is what my travel team does.

Strykers National Esparza

Greatest softball memory?

I would say my Freshman year in HS. It was a rough year as a brand new high school and only 4 travel players and others learning the game quick. They tried as best they could and by end of year we were starting to come together as a team. We were on the road against a district team on senior night and with the win they were in the playoffs. I pitched a 7 inning shutout and won 3-0 to keep our own playoff hopes up. I also hit a 2 run off-the-wall double. It was definitely a great moment. Later that week, I was awarded San Antonio Express News softball player of the week. It was a good week and memory!

Photo of the first program win for Jordyns high school in 2021

Awards & Achievements

1st Team All-District Pitcher – Sophomore 2022

2nd Team All-District Pitcher- Freshman 2021

Team Defensive MVP – 2021 and 2022

Academic All-District - 2021

San Antonio Express News Player of the Week April, 2021

National Honor Society member - 2022

Additional Information About Jordyn

Favorite Singer/Band: Driver Era, Nirvana

Walk up Song: California by 2Pac

Favorite Book: From Blood and Ash series

Favorite TV Show: Teen Wolf

Favorite Sports Team: Houston Astros

Favorite Pro Athlete: Samantha Show

Interesting Fact About You: I have moved 6 times in 11 years

- Legacy & Legends Softball; January 30, 2023

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