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Young Guns: Brianne "Bree" Weiss; 2024 (62+ mph Fastball - Amazing Spin Pitcher); L&LS Elite Top 25

BSC Bengals Briggs 16U:

Name: Brianne Weiss

Nickname: Bree

Hometown: Placentia, CA

High School: Orange Lutheran

Travel Team: BSC Bengals Briggs 16U

Coaches: Ken & Roseann Briggs

Pitching Coach: Doug Finch & Tammy Kincaid

Positions: P/OF

Height: 5’8”

Bats/Throw: L/L

GPA: 4.0

Pitching Arsenal & Pitch Speeds: FB: 62, OS: 55, CH: 43

Planned Major: Business/Marketing

Twitter: @BrianneWeiss06

Instagram: @bree2024softball

Young Guns is a reoccurring article, in which we spotlight fireball pitchers who have verified game time cruising speeds of at least 60 miles per hour. Today, we are highlighting Brianne "Bree" Weiss, a 2024 graduate who plays for the BSC Bengals Briggs 16U team. Bree is a high softball IQ Ace who has pinpoint sniper accuracy and can fire it past batters with her 62+ mph fastball but what is even more impressive is her spin movement pitches. Is Bree the best Spin Pitcher in the 2024 class? A few of our panel members believe so. After reading this article tell us what you think.

Who are you? I’m Brianne Weiss and I’m a left handed softball pitcher. I live in Placentia, CA, with my mom, dad, sister, and 2 brothers. I started playing softball when I was 5 years old, and started my pitching journey when I was 8.

How did you start playing softball? I first started playing soccer at 3 years old but my dad wanted me to try multiple sports to see what I really liked. After my first season of softball, I was hooked. I loved the challenge and how the sport required many different types of skill-sets. It was a lot more fun to me. I remember playing in the outfield and watching how good our pitcher was. I would always copy her pitching windup in the outfield every time she got a strikeout. That’s when I told my dad I wanted to learn how to pitch.

Bree at age 4, practicing before her first tee-ball game

Why do you play softball? I play softball because I genuinely love the game. I love pressure situations where the crowd is screaming, and you’re biting your nails with bases loaded and no outs. I love pitching against the best hitters in a 7 inning game, when they come up 3 or 4 times in the lineup. It’s like a mind game. Every pitch determines whether you or the batter wins. I love that challenge.

You’re an elite pitcher that college coaches would love to have on their team and that batters hate to face. What do we need to know about your pitching? I think I’m really good at reading batters and throwing them off balance with multiple speeds and locations. I’m also told that it’s hard to see my change up. It helps make my other pitches seem even faster.

“Bree wants the ball! Lefty pitcher who throws in the 60s with a change she can throw anytime. Fierce competitor that wants to win every pitch. She gets a lot of swing and misses and with that she gets strikeouts.”

- Head Coach Ken Briggs

vs Impact Gold National (Houston, TX) at the Texas 5-Tool Gold Cup Tournament;

13 Innings Pitched, 29 Strikeouts, 2 Hits Allowed

What achievements and examples can you share to give proof that you truly are one of the best pitchers in the nation? My previous travel team, Firecrackers - Weil, had a really good year last year. We won championships in big tournaments all over the country like the Texas 5-Tool Gold Cup and the Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) AZ2 Invitational in Arizona. We also won Triple Crown Series (TCS) Nationals. I had a high strikeout rate against the best batters in the country and I’ve been fortunate to have had an amazing defense backing me up, so I’ve maintained a pretty low Earned Run Average (ERA) (below 1.0) in most of these tournaments.

2021 Colorado Sparkler: 24 Innings Pitched, 31 Strikeouts, .30 Earned Run Average against some of the best hitters in the nation

You’re a speedy Slapper as well. What do we need to know about your hitting? Offensive stats and accomplishments? I rarely get to hit anymore but last year I had a .357 Batting Average in high school.

What do you do mentally before taking the circle or approaching the batters box? Around a week before the game, I think about what hitters I will be facing and what I’m going to pitch to them. I like to implement a strategy to those hitters into my practices, that way I feel confident that I will be prepared at game time. Before I take the circle I pray for God’s blessing and guidance. My mindset is to give my best, do my job and keep my team in the game.

Season Opener Against Esperanza HS Varsity (February 12, 2022)

What is your greatest strength? I’d say my greatest strength is my pitching IQ. I‘m able to read batters and visualize what might happen after the pitch before I even throw it. If I’m not comfortable throwing a pitch, I’ll shake off the pitch with good reason. I’m very thankful that I have coaches who trust me and allow me to do this. In a way, it helps me try even harder because I know I’ll be accountable for that pitch. 9 times out of 10 I’ll get the out.

Why should coaches recruit you? I believe I have many things to offer. I realize that it takes more than just talent to be a great pitcher. I’m a hard-worker and a fierce competitor with a strong will to win. I am able to reset quickly when things go unexpectedly. I persevere, keep my composure and perform in high-pressure situations.

How would your teammates describe you? I asked my teammates… lol. They described me as confident and determined.

2022 Orange Lutheran High School Lancers Varsity Softball Team

What are your softball goals and dreams? First, I want to win a California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Division 1 Championship at Orange Lutheran and at least 1 PGF National Championship with my travel team BSC Bengals Briggs before I graduate. After that, I want to play at the next level. My dream is to play college softball for a highly competitive program and win a NCAA College World Series.

What are you doing to achieve your dreams? I’ve been working really hard in the weight room to increase my strength and endurance. I’ve also been working on my pitching mechanics to improve my movement and accuracy so I can be more efficient. One game at a time.

"The Immaculate Inning": vs #1 Ranked Team in California, Village Park HS;

Top of the Lineup in the First Inning; 9 Pitches, 9 Strikes = 3 Strikeouts

If you could spend a day with any softball player or coach (past or present) who would it be and why? Odicci Alexander. One of the hardest working pitchers I’ve seen. She plays her heart out on the field every game for her team. She is very inspirational to me.

Describe your ideal softball team. I really like an energetic team with a positive vibe, where everyone’s picking each other up and encouraging every player to be the best version of themselves.

Greatest softball memory? I have so many! I think what stands out most is when I pitched my first no-hitter as a freshman. It was also my first time starting a league game and my first varsity win. I pitched a complete game and had 15 strikeouts with no walks against a strong Trinity League team with lots of seniors. If not for a hit-by-pitch, I would’ve thrown a perfect game, but I’m just happy we won!

First Varsity Game Appearance as a Freshman: 3 Batters Faced = 3 Strikeouts

Awards & Achievements? Legacy & Legends Softball Elite Top 25 (5-Star Recruit), Extra Inning Softball Elite 100 Ranked #28 Overall, #15 as Pitcher, On the Leaderboard for most strikeouts at 2021 Colorado Sparkler with 0.30 ERA, Freshman Varsity Starter, 1st Team All-League, 2nd Team All-County, 6-Time OLu HS Player of the Game, and OLu HS Defensive Player of the Year as a Freshman.

Bree with her siblings

Additional Info About Bree

Favorite Movie: Tangled

Favorite Food: Pasta With Pesto

Favorite Hobby: Shopping

Favorite Singer/Band: SZA

Favorite Book: Wonder - R.J. Palacio

Favorite TV Show: KUWTK, Seinfeld, Impractical Jokers

Favorite Sports Team: Anaheim Angels and Las Vegas Raiders

Favorite Pro Athlete: Jennie Finch

Interesting Fact About You: I enjoy cooking and making jewelry. I can also make açaí bowls like a pro!

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