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Young Guns: Jasmine "Jazzy" Francik; 68 mph Fastball; #15th Ranked Player in the Nation for 2024

Florida Storm National Shepherd Organization:

Name: Jasmine Francik

Nickname: Jazzy/Jazz Grad Year: 2024

Hometown: Rockledge, Florida

High School: Melbourne High School, Florida

Travel Team: Florida Storm National Shepherd 18U

Coaches: Jerry Shepherd and Ed Yanes

Positions: Pitcher

Height: 5’6”

Bats/Throw: Right/Right

GPA: 3.97 - Weighted 4.43

Intended Major: Undecided

Pitching Arsenal and Pitch Speeds:

Fastball: 65-68

Change up: 44-48

Curveball: 46-62

Screwball: 54-65

Riseball: 57-63

Dropball: 62-63


Young Guns is a reoccurring article, in which we spotlight fireball pitchers who have verified game time cruising speeds of at least 60 miles per hour and are considered the most elite top pitching prospects in the nation. Today, we are highlighting a phenomenal pitching Ace, Jasmine "Jazzy" Francik, a heat seeking missile launcher and an absolute spin master with precision accuracy.

Who are you? I am a 2024, Right-Handed Pitcher with high academics, enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at Melbourne High School, Melbourne, FL. I have been pitching Varsity since 7th grade (Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr) and last year was starting pitcher for Melbourne High School as a Freshman. I play travel ball for Florida Storm National Shepherd 18U, and couldn’t ask for better teammates or coaches! In my free time I love to read and coach! I coach a small group of girls who are learning to pitch whenever possible, and I absolutely love giving back to the game.

Jazzy with her 12U pitching students

How did you start playing softball? I started playing T-Ball when I was 5 years old. When I was almost 8 years old, I asked Santa for pitching lessons and he came through. I have been pitching ever since and I can’t imagine life without softball. I started playing travel ball when I was 8 years old and have never taken a break because I love being on the clay and in the circle! I have played for some great coaches with awesome teammates, and am extremely grateful to everyone in my life; past, present and future for helping build me in to the best pitcher and person I can be!

Jazzy's first time pitching in a game - Little League 2014

Why do you play softball? There is something about stepping into the circle, grabbing some clay, sizing up my batter, and settling in to deliver a pitch with my teammates behind and in front of me, that is hard to describe. The only word I can think of is AWESOME, that’s why I play softball!

USSSA World Series - Central Florida Panthers Camo - 2015

You’re an elite pitcher that college coaches would love to have on their team and that batters hate to face. What do we need to know about your pitching? I like to throw my pitches at various speeds and levels of the strike zone to keep batters off balance. The fastest I have ever been clocked on a fastball is 68, my screwball comes in anywhere from 54-65, curveball 46-62, riseball 57-63, my drop is around 62 and my change is around 45. However feedback from several D1 coaches is that my effectiveness comes from the location of the pitches and spin line and speed.

“In over 30 years as a travel and college pitching coach, I’ve never seen anyone approach her (Jazzy’s) spin line or spin rate speed.”

- Dana Mullen, Pitching Coach

What achievements and examples can you share to give proof that you truly are one of the best pitchers in the nation? In several National Events I have helped my team reach the Final 4. With the Atlanta Vipers Hudson, 2020 Triple Crown Summer Nationals 16U runner-up, 2021 Junior Olympics Cup 16U 4th place. With Florida Storm Shepherd, 2021 USA Summer Gold Nationals 18U runner-up. In the high school season 2021, I was a Freshman and was recognized as 2nd team All-American by Extra Innings, 1st team All-State in 6A, and Softball Player of the Year by several organizations like Florida Today.

What do we need to know about your hitting? While I love the entire game of softball including hitting, I do not expect nor want to hit in college, even though my high school coach jokes that I’m a “hitter who can pitch”. In college I hope to pitch at the highest level so focusing on being the best pitcher I can be will be my priority.

What do you do mentally before taking the circle or approaching the batters box? Right before a game I try to listen to a few specific songs, but once I’m on the field I get into “game mode”. I am a little superstitious and have some routines I follow in the batters box and especially in the circle.

2022 Fall Travel Season with Florida Storm National Shepherd

What is your greatest strength? While I think my greatest strength in the circle is the ability to throw multiple pitches at multiple levels and speeds depending on the count, batter, and situation, I think my greatest individual strength is my drive to grow and improve and put in as much work as my body will take.

Why should coaches recruit you? I would ask a coach to trust me when I tell them that if I were recruited by their school that they would get everything I’ve got each day at practice, during games, and in the classroom.

How would your teammates describe you?

“I would describe Jazzy as a teammate who is constantly working hard in order to compete for her teammates. A truly selfless person who works any way she can to be there for her team.”

- Anna Brait, Florida Storm National Shepherd

“Not only is Jazzy an amazing softball player but she is an honest, kind, loving, and loyal friend who will help you when you are struggling by making you laugh.”

- Zoe Thornsbury, Florida Storm National Shepherd

“Jazzy is willing to do anything to win and is very competitive. She’s great on both sides of the field pitching and hitting but most importantly a great friend who picks you up when you're down and is the leader on the team.”

- Dacie Watterson, Florida Storm National Shepherd

What are your softball goals and dreams? I would love to pitch for a high level D1 college. A quote on my bedroom wall reads, “Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll still land amongst the stars.” It reminds me to always challenge myself and to set high goals, the higher the goal, the achievement. With that quote in mind while I may be dreaming big, I would love to compete in the Women's College World Series (WCWS) and possibly the Olympics for either the United Kingdom or the United States.

Training Camp with the Great Britain Women’s National Team

What are you doing to achieve your dreams? To achieve my softball dreams I work out at my wall pitching and at the gym for strength and conditioning.

Creating the Pitching Wall

Who is your greatest influence or role model and why? The most influential people in my life are definitely the closest and would have to be my parents. They have both taught me to have a strong work ethic, to aim high, and above all to always be humble. They are both super supportive of my dreams and are doing what they can to help me achieve them. When I told them I needed to practice pretty much everyday, my Dad built a pitching wall in our backyard. My mum and I spend hours at the wall, she catches my spins, and watches me pitching while we listen to music and chat.

Jazzy and her Pitching Wall

If you could spend a day with any softball player or coach (past or present) who would it be and why? I have to say I would love to spend a day with Cat Osterman. I have admired the way she throws since I was very little. Her command of the zone and the movement on her ball is insane.

Describe your ideal softball team. My ideal softball team is one where each player is always looking to improve, never shies away from hard work and has the drive to succeed at the highest level

Greatest softball memory? I think my greatest softball memory has to be throwing a perfect game in a United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) States Championship with Atlanta Vipers-Hudson, though a close second would have to be hitting my first and second home runs on my 14th birthday. The pitching has to be the greatest memory because I am not expecting to hit in college.

What are the most important things to you when deciding on a college? When it comes to deciding on a college I would say the culture of the school and softball team will be an important factor to me. I think it is essential for coaches and players to have a good relationship so a mutual “good fit” will be a weighing factor.

Awards & Achievements? I have been recognized as; – 15th Overall Class of 2024 (Legacy & Legends) – 2nd Team All American by Extra Innings 2021 – 1st Team All State 6A 2021 – All Cape Coast Conference First Team 2021 (Top pick) – BOC (Breakfast of Champions) award softball player of the year – Florida Today Softball Player of the Year – Melbourne High School MVP – BSN Softball Player of the Year – All Cape Coast Conference First Team 2020

Additional Info About Jazzy:

Favorite Movie: Divergent

Favorite Singer/Band: Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan

Walk up Song: Dirt on my Boots by Jon Pardi

Favorite Book: Hunger Games and Shatter Me

Favorite TV Show: Survivor

Favorite Sports Team Florida Storm National Shepherd

Favorite Pro Athlete: Cat Osterman

Favorite Food? Salmon and rice

Vacation spot? Realistically our vacations are always to a field somewhere. However, every few years, we try to go to Athens, Greece to see some family!

Interesting Fact About You: I'm not sure what qualifies as an interesting fact, the only thing that comes to mind is that I have dual nationality, British and American! I also love chocolate ice cream!

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