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Our Mission

"To be ambassadors of the growing fastpitch softball community by sharing education and awareness and by helping in the growth and development of players seeking to achieve their softball dreams and goals through information sharing and by advocation and promotion."

Furthermore, our organization understands how stressful and costly the game of softball can be.  We strive to help parents and players minimize and overcome the stressors of softball.  

We have been there before and we get it.  Softball should be fun and create fond enduring memories.  We want to ensure you experience such and love not only the memories but the game forever.

Our staff and honorary panel of coaches evaluate and grade with an unbias and honest mindset.  We truly value each player.

Our Story

We at LL&S have a strong and profound love for the game of fastpitch softball.  The beauty and magic the game of softball holds and the fond and everlasting cherished memories, friendships, and life experiences it has given countless people throughout time is unimaginable and impossible to fully appreciate.

We have taken this love and appreciation to the modern day technological level.  After a Twitter glitch in the past, we have revamped our operations from the ground up to provide this site and social media platforms to help those who want to be helped in the pursuit of their softball dreams or to simply just admire the game in general.

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