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Abigail Wilson is a new Assistant Coach for Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027-West; Strong Gets Stronger

Tennessee Thunderbolts:

Abigail Wilson is a new Assistant Coach for the Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027-West. She joined the team in Fall of 2022, after connecting with Head Coach David West when she heard he was looking for another assistant coach through a mutual friend. Even though she had just wrapped up her college softball career, she still wanted to be involved with the game in some way because of her love for it. After attending one tournament, she immediately connected with the young athletes on the team and quickly became a strong female leadership figure for the Thunderbolts Organization.

She is from Paris, Tennessee where she attended Henry County High School, and played for the Lady Patriots. There she achieved 3rd & 5th Place in the State Tournament, and was an All-District Tournament Player. She was a lockdown on the hot corner and behind the plate, as well as being known for having a strong bat. She went on to graduate high school with Honors & Distinction, and was the Secretary of the 2018 Class. She always emphasizes to young athletes how important your education is and that should always come first. She went on to play third base for Vol State and had a successful college career. She graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. She achieved the Dean’s List in college every year and worked hard on both her softball career and her education. She is currently pursuing becoming a lawyer.

Abigail’s coaching style is all about inspiring her team, building their confidence, and teaching them the skills they need to work together as a team and individuals to achieve one common goal in the game that they love: to be the best they can be. This goes with the Tennessee Thunderbolts’ new team motto for 2023: “Be Excellent”.

Abigail brings a strong leadership presence in that she can relate to these young female athletes and knows what it takes to be successful both on and off the field. She is known to give some of the best “pep talks”, but also knows when some tough love is needed for her players. “Coach Wilson really knows how to bring out the best in these young ladies. I’ve watched her pump them up and draw things out of them that only she can. We are so excited to have her as a Coach on our team. We will have a great season for 2023,” says Head Coach David West. Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027’s Summer schedule is set up to be a strong one, including tournaments in Oklahoma, Colorado, Alabama, and Tennessee, with several competitive PGF tournaments. It will be fun watching Coach Wilson mentor and coach them this season!

For more information about the Tennessee Thunderbolts, please visit the link below.

Legacy & Legends Softball, Denny Lang, February 13, 2023

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