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Kara Wine - 2025 Elite 100 Top Prospect; Catcher/Third Base

Showstoppers Fastpitch Organization:

Name: Kara Wine​

Nickname: Sticks​

Hometown: Pensacola, Florida​

Grad Year: 2025​

Travel Team: Showstoppers​

High School: Tate High School​

Position: Catcher & Corners​

Height: 5 Ft. 6 inches​

Bat Speed: 73 MPH​

Pop Time: 1.84​

Coaches: Eric Showalter, Melinda Wyatt & Dad of course​

Study Major: Sport Medicine, but I want to coach!​


Twitter: @karaWine11 ​Recruiting Profile Page:

Who Are You?

A 15 year old Florida girl that LOVES God, Softball, family, & friends! Chewing gum & office supplies addict, competitive in everything I do…from grades, to board games at home, to who can sing the loudest in the car. Prankster with a different sense of humor. I take a little bit to warm up, but once I do you have a faithful friend for life!​

Freshman on Varsity

How Did Softball Start?

Well from birth my mom says. Every toy became a throwing object. I was always bouncing & throwing everything. When I started church ball at age 5. We only played 1 day a week on Saturday mornings. When we passed the county park that had games every day, I would cry and ask why we couldn’t play every day. My mom had to rearrange her route in the car so I wouldn’t see other people playing ball. I was asked to play pickup at a coach pitch tournament, that was it. I was hooked. Multiple games in one day – Whooohoooo! My parents always said, “I can play as much sports as I want as long as I have good grades”….Well I have all A’s baby – Let’s GO!!!​

Minor league debut! Fist base for Pensacola Wahoos

What is your greatest strength?

I give 110% effort, always make contact with the ball, I’m thankful & grateful for getting to play this awesome game, high game IQ (yep, I’m a dork – I studied the rule book), well-rounded and can play multiple positions. Smart baserunner.

Why do coaches want to recruit you?

I always do my job and I show fight & effort with everything I do.

Home Run ball at Stars and Stripes 2022

What do I attribute to my success?

Having parents that are my biggest fans and I have terrific teammates and coaches! In my spare time I watch & study softball. Having an older brother growing up I always got to play sports with the fellas.​

Dugout rain delay

Favorite Memory/Achievement?

Catching the first pitch from our new principal during our Strike Out Cancer Game, hitting 2 doubles off of Jayden Heavener and 1 bomb off of Sydney Scapin during my Freshman year. I respect both of these fantastic pitchers. Selected as Fast Pitch Prep Player of the Week in May 2022.​

How would teammates describe you?

Humble, hardworking, team player, respectful & loyal.

Catching vs Pace HS

Who is your role model or idol?

Tim Tebow and Jen Schro​

If you could spend 1 day with a softball player, who would it be?

Savannah Bananas because they have so much fun & of course Jen Schro – she can teach me a ton!​

Home Run shot Scout Town 2022

What is your softball softball dream?

Play D1 Softball (PLAY) & who knows maybe they’ll bring back Olympic Softball that would be cool to represent the USA. When I was 9, I passed out business cards that said “Future Softball Olympian” ha-ha.​

Describe the perfect softball team:

Great attitudes, hard workers, and funny.

My squad! Teammates for 4 years so far!

2021 Show Stoppers Christmas Party

Most Important thing in a college?

Good team chemistry, respectful teammates, great education & campus life. ​

Describe your hard work & extra work:

Take lessons and always take notes after. I have a binder with all camps and lessons. I want to give lessons one day, so I keep all the memories of the things I learned. (One little tip can make a HUGE difference). I also do ball transfers while watching TV, hit in the cage even if I don’t feel like it. Work out at home on things we don’t cover at practice.​

I will practice anywhere

What other hobbies and interests do you have?

Play volleyball, play the trumpet, volunteer in the community, Class Vice President, pestering my brother Charlie.​

What advice can you give others?

Stop with the excuses. Hard work pays off & don’t ever give up. It’s your story to write and only you can change & write it. ​

Who do you thank for your successes?

My parents & family who have always been there and helped me reach my goals. All my Tate & Showstopper coaches for always pushing and believing in me. Barb Sherwood for fine tuning me mentally & physically.​

What are coaches saying about Kara?

"Kara is a very versatile and true team player, that puts in the extra work when the coaches aren’t watching. She won’t be outworked to succeed on and off the field.”

-- Coach Eric Showalter

Coach Eric Showalter

“Kara makes very good decisions, knows the game, and has the physical makeup needed to be a solid catcher.”

-- Melinda Wyatt

2015 FHSAA Coach of the Year

“I coach against this kid in travel and in High School Ball. She is one of the most feared hitters in any age group, hits all pitches very well. She is very hard to fool at the plate. She hit 2 stand up doubles against Jayden Heavener and also hit a bomb off of Sydney Scapin from West Fl Tech who had over 300 strikeouts for the year, those are 2 of the best pitchers in the country and this kid doesn’t flinch. Behind the dish she is one of the most polished catchers in the Southeast & maybe the country. She has been a beast since early on & has never wavered in her relentless pursuit of being the best”!

-- Chris James

West Florida Tech & SoCal Athletics 2026 National Team

Additional Info About Kara:

Walk Up Song: “I Feel Good” by James Brown​

Favorite Food: Pasta ​

Favorite Possesion: My 2 cute Fluffy Dogs Bailey & Penny​

Favorite Song: Simple (Florida Georgia Line)​

Favorite Music Artist: I have a bunch, but right now, Rascal Flats​

Favorite Sports Team: Tate Aggies & Showstoppers of course ​

Favorite TV Show: Gillmore Girls​

Favorite Travel Spot: Alaska​

Favorite Quote: “Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong” -- John Flanagan & “You miss 100% of your shots you don’t take.” -- Michael Scott

Kara Wine, 2025 Elite Top 100 Prospect, Catcher & Third Base

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