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Team Spotlight: Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027 - West

Birmingham Thunderbolts Organization:

Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027 - West has become a well known name in the Southeast, and has been turning heads since day one. This team is part of the Birmingham Thunderbolts Organization, which is know to be one of the top organizations in the United States. They finished with a record ending in 51-7-3 this Fall, playing in some of the top tournaments and top competition in the southeast.

They will enter their first year of 14u starting this fall, and they have made several strategic decisions and additions that has set them up to be one of the top contending teams in their age division.

As we all know, showcases are a big event as you transition in to 14u. They plan to attend the elite Bombers Invitational this October in Mississippi, as well as the Bolts 5-Star Showcase in Alabama this November, which are two of the best this Fall has to offer.

Perhaps one of the best “advantages” to being a Thunderbolt is also the coaching clinics regularly held at the Bolts facility in Birmingham, AL. This allows the Head Coaches of their teams the ability to interact and form relationships with some of the top coaches in college softball today, such as Patrick Murphy from Alabama and Kenny Gajewski from Oklahoma State, which in-turn, helps with their athletes being recruited when the time comes.

As far as the Spring/Summer season of 2023 goes, Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027 will be attending the Colorado Sparkler and OKC Challenge, Scenic City Showcase, Atlanta Legacy, not to mention several big named PGF tournaments hosted by Jeff Mac, which draws top level competition from all over the country. The future is bright for this team, and it will be fun to watch them grow as they continue to age up.

Head Coach David West (left) Patrick Murphy (Head Coach of Alabama Softball) middle, and Assistant Coach Taylor Schmitz (right)

Top left is Head Coach David West with Larissa Anderson (Head Coach at University of Missouri softball), top right is Kate Drohan (Head Coach of Northwestern Wildcats), bottom left is Head Coach David West with Rachel Lawson (Head Coach at University of Kentucky Softball)

The Head Coach is David West, who previously played college baseball on a scholarship at Martin Methodist College (now known as UT Southern) in Pulaski, TN. He has coached travel ball for several years at an elite level and has a real passion for the game and continuing to learn from top coaches around the country, including Rachel Lawson from University of Kentucky, Larissa Anderson from University of Missouri, and several others just to name a few. He regularly attends Coaching Clinics held by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association and strives to provide the team with the connections and training they need to be successful.

Head Coach David West. His Twitter handle is

@CoachWestBolts. His contact number is 931-638-2839, and email is

The Assistant Coach is Taylor Schmitz. He knows that discipline and focus go hand in hand with success. He makes sure they condition regularly, take care of themselves both on and off the field, and keep them in “game ready shape” year round. He is an aggressive base running coach, that ensures runners always get in to scoring position. He too attends coaching clinics at the Bolts facility and strives to continually make connections and relationships that will help with future recruiting.

Assistant Coach Taylor Schmitz.


Twitter handle: @munkr30

Lily “Munk” Reynolds is a new addition to Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027. She is a nationally ranked player, with accolades from Legacy & Legends as well as other softball news outlets. She is sure to add strength to their roster, as she is able to play multiple positions and add versatility in the field. She adds major speed, as well as a great bat to their lineup. She will be fun to watch as she grows with this team. (L&LS Ranked #18)

Twitter handle: @BelcherKinsley

Kinsley Belcher has been with the Tennessee Thunderbolts 2027 for two seasons now, dominating on the mound and locking down first and third base. She has speed and movement on her pitches, and is able to hit her spots consistently, making her hard to deal with. She also has a powerful bat. She is an offensive and defensive powerhouse that will be fun to watch in 14u. (L&LS Ranked #38)

Twitter handle: @mycah_mays23

Mycah Mays is one of the best power hitters in this age class. She has unbelievable power at the plate, and has hit multiple over the fence home runs with the Tennessee Thunderbolts, propelling them forward in many games/tournaments. Not only does she have a powerful bat, but she is able to stretch and dig balls out of the dirt at first base, making it hard for runners to get on base if the ball is placed anywhere in the infield. This rising star will be another one to watch this season! (L&LS Ranked #51)

Twitter handle: @Beecham05

Irelynn Beecham is another dominating pitcher in her age class. She has pitched against the top teams in the country, and helped lead her team to victory many times against top level competition. She can hit her spots and move the ball, which makes it difficult for her opponents. Not only is she a dominating pitcher, but is a lockdown third base/shortstop. She has a strong arm, which makes her hard to deal with on defense. On top of that, she is also a great hitter in the lineup. This one is going places. (L&LS Ranked #33)

Instagram handle: @mpink2028

Madison Pinkelton is another rising star. She has come through clutch with her big bat many times for her team, and always gives everything she has and keeps her team pumped up! Not only can she come through with big hits, she can also lay down bunts when it’s crucial for her team too! She is a great second base/shortstop, but has versatility in the field as well. She is going to be a great recruit for the class of 2028! (L&LS 2028 Top Prospects Watchlist)

Twitter handle: @TayMoreland47

Taylor Moreland is another brand new addition to the Tennessee Thunderbolts, who is also another nationally ranked player with accolades from Legacy & Legends softball and other softball news outlets. She is a right handed pitcher that has worked hard to perfect her craft! She is a student of Tincher Pitching, and has some of the best training in the country. She has speed, spin, and movement, which makes her dangerous on the mound. She is also an accomplished power hitter and defensive player, with the ability to play multiple positions. She is another star to watch this Fall! (L&LS Ranked #25)

Instagram handle: @michael.arnold77

Addison Arnold is an extremely athletic catcher that moves well behind the plate and frames pitches in an outstanding way for her pitchers, giving them the best chance for a strike. She has an impressive pop time as well as overhand throwing velocity, which makes her hard to steal on without getting thrown out! Addison also has worked hard and become one of the most accomplished hitters on the team, and has a powerful bat! She will be another one to look out for in the 2027 class! (L&LS Ranked #76)

Twitter handle: @abbysoftball20

Abigail West is a consistent pitcher that is able to hit her spots and keep the ball low in the zone, making it extremely difficult for hitters to make solid contact. She has great spin on her pitches, and has a nasty change up that constantly keeps hitters off balance. She is also trained by Tincher Pitching out of Alabama. Abigail is also a solid outfielder with a strong arm, able to get the ball in quickly to stop runners from scoring or get the outs when needed. Her bat has come through clutch many times, and she is able to lay the bunt down when needed as well. She will be fun to watch this season! (L&LS Ranked #91)

Instagram handle: @shea.crockarell

Shea is a strong, durable catcher that frames pitches and steals strikes for her pitchers, making nearly every pitch look good! She is a strong arm that makes her hard to deal with behind the plate and makes it hard for any runners to steal bases that try to challenge her. She has a fierce, competitive mindset and is a great leader on the field. She is also able to hit for power and make things happen when we need her to in a game. She is going to be a star in 14u this year! (L&LS Ranked #71)

Twitter handle: @HarperDelorenzo

Harper Delorenzo is all gas no brakes. Once she gets going, it’s hard to stop her on the bases! Harper is a lefty hitter that puts pressure on the defense with her ability to slap for power through the infield. She is also able to track down a ball and get to it quickly in the outfield, preventing runner from scoring. She has a high softball IQ and a strong work ethic. She not only brings talent but is respectful, coachable, and has a great attitude. She is another one to watch out for this season! (L&LS Ranked #79)

Instagram handle:

Madi Kemp is one of the fastest kids in the 2027 age class, winning the base running speed drill this year at USSSA Nationals, beating out several others in the 12A division. Madi is a great option as either a lead off hitter, or a two/three hole hitter as she is able to drive through the gaps to move runners and steal extra bases. She is also an excellent center fielder, making it quickly to the ball and getting it in with her strong arm, making it hard for runners to score. (L&LS Ranked #53)

Twitter handle: @PeanutSchmitz99

Reagan “Peanut” Schmitz is also one of the fastest (if not THE fastest) kids in the 2027 class. Once she gets on base, it’s almost a guarantee Tennessee Thunderbolts will score a run. She is a lefty hitter and offensively and defensively solid for her team. She gives her all at every play and goes all out all the time. She is also making waves running Cross Country, most recently coming in 1st place out of 79 girls! She is destined for great things this season! (L&LS Ranked #97)

Twitter handle: @GrierMaples

Grier Maples is another brand new addition to Tennessee Thunderbolts, and will add a strong bat and even more depth to their solid pitching staff. Grier is also another nationally ranked player, and featured in other softball news outlets. She is a right handed pitcher that is able to hit her spots and has a great change up and rise ball. She has excellent bat speed and can hit the ball with power to the outfield. She is a solid addition to this team and will be fun to watch her excel and grow this season with them! (L&LS Ranked #96)

Twitter handle is @tnbolts2027west

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