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2027 Elite Rising Star: Rachel Godoy; SoCal 62+ mph Pitcher & Power Hitter! Mercado Athletics

Story by Elizabeth Perez, Legacy & Legends Softball

Name: Rachel Godoy

Nickname: Rach / Ray / G5

Hometown: Oxnard, California

Grad Year: 2027

GPA: 3.8

Travel Team: Athletics Mercado - Godoy

High School: St. Bonaventure High School, California

Positions: Pitcher (RHP) & Corners

Height: 5’2”

Bat/Throw: Left Handed Batter/Right Handed Thrower

Pitching Arsenal and Speeds:

  • Fastball 62+

  • Curveball 58-61

  • Screwball 58-61

  • Riseball 58-61

  • Drop 58-61

  • Offspeed Curveball 50-52

  • Offspeed Screw 50-52

  • Changeup 44-46

Overhand Velocity: 57

Exit Velocity off Tee: 70

Home to First or 20 yds: 3.226

Intended Study Major: Pediatric Speech Pathologist

Twitter: @Rachel_Godoy09

Instagram: rjgodoy_5

Who is Rachel Godoy?

I’m a student pitcher athlete who loves working on her craft. I’m determined in what I do and when I see something I want, I work to get there.

How did your softball journey begin?

It began when I was 3 at Sunset Little League and I’ve been playing ever since.

"That’s Jessica Mendoza. My dad took a picture of us and my mom made it bigger. We went back to the game just to get Jessica to sign my picture."

What are your greatest strengths as a softball player?

My greatest strengths as a softball player is, my mindset and my knowledge.

What kind of pitcher are you?

I’m a pitcher who likes keeping batters off balance. I utilize my spin and change my speeds to keep them guessing.

What kind of hitter are you and what are your most recent offensive stats?

I finished my high school season with a .524 batting average. As a hitter my goal is to get on base. Whether it’s a walk, a Hit By Pitch (HBP), a hit, or even a drop third strike.

What is your favorite sports memory and greatest achievement?

My favorite sports memory and greatest achievement is winning Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) Platinum 12u National.

How do you handle adversity and even failure?

I like taking in the information I’ve gathered and learn from them. During the next practices, I will practice what I failed on, growing every moment.

How would your teammates and friends describe you?

My teammates would describe me as a leader, hardworking, and caring.

Who is your role-model and or idol and why?

My role model is Jordy Balh because she’s hardworking and determined. Despite the setbacks she encountered, she never let up and always pushed through.

If you could spend a day with any softball player, former or current, who would it be and why?

I’d spend my day with Monica Abbott because I want to know how she dealt with pressure on and off the field.

What is your softball dream/goal?

My softball goal is to create an impact for players the way players made an impact on me.

When deciding on what college team to play for what are the most important things you’re looking for? Is it location, academics, conference, championship winning history, school reputation, coaching staff, team chemistry, weather, school colors etc?

I’d choose UCLA because it’s an all around win. The softball program is very strong and it’s academically strong as well. Not to mention it’s in a major city which I’m a fan of.

What is your favorite jersey number and why did you choose it?

My favorite jersey number is 5 because it’s been my family number for multiple generations. It’s been passed down from my great-great-grandmother whom played softball as well. To me it’s considered a ‘lucky’ number.

What other hobbies do you have to balance out softball and your personal life?

I enjoy helping out with my dad’s softball teams and clinics. They teach me how to be a better person, keep my softball IQ fresh, multitask, and much more. I also enjoy spending quality time with my family. They’re always a joy to be around and always make me smile.

Who would you like to thank for your softball achievements and support?

I’d like to thank my family first off for all my softball achievements. They’ve been the biggest supporters for me and always let me know how proud they are of me. My parents don’t ever let me get any idea I can’t do something. And my siblings are always there to make me smile even when I don’t want to. I’d also like to thank all my coaches who have invested their time into me and push me to my full potential.

Do you have any team pics to share?

What do coaches say about Rachel?

“God give his hardest battles to his strongest players Rachel alway works hard focus on every situation that is hand to her Coach Kat expect lots of success for Rachel”

- Kathy Slaten-Ayala (Pitching Coach)

Team Accomplishments:

2021 PGF National Champions

2023 Overall Fall Record 48-6-2 against 14U, 16U and 18U competition

2023 PGF National Fall Qualifier - Premier Berth Earned

2023 TCS Fireworks NIT Sparkler Showcase Road to the Rockies - Finalist

2023 TCS Arizona Fall Showcase Road to the Rockies - Champions (Paid Colorado Sparkler Power Pool Berth Earned)

2023 TCS AM Players Classic - 5-0-1 Record

2023 Don Battles On Road to the Rockies - Finalist

2023 TCS BLD Christmas - 5th

2024 USSSA Frozen Ropes 18U Tournament - Champions

Additional Info About Rachel

Walk up Song: Soak City (do it)

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Song: Meet the Grahams

Favorite Music Artist: Tyler the Creator

Favorite Sports Team: UCLA

Favorite Sports Celebrity: Jordy Bahl

Favorite Movie: Tangled

Favorite Sports Movie: The Sandlot

Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Favorite Book: Romeo and Juliet

Favorite Travel Spot: Mexico

Favorite Quote: “A true champion is someone who wants to make a difference, who never gives up, and who gives everything she has no matter what the circumstances are. A true champion works hard and never loses sight of her dreams.” - Dot Richardson

Story by Elizabeth Perez, Legacy & Legends Softball, June 4th, 2024

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