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L&LS Top 200 Nationally Ranked Recruits (5-Stars); 2024 Grad Class

Congratulations to the Legacy & Legends Softball Top 200 Nationally Ranked Recruits from the 2024 graduation class. Those listed are truly the most elite of the elite softball players in the United States and Canada within their year group. We will be releasing the final Blue-Chip Recruits (5-Stars & 4-Stars) list this week. Then followed by the Yellow Chip Recruits (3-Stars & 2-Stars) after. To make this final ranking list and to have any Star Ranking (2-Stars to 5-Stars) whatsoever places the prospect/recruit in the Top 1% of all competitive players in their year group. As with all rankings, we will conduct a supplemental ranking board after the final list is released to correct any oversight. Again, congratulations on a very remarkable and prestigious achievement. Be safe and always continue to improve in all facets of your life.

Please click the link below to view the Elite Top Prospects for Calendar Year 2024, Top 200 List.

V/r Ron Jackson Director of L&LS

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