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Sophia Bordi: Legacy & Legends Softball - Top Prospect for the 2025 Class

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

2025 Nationally Ranked Top 500 (Projected 3, 4 & 5-Stars):

Photo Credit: Lo'Renzo Lagual

Sophia Bordi

Overall #1 Top Prospect

Right Handed Pitcher

Haddon Heights High School, New Jersey

OC Batbusters - Stith 18u

Today we are honored to announce the Legacy & Legends Softball Top Players for the 2025 Class for the 2023 Calendar Year. We congratulate all nominees and those selected as the nationally elite and "best of the best" on their outstanding achievements. Unfortunately, we can't add everyone to our list that was nominated or referred for ranking. We hope those will use this as motivation to continue trying and come back next year and join this group.

This year group is easily one of the most deeply talented year groups ever, especially with catchers and right-handed pitchers. From an evaluation and ranking standpoint, this has been the most challenging year group for our board to evaluate and rank due to the amount of elite skilled talent.

Furthermore, we only award Star rankings to the Junior and Senior classes. However, this list is an excellent indicator of the projection the prospect is headed when they are eligible for Star rankings. 1 - 150 = 5-Stars; 151 - 300 = 4-Stars, and onward ...

Any player who is on the final list (concludes within this week) of stellar 2025 prospects has proven through their skills, performance, and achievements that they are indeed an elite college prospect, regardless of where they are ranked.

According to several reports and articles, over 75,000 per year group play competitive softball. To simply be nominated is an honor in itself. To have laudatory and praiseworthy information available for review indicates a high level of value placed upon player by those who care.

Please understand that rankings are not an exact math or a pure science. Any product involving human interaction will never be perfect. Therefore, all rankings list will differ from person to person. Our rankings are no different and simply a product of our best effort based on research, available data/information, observations, subject matter expert testimony, group discussions, and voting.

Countless hours are spent researching each player and collaboration with softball coaches across the United States and Canada. As with all of our ranking boards, we always ask/offer for reputable coaches (prep and/or college experience) to volunteer to be on the ranking discussion panel. This method has been invaluable in sharing knowledge of players throughout the softball community.

Player performance in major national tournaments in the elite brackets and certain top-tier showcases is a huge factor in our scoring as it is verified proof of how well a prospect performed against other Tier 1 teams with elite college prospects. These players are justifiably rewarded for their performances and achievements in such events. Players are not penalized for not playing in major tournaments or their team not going deep into the elite brackets, it simply just doesn't allow us the opportunity to assess how they perform against other elite teams and elite players.

Other primary factors besides the nomination narratives submitted by coaches ... are verified performance scores and measurements as well as their high school performance related to the competition level and team results.

It is unbelievable how the best prospects are well-known across the softball community. From Texas to Canada. Washington to Florida. California to Maine and everywhere in between. There will always be standout players and hidden diamond players that simply need more exposure to shine.

As with all of our previous rankings lists, we will inadvertently miss a player(s) package that was submitted/coach referred or a coach simply wasn't aware of the nomination board being conducted. This is why we always welcome communications with coaches/managers to respectfully discuss players for the supplemental board conducted after the list is published. No supplemental player ranking will affect those players that are currently ranked. Please have the player's statistics and accolades, especially from major national tournaments readily available and if referencing any of the several other ranking sites, please actually count the number of players listed ahead of the player and not the assigned numerical ranking.

Again, we extend our sincerest and heartfelt congratulations to all who were honored as the Top prospects for the 2025 Class for the 2023 calendar year. Outstanding job!

Please click this link to see the 2025 Top Prospects list for Calendar Year 2023 in excel.

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